A common and well-known abdominal exercise, the Basic Crunch exercises the upper area of the abs and stomach.
The Bicycle Exercise is an abdominal exercise that targets the rectus abdominals and the oblique abdominals.
If you think you need a flat tummy and three week raw diet cleanse before you wear a crop top this summer, you need to get a reality check.
Don't Worry About Your Love Handles Or Your Not-So-Flat TummyYou're going to anyway, but seriously, try not to. Source: Cupcake's Clothes Relax, It's Just A Lil' Air Around Your StomachWhen I first started wearing crop tops I felt half naked. Source: Etsy Pair Your Crop Top With High Waist Pants, Shorts Or SkirtsIf you want to rock a crop top but don't want to show too much skin, just wear your crop top with something high waisted. Source: Gabbi Fresh Experiment With Different Crop Top StylesYep, yours truly was pretty apprehensive to wear crop tops until I found one that a) fit and b) worked with my personal style. Source: Instagram Get Some Style InspoWhether you're getting inspiration from Rihanna or even some '90s movie, it's fun to take a look you love and put your own spin on it.
The bicycle exercise is performed laying on the floor, with hands behind the head and beginning with the knees placed at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

Even though I was only revealing a tiny bit of skin, it was enough to make me want to cover up my midsection. Whether you go the sewing route or the no-sew route, there are a ton of tutorials out there for you to check out. There are a few exercises that can be done without any special equipment that tone the abdominal muscles and consequently flatten the stomach. Reverse crunches are performed lying on your back with legs straight up in the air, knees slightly bent and ankles crossed. Touch your right elbow to your left knee, and then your left elbow to your right knee in a pedaling motion. Even though, all fruits are generally good for your health, you should choose those fruits which contain balanced amounts of fructose and glucose, which include berries, citrus fruits and grapes. The easiest way to do this is to pair your top with a blazer, a skirt and some dressier shoes.
This is the reason why you feel bloated, gassy, or you struggle with cramps after you consume dairy products. Honeydew, pears and apples are also good for your health, but they contain more fructose, which causes your stomach to digest them more difficultly.

And this causes irritation and is bad if you want to burn the belly fat in less than a week.
For maximum effectiveness, basic crunches should be done in 2-3 sets of 20-25 repetitions, with 90 second rests between set. As an alternative, try yogurt or hard cheeses or other dairy products that don’t contain lactose.
You can still season your food, but it is best to choose fresh or dried herbs in order to stay. Seriously, you might think you're not so into crop tops when really you just haven't found one that jives with you. Any more than this will exhaust your muscles and diminish the effectiveness of the exercise. Reverse crunches should be done in 2-3 sets of 20-25 repetitions, with a 90 second rests between each set.

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