Okay, so I’m a sucker for butches, but Outsiders character Grace Choi is amazing, and her relationship with Thunder (Anissa Pierce) is even better.
The badass Asian-American character is also half-Amazon, used to be a bouncer (!), has tattoos, street cred, and a better six-pack than Batman himself. Starman begins a relationship with a dark-skinned man, whose name isn’t given—but the lovers show up in pictures from time to time. Summary: Psycho Pirate, a villain who can control emotions, tries to converse with an angry Superboy and charm him into an alliance. My first time reading Superboy and Justin Jordan holds my hand and lets me know everything that’s going on.
Jordan also implements this cool technique where Psycho Pirate and Doctor Psycho are both trying to convince Superboy to listen to him. Verdict: Jordan and Rocha weave a tight narrative that allows enough lenience for a novice reader to catch on, but also conceals the right amount of information to coax the reader into wanting to find out more. Yesterday, DC Comics released their full list of solicitations for the month of April, 2014. First appearing in Justice League Dark (November 2011), the Justice League Dark originally featured John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna.
When Batman reorganized the Outsiders team and kicked Thunder off, it was Grace who went without his order or approval to find her and invite her on a mission—anything for love!
Published by Koyama Press, Vellekoop’s hero engages in time travel, talk with her gay best friend (and the rest of the wacky character cast), and all sorts of sexy, girly adventures.

She is femme, sexy, has tattoos (!), and a relationship with butch Gotham City detective Renee Montoya. In 1992, he became the first openly gay character in comics—a huge deal at the time, and still a pretty big deal.
This would be less problematic if he was actually there in physical form and Superboy could hit him, but alas he cannot and Conner does not find himself in a good spot. It’s not clear who is the “right” side, therefore bringing the reader into the same dilemma Conner is experiencing, but neither options are very tempting based on their mind control abilities. The colors, especially, were eye-catching, and there were a lot of colors needed for this psychic battle. While Superboy could very easily be written as a young Superman book, this issue concentrates on his telekinetic powers and how they reflect his character off of his similarly-powered villains. The team consists of the more supernatural members of the DC Universe, handling situations deemed unfit for the traditional Justice League.
But for us queer folk, sometimes it might be hard to find a comic or graphic novel to which we can kind of relate—or at least one that carries some kind of queer or gay representation. Somehow, with all the crime-fighting she and Batman do together, she still has time to celebrate Hanukkah and woo ladies. Then in X-Factor you’ve got Rictor and Shatterstar, which is one of my favourite relationships because it made Rob Liefeld and his army of dudebro fans very upset. Psycho Pirate then works to turn Superboy against Doctor Psycho by showing him the latter’s childhood and it turns out Superboy’s telekinetic powers leave him prime for feeding off of by other psychic-powered beings.

Superboy isn’t the only character a reader can easily find themselves sympathizing with, however, as Doctor Psycho’s well-written past certainly makes you feel for him. It’s always refreshing to see someone like Rocha, who is good at facial and other emotional expressions.
Also, what bully casually calls someone a “psycho?” A psycho isn’t a weirdo, you call someone a psycho when they attack you or show insanity. Jordan has a knack for inviting opening lines and cinching closing lines that efficiently evoke the proper tone. This is a round-up of a handful of gay, lesbian, queer and just sexually open characters from a handful of comics and graphic novels that I think are pretty sweet and do a good job of being LGBTQ characters, in the sense that their respective authors and publishers did the LGBTQ community proud. The other reason he’s on this list is because Marvel gave him a wedding—a glorious, gorgeous, graphical gay wedding. OH and in FF a few issues ago, one of the alien Moloids announced that she is a trans* girl and it was basically the cutest thing ever. Psycho Pirate’s giddy personality allows for a few humorous lines in his narration, something that can easily come off as campy, but doesn’t in this case. New comics coming out in April include Justice League United, Secret Origins, Batman Eternal, Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs.

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