Audioengine P4 Premium Passive Bookshelf Speakers A high-performance bookshelf speaker pair with the same great looks and sound as our powered speakers. The same signature sound of the award-winning P4 wrapped in rock solid and beautifully hand-finished bamboo.
Audioengine designs and manufactures our own tweeters, woofers, and many other critical components. Audioengine uses audiophile quality, ferro fluid cooled, silk dome tweeters with Neodymium magnets.
To minimize unwanted resonances and distortion, Audioengine cabinets have thick high-resin MDF walls with extensive internal bracing. Both drivers are directly magnetically shielded which allow you to place the speakers within a few inches of a video monitor. The Atomix is designed to be small in size yet big in sound, delivering detailed accuracy and stunning clarity.
The Atomix are the ideal all-rounder, versatile for any application, from compact stereo speakers, front and rear channel speakers in your surround sound system, use in a second zone, or even in a desktop environment. The Acoustix loudspeaker brings a level of room placement flexibility not before seen in this type of Krix design.
Tonal depth, imaging and balanced musicality are highlights in this slim floorstanding design. Boost your music listening experience or add critical bass depth to your home cinema with the Seismix Cube. The Rhythmix offers a smooth and sophisticated listening experience, making it the perfect choice as the front speakers of your home cinema system. The Rhythmix is an elegant addition to your living room, with dual 130mm bass drivers and a 26mm ring-radiator tweeter, all in a compact black high-gloss floor standing cabinet.
The Graphix centre channel will deliver precise timbral matching to the Acoustix main speakers. The Vortex is based on the highly successful Epicentrix and has been designed to deliver perfect timbral matching to the Harmonix main speakers. Home theatre on a grand scale: this centre channel speaker is designed to truly match the pace of our high energy Neuphonix floorstanding speakers.
A Centre Channel speaker should be the centrepiece of any serious home cinema system as it typically delivers over 50% of the soundtrack and a major proportion of the dialogue. A 26mm ring radiator tweeter is located between dual 100mm bass drivers to enhance vocal localisation and intelligibility.
The Tektonix subwoofer combines two highly succesful aspects from the Krix subwoofer range.
The Dynamix loudspeaker is a wedge shaped design based around the more conventional Equinox bookshelf speaker. The Stratospherix is a high quality in-ceiling loudspeaker featuring a semi enclosed back-box. The weather-proof design of Stratospherix combined with high power handling, sensitivity and extended bass performance make it ideally suited to outdoor inceiling applications.
Fitting in nicely between the Holographix and Atmospherix, the Hemispherix is the third product released in the range of Krix in-ceiling speakers. The Hemispherix AS is an in-ceiling speaker incorporating the same high-quality speaker driver technology as used in the award winning Krix Atomix bookshelf speaker. The wide uniform coverage of the Atmospherix AS makes it the ideal choice for 2 channel stereo and background music applications. The ability of the Atmospherix A20 to project sound toward your listening primary listening area makes it ideally suited to home cinema applications. The Ecliptix is a rectangular in-wall version of the Hemispherix and can be used as your main front and centre channels as well as for rear channel surrounds. The Epix In-Wall speaker has been developed to suit 45mm x 90mm or 35mm x 90mm timber stud wall construction.
Dolby announced that its Atmos surround-sound format is coming to home theaters earlier this week and now Pioneer is ready to detail its new Atmos-enabled speakers.Pioneer announced several Atmos-enabled home audio components this morning, including three Elite AV receivers and an Andrew Jones-designed speaker system. The speaker system has the same basic layout as a 5.1 surround-sound system, but the big difference is that the floor-standing speakers and bookshelf speakers feature a top-mounted 4-inch driver. The SC-85 ($1,600), SC-87 ($2,000) and SC-89 ($3,000) will be available in the US in the fall and require a firmware update coming before the end of the year to unlock its Atmos-capabilities. Our services include surround sound system installations, TV mounting, automation, and home theater implementation. If you would like to add speakers to your entertainment area, Karbon can help find speakers that blend into your room design.
Karbon ConsultingOur StandardAt Karbon, we work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality Audio, Video and Automation equipment and services.
We are constantly working to build and improve our relationships, and build connections with the industry's leading manufactures have made us San Francisco's Premier Home Theater Installation Specialists for the past 10 years. Call us today at (925) 798-7600 and get a free Home or Office audio, video or automation consultation. An award winning Onkyo stereo receiver amplifier with 7 Aton audio ceiling speakers, 100m of high quality cable and subwoofer.
An award winning Yamaha stereo receiver amplifier with 7 Niles ceiling speakers, 100m of high quality cable and subwoofer. Proprietary TrueSpaceA® technology and digital acoustic performance provide sound that seems to surround you.
The speakers feature precisely angled drivers to produce an enveloping sound experience and crisp, clear dialogue centered to the TV screen. From setup to operation, the CineMate Series II system offers the simplicity you want from your home entertainment.
Proprietary TrueSpaceA® digital processing circuitry delivers a spacious, multichannel sound experience with strong center imaging from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. Acoustimass module works in concert with the small speakers to deliver a fuller range of theater sound and effects. Interface module houses two LED indicators and connectors for audio input, and receives IR commands for the speaker system.

Sleek four-button remote controls power, volume and mute functions in a simplified, streamlined design. Digital Dynamic RangeA® speaker compression circuitry enables you to hear soft sounds (particularly dialogue) even at low volumesa€”and still appreciate the impact of loud special effects. Experience the signature Audioengine sound and quality but without our built-in amplifiers.
Bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwoods and the dark bamboo used for the Audioengine P4N cabinets is not a stain, but achieved through  a specialized heating process.
In other words, these are not "box built" speakers with off-the-shelf parts but entirely custom-designed to our specifications.
Silk tweeters hold up well under high power and the edge-driven design gives very smooth response. Heavy internal sound-damping material is used to reduce unwanted sound reflections inside the cabinet.
The two-way bass reflex design features a 26mm ring radiator tweeter and a 100mm diameter bass driver. The Seismix Cube’s compact design is perfectly suited to environments with limited space.
Audiophiles will be pleased by the Rhythmix’s ability to produce superb stereo imaging and depth along with excellent low frequency extension and exceptional mid range. The same tweeter used in the Acoustix, Atomix, Tryptix, Rhythmix and Neuphonix means the Graphix can be used with a wide range of Krix products.
Like the Neuphonix, multiple 130mm bass drivers deliver punchy, ground-shaking bass energy. The Sonix is specifically designed to be used in home theatre systems, delivering excellent reproduction of dialogue and stunning centre channel effects.
It utilises the Seismix 3 cabinet, 11 inch bass driver and vent and combines this with Krix’s new Digital Subwoofer Amplifier (KDSA). The Seismix Cube’s compact design is perfectly suited to enbironments with limited space.
Using dual 100mm bass drivers and a 26mm super audio tweeter the Tryptix present depth and clarity unsurpassed in a speaker of this type. For surround sound applications, this shape has provided a high level of success for Krix over the years in its Commercial Cinema endeavours. The speaker is fitted with an aluminium grille and mounting bracket, plus marine grade stainless steel hardware to protect against corrosion. Using a larger enclosure, bass driver and tweeter, the Tropix deliver more effortless bass energy in larger outdoor environments. It employs a large 200mm (8”)bass driver with concentric professional grade compression tweeter, for the high power handling and sensitivity. For example it can be used in undercover alfresco dinning areas, courtyards or near a swimming pool. Housed in a shallower and narrower enclosure than the Atmospherix, the Hemispherix uses a single 4 inch bass driver and the identical 25mm eyeball tweeter as its bigger brother. To ensure you experience superior sound as the designers intended a fully enclosed backbox is utilized guaranteeing the same tight articulate bass performance in any ceiling environment while also protecting the speaker from ceiling debris.
Its uniform coverage is ideally suited to any applications where the listening area is not confined to a specific part of the room. Dialogue will become more articulate, music will have better definition and surround effects will become more involving and realistic.
The Ecliptix use the identical drivers and crossover network as in the Hemispherix and will provide precise tonal matching when installed with this in-ceiling model. The 9.2-channel AV receivers and Elite-branded speakers are the first full Atmos system to be introduced to the market, capable of playing back the Atmos-enabled Blu-ray and streaming content that Dolby promises is coming in the fall.
This is designed to deliver the overhead sound effects that Dolby is promising with the new Atmos format. The Elite speaker system will be available in the late summer and consists of the SP-EBS73-LR bookshelf speakers ($750 per pair), SP-EFS73 floorstanding speakers ($700 each), SP-EC73 center channel ($400), and SW-E10 subwoofer ($600).
Through purchasing the products that best suit your home to using professional installation standards that will provide optimum performance.
Whether you have speakers mounted on the wall, mounted in-ceiling, or simply sit on the floor or on a bookshelf—there are speakers to fit your every need. The acclaimed WRAT amplifier delivers room-filling sound through 7.2 channels with DolbyA® Pro LogicA® IIz expansion. Two speaker arrays and a hideaway AcoustimassA® module deliver lifelike sound that puts you in the middle of the action--without center or rear speakers.
Youa€™ll experience deeper low notes and more immersive sound for all your movies, music, sports and gaming.
The Acoustimass module offers dramatic effects without audible distortion, so you can hide it almost anywhere in the room. The patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion. Intuitive one-way connectors eliminate the guesswork often associated with more complex systems.
Beautiful, small, and affordable, P4 is the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom or office and an ideal surround speaker for use with other Audioengine speakers in your home theater or stereo system. As the wood is pressure heated, the  sugar compounds inside the bamboo are "carbonized" which in turn darkens the bamboo to a rich caramel color. Before installing mounts or brackets make sure you consult all documentation and carefully follow the installation instructions. All cabinet edges are rounded which look great and reduce high-frequency diffraction effects on the front baffles. Harmonix project a deep, tight bass response via their extended bass shelf alignment, a dynamic and non-fatiguing vocal mid-band with lucid, detailed highs. A 130mm midrange driver and 26mm tweeter complete the picture, reproducing vocals and sound effects with meticulous precision and depth that will defy the dimensions of your room.  Put yourself at the epicentre of the action. Through the use of high performance Class-D amplifier technology and front-mounted control panels with a backlit LCD display which fades away in brightness after 45 seconds, all adjustments can be done quickly and effectively by removing the front grille and scrolling through the menu options and pushing the buttons to make your selections.

The Seismix Cube uses a 150 watt in-built amplifier, matched to a downward firing 200mm bass driver and vent, with the cabinet raised off the floor via specially moulded rubber isolation feet.
The 15 degree angle on the front baffle allows the speaker to be mounted up higher in the room whilst maintaining excellent pattern control and audio coverage to the listening positions. Maintaining the same cabinet styling and attention to detail within the construction of this all weather enclosure, the Tropix make dining in the great outdoors a memorable experience. The dual concentric driver configuration guaranties uniform sound coverage in all directions. The Stratospherix may also be used for indoor applications requiring high volumes levels, for example larger concealed home cinemas. The Hemispherix AS is recommended for use in small to medium sizes rooms for stereo, surround sound or background music applications.
The A20’s ablility to direct more sound towards the listener results in less sound reflecting off walls and other surfaces in the room creating a clearer, more three dimensional soundstage. Super audio sound reproduction, dynamic midrange and deep bass extension are all attributes of this special in-wall design. I do not have to press on volume button on the remote for long before my living room starts shaking and my living room is quite large, adjacent to the kitchen.
The cabinets, drivers, bass port designs, and crossovers are all painstakingly tuned together for each model. Kevlar is obviously very strong, which means that the woofer retains its shape when being driven at high levels. The Phoenix Mk 2 has been redesigned from the ground up, to offer marked improvements in performance and a sleeker more contemporary appearance. No more worrying about pulling your subwoofer out of joinery and risk scratching your sub, or pulling out a lead out from the wall in order to make changes whilst holding a torch in one hand and trying to read writing that’s upside down! Tektonix – an earth moving experience. Simple and effective design ensures that the Seismix Cube can be placed almost anywhere inyour room. Matching floor and table stands are also available making the Tryptix a highly versatile experience. The bass driver features a weather proof polypropylene cone, whilst the compression tweeter is protected by an acoustically transparent dust cap. The A20 may also be useful for background music applications where the speakers must be placed near a side wall for aesthetic or structural reasons.
Complete with mounting hardware, plasterboard fixings and a solidly braced back enclosure – the Epix is the complete in-wall speaker for discerning listeners. The speaker materials and construction are robust enough to stand up to some serious thrashing, so speaker grills aren’t needed. The woofers’ magnetic size has increased by 50% and voice coil diameter increased from 25mm to 33mm to offer higher sensitivy, greater power handling and tighter more articulate bass. To ensure reliable performance both indoors and outdoors the grille is corrosion resistant aluminium and all other hardware is stainless steel.
In this application the the A20 can be used to project the sound towards the centre of the room. If you combine the entry-level $1,600 SC-85 with two floor-standing speakers, a center channel, two rear bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer, the total US pricing comes to $4,750, which is far more expensive that what it would cost to put together a traditional surround-sound system. The only difference between the Series II and Series II GS which costs 200 dollars more, is that the GS has smaller speakers and universial remote but I can live with the non-universial remote and my speakers are not taking much footprint. In other words, we did our homework on the speaker drivers and they will sound and look great after many years of use. The tweeter has been replaced by the same ring radiating tweeter used in Krix’s flagship model, the Neuphonix, for added vocal warmth and smooth, revealing upper treble.
The Epix can be used in dedicated home cinema rooms or multi-functional living environments.
Prices and availability are not yet available for the rest of the world, but we'll update when we hear more. The goal with P4 was to design a small but powerful bookshelf speaker for people that already have surround receivers or amplifiers and are looking for the same Audioengine sound and quality in a passive loudspeaker. The cabinet has also undergone a radical overhaul departing from Krix’s traditional ‘picture-frame’ style box construction in place of a new fully mitred construction technique creating a much cleaner aesthetic free from all visible panel joints. The new construction also results in less MDF wastage, utilising waste material to create an interlocking internal ‘X’ brace system for added box rigidity and internal standing wave suppression. The speaker box plinth has also been replaced by Krix proprietary rubber feet for improved acoustic isolation on hard and soft floor surfaces.
The P4 has excellent bass response for its size, which is evident when used either as stereo speakers or as satellite surround speakers in your home theater setup. The bamboo cabinets were tuned to sound the same as the MDF speakers, but the density of bamboo will give it natural acoustic advantages over MDF material. P4 sounds great sitting on stands, on a bookshelf, or mounted on a wall using the integrated threaded inserts which are compatible with most wall or ceiling mount bracket systems." Part of the Family Audioengine active and passive speaker models share a similar "voicing" and overall tuning so that you are assured a matched system no matter which of our speakers or Audioengine wireless adapters you decide to add to your system. The P4 has a 4 ohm impedance rating but will sound great when connected to almost any receiver or power amp with 4, 6 or 8 ohm speaker output impedance. Mount a pair on a wall or stand as surround speakers in a home theater system or place them on a shelf or table for a compact stereo setup. Purchase the Audioengine P4 speaker pair direct from our online store and try them out in your home or office. In fact many amps will perform better with a 4 ohm load as opposed to 8 ohms if their design is robust enough to supply the extra current. If you're not completely satisfied with the simple setup and great sound just return your speakers in the original packaging in like-new, undamaged condition within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund of your purchase price. If you live outside of the continental US you will need to contact your dealer or our distributor in your country for further assistance.

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