Over the last couple of weeks, lots of people have added one or even two new gaming consoles to the space under their TVs. So much unrealised potential and yet you can understand why Nintendo bailed on it - like perhapd somebody at the company remembered the Sega 32X!
Can't see it but there is a PS3 under the TV, soon to also be a PS4 :D not the greatest TV in the world, but it gets the job done. When the PS4 is actually released over here I'll be placing it in the topmost bay (that was my choice, unfortunately whilst I enjoy the occasional Xbox exclusive, I know that if I bought both I'd neglect one console a fair bit).
My only regret is that I built the TV set-up a few years ago, and I'm going to have to re-plan things if I wish to upgrade to something a little bigger. 1.5 Update optimizedTons of new textures including:stone bricks (all variations), grass, stone slabs, saplings, new font, new guis, new title screen, new water animation, new diamond ore animation, new lapis lazuli, new redstone torches, new repeaters and comparators, new wool, optimized quartz, new light sensor, new bark texture, and many more! Yo Mikey its Zenix(TDMMC),Been a long time since we spoke but amazing work on this pack still man! If I were to post resource packs I would have had pictures without the shaders in addition. Hmm that seems like more of a shaders error than a resource pack error, try the Sonic Ether's thread on minecraft forum support on that.
One great thing to add would be a 2x1 painting that was just black to look like a flatscreen TV.
Texture pack looks great, just find the villagers kind of creepy looking, they look like Simon Cowel after a bender of coke and way too much alcohol. This is a community made resource pack made to be used with Conquest_ to add block models, therefor making everything look tremendously better!
Step 1 - Install this addon pack (along with the original (Conquest RP) in the resource packs folder.
A small little boring bug fix for iron bars.I finally figured out how to fix these optifine bugs and such, so please remind me of them!
For some reason the upside down stairs no longer turn into their alternate models and just look like the regular stairs upside down. Some of the logs have a null texture (purple and black checker) when faced north and south.
This looks so great that im almost thinking that were not talking about MC anymore XDDia 4 u sir! I chose to have my shelf 6 inches above the desk, but the Capita legs are also available in 4 and 8 inch heights. I used 7 Signum wire managers on the underside of the desk with surge protectors zip tied to the bottom for very effective cable management. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
I’m currently trying to get a desk together before they discontinue the series in October.
I’m not sure whether the A leg was necessary, but I had an extra and figured it would provide more support than nothing at all. It does not give in the front unless I’m trying to do squats from it, but this was also a concern of mine. Have a similar project, but need to know: has anybody here successfully drilled holes in the underside of the galant desktop and successfully screwed it to the frame? Even though the screws have a wide thread I wouldn’t use them in the particleboard desktop without good anchors.

When assembling my new Galant the screw anchors came loose in three of the eight holes before the screw head was even down to the bracket (one case) or snug (the other two). The design is questionable since the anchors are in countersunk holes so as the screw starts to pull against the bracket it’s actually pulling the anchor out of the hole. I want to build the same desk as your top picture with the top shelf like your bottom pictures where it stops on the left right after the bend.
Hey guys I’ve updated some of the pictures of my IKEA galant setup as well as instructions and parts of how i build my desk including the custom monitor riser, enjoy.
In order to get a straight cut, you can clamp a board to the desk to use as a guide (the guard of the circular saw will rest against it, NOT on top of it). You absolutely can cut the Galant desk with a hand saw with great results- carpenters used to be able to do amazing things 100s of years ago with just hand tools.
I used a small panel saw; I felt that the smaller teeth would damage the wood less than a large panel saw might. My reason for cutting it was that I want a 60cm deep desk along two walls of a room, and the stock corner piece gives you a 60cm desk on one wall, and an 80cm along the other. The nice thing about drilling your own holes is that you end up using 3 bolts instead of the normal 2.
Ikea Galant desk is hands down the best setup ever, I have I made myself a very nice setup with the Ikea galant and included custom monitor raiser and cable management all using Ikea parts.
Definitive Technology Mythos center hannel loudspeakers fulfill all the requirements of truly great center channel speakers, plus they have the extra.. WEBSITE FOR SALE: This website and domain name are for sale, Click Here to email us if you are interested in buying. In the comments below, please link to a photo of your home gaming setup, along with an explanation for any unusual elements it may include. Includes LG 42 Inch LCD TV, Playstation Vita, Blaze 15 in 1 Sega Genesis, Logitech Sound System (forgot Model), Xbox One (with kinect), Xbox 360 Slim, A Ton Of 360 Games and 2 Xbox One Games (NBA2K14 And Forza 5 Limited Edition) and lastly not part of the gaming setup is my Limited Edition Don "The Predator" Frye UFC Figurine still in its box. It's something like 27 or 29 inches I think, but there were 32 inch ones out there somewhere.
I will be trying to make money off of my server in the future, but ill put credit for the texture at spawn or whatever. This whole ad.fly thing is p___ing me off!Can't have Ad-Blocker on and get ridiulous ad pages popping up, then had to sing-in to download site, just to be unable to download because the link isn't even a link. Somebody knows a way to fix the problem without having to delete the cobblestone arches and oakwood models ? However, it also ruined my 3D models for some things including crafting tables, furnaces, and jack-o-lanterns, while leaving the 3D models for other things such as rails and potatoes. The arches that the cobblestone stairs turned into were key to a lot of my architectural designs.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
I should think the anchor should be flush with the hole so it can seat against the bracket. I want the main desktop to be the same deep depth on both sides, just like your top picture. Granted it will take a little longer (like maybe 10 or 15 minutes), but if you only use it once or twice a year a table saw is just in the way (and you have to buy it, set it up, and move it…). I had already added masking tape along the area to be cut, and drawn the line to be cut in pencil.

I just put the consoles on the 2nd shelf and other tid bits on the top shelf where my tv is and random crap on the 3rd shelf. If you want to contribute, just contact me any way you can and I will evaluate your work and perhaps add you as a contributer. Even though the anchor was loose, when I pulled the bracket away from the table it still pulled some of the particleboard with it. My question is, how did you get the same depth on both sides with the bend in the corner for the main desk (Top Picture)?
Is there anything I should know about it before I just go willy nilly and try to put it into my game?
Check out the new jungle fence!There has yet to be new textures from Monsterfish_ (Conquest creator) so no new blocks yet! If you have weird textures left, delete the textures used my the model(s).What models are you getting rid of?
When I saw your design, I about fell over because it is exactly what I have been looking for.
If it was a matter of putting it together once and leaving it that would be fine, but the only way to remove the legs is to remove the bracket from the desktop first, so if I move in a couple of years I’ll run the risk over again. Extract the original Conquest 3Dmodels pack for 1.9 into a new folder (ALWAYS use 7Zip for this) into a new folder and try following the directions again. Okay, to impress upon you the true gravity of the situation here, I have 0 modding experience. If you have the liberty of choosing any space you like, settle the room orientation according to the office type you are, e.g. A spectacular and inspirational place for a study can be in the attic, under a pronounced gable, by a large window to the sky, especially for graphic work or technical drawing.Pick a good pendant lamp or, even preciser, a capable desk lamp.
All I know is that any horizontally placed tree log was jacked up along with the brewing stand as indicated by a black and purple square of FML. Large windows are therefore a key element and well-being can also come from a refreshing view of nature. I am still trying to figure out how to get in contact with Jugbot to gain his permission to release a mostly perfect version of the 3d models. The very moment I do I will upload them here, but to be honest I wont have too if I do get in contact with him. When Jugbot see's it, he will have it fixed him self without any help from me within minutes. As far as I know there is Indeed a 3d model of it, and also special as it shows what bottle occupies a particular slot, so it wasn't as easy as deleting.
If you still can't get it, I will be happy to guide you through the process the best I can via teamspeak, ventrillo, or teamviewer. If anyone is unable or simply unwilling to do those things listed above I will be happy to upload it for them however, I do not wish to step on Jugbot's toes or anyone else for whom I do not have any permissions what so ever to distribute any version of their hard work publicly. I will leave this comment for a time incase Jugbot may check in and see this, and it may inspire him to make a much better and satisfactory fix than this complete noob you see before you.

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