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Do you find yourself wasting your precious summer days watching TV or working your life away at your part-time job? Whether it's as exciting as going to a foreign country for a month or as minor as eating at a restaurant you've never tried before, you're required to go somewhere new before summer is out. I know, getting all hot and sweaty isn't usually fun, but it can be (for reasons other than the ones your dirty mind is coming up with). I'm not particularly sure why this is absolutely essential to have on your summer bucket list, but it seems like a lot of fun.
Now's the time to teach yourself guitar, learn how to scuba dive, create YouTube videos, basket-weave, launch a website or, potentially, do all of the above, if you're a serious overachiever, that is. There's nothing better than midnight swimming, chilling by a campfire, eating smores, and sleeping beneath the stars.
Dancing your face off with a ton of strangers and your most valued friends is the closest you can get to heaven.

Summer isn't summer without getting some water, and there are many options to choose from- sprinklers, lakes, oceans, pool parties, water parks. Swipe right to people you normally wouldn't on Tinder and make plans with seven of the best contenders.
Make a list of what you want to do in the future- places you want to go, things you want to do, people you want to do these things with. Be sure to take pictures every step of the way and post them to all your social media accounts.
Sit down with your friends for an hour and make a list of the most fun sounding swear words. The most memorable summers I can remember are the ones in which I lived in a swimsuit- go for it!
If you get into the habit now, you'll feel more confident when the school year rolls around AND you'll look damn fine too. Teach yourself how to eat healthily now when you don't have nearly as much going on as you do in the school year.

Do this again and again and you'll always have a list of things to accomplish and aspire to. Not only will doing this help you reach that body you want (see point #3), but having a few go-to meals will prevent you from being hangry for the rest of your life because hangry people don't make good life choices. Go the extra mile by dressing up in theme- I highly recommend a tropical one, complete with flamingos. You don't have time to do this during the school year (or when you're in the real world) so savour the opportunity. If you do something you've never even considered doing before, at the very least, you're going to learn something from it and maybe have a laugh too. Stock up on popsicles, grab one of your 10 books and head to the nearest body of water right now.

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