This is a tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff I like. You see, the media puts this idea into women’s heads that your vagina has to look like ____, smell like ____, and work like ____. On this pro-period website, we'll be deconstructing menstruation, periods, menarches, moontimes and more. Be sure to check out the rest of the great resources we've included on the 'Sites We Like' page. We'll do our best to answer any questions that you have while we entertain you with our absolutely absorbing period-positive posts.
NOTE: This is a sex-positive, body-positive, gender-neutral, PoC-friendly, queer-happy, LGBTerrific, and trigger-free site. DISCLAIMER: We give lots and lots of reproductive health-related advice on this blog that is founded on our experiences, the experiences of others and our own thorough, independent research. Background: Cover the top two-thirds of your bulletin board with light blue bulletin board paper, adding a few white cloud cutouts cut from white bulletin board paper. Title: "Welcome to Seussville!" - We love how Suhaill created a colorful bunting from vibrant card stock and Seuss-inspired letters!
Happily authoring posts about lesson plans, crafts, unique bulletin board ideas, and other helpful resources for MPM Ideas since 2008. Isn't it interesting how two displays with the same theme and quote can look so different?

While this isn't technically a bulletin board display, it was too stinkin' cute not to pass along! Celebrating the holidays as a family and passing on traditions is an important part of every culture.
Due to this contestant giving people an incentive to vote for their bulletin board through the use of exchanges, they have been disqualified from the contest. A fun idea for fall, we think this apple themed bulletin board idea would be awesome when paired with an apple exploration day - i.e.
Teaching your kids to do chores at a young age is the key to developing good habits in your children. No two vaginas are identical, and to think something is “wrong” with yours is crazy! As young girls, in sex ed (if we even have sex ed!), we aren’t taught about vaginas and how they look.
While we feel that our site is a reliable source of information about reproductive health, we do not claim to be healthcare professionals.
For the bottom third, cut several strips of the green bulletin board paper (of varying heights), fringing the top of each. Paint recycled gift wrap rolls with yellow craft paint, using black electrical tape to add stripes to the dried "tree trunks". Purchase a bulletin board set, freehand your own Seuss characters, or find free clip art online to print, cut, and laminate!

Seuss themed learning environment for her kiddos last year and we just love her welcome board design.
Seriously, it's so vibrant and cheerful it makes us want to go back to elementary school! I used to be freaked out, and I wouldn’t actually let my boyfriend put his hand in my pants. You just need to be you and love your vagina (vajayjay, pussy… whatever you call it!). Attach the tallest piece first, allowing the fringe to hang down and adjusting it here and there to look like  ‘hills of grass’ on the ‘horizon’. Attach a trunk to each side of the bulletin board and create a top for each tree using colorful art tissue paper. Of course, I started reading more about it and found out that lots of other women were in the same situation. The American Heart Association works to teach people how to identify heart attacks and strokes as well as funds research and treatment for heart disease.

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