Suspenseful, touching and swiftly persuasive about its most unusual central characters, this remarkable book takes you through dark territory, but it is written with humour and simplicity.
Please use your own judgement when choosing reading materials for yourself and your family.
Get reading now and prepare to sob your heart out.Red HouseThis is an exciting and emotional read.
He had published more than a dozen novels for adults before the publication of his first book for younger readers, Freak the Mighty. You may want to keep a hankie handy!"Debbie Williams, Primary TimesThis book was excellent. Since then, he has won numerous awards and honours, including the prestigious California Young Reader Medal, the Arizona Young Readers' Award and the New York State "Charlotte" Award.

What we liked most about it was the fact that Kevin, although he knew he had something seriously wrong with him, kept trying to pretend that he was going to become bionic. This made us both feel really sorry for him and we wanted to help him so much, but of course we couldn't.
Read this book!Laura Henderson, Paula Wilkie, Teen Titles Book Review MagazineMax is big, very big for his age, but a slow learner and in the care of grandparents as his father is serving time for the murder of his mother. Kevin is a bright lad who suffers from a condition leading to stunted growth and he is reliant on crutches.
Lightness of touch, sensitivity and immense warmth emanate from the portrayal of the relationship between these two oddball boys living in the middle of an uncaring community of modern despair and neglect. It is humour that leavens things throughout the story as incident after incident reveals dangers and narrow escapes.

To say too much here would be unforgivable but towards the end fate seems inevitable and unavoidable. The first reading of this book is a very special experience indeed.Boys into BooksI feel the book gives a sad emotion over to the reader and when you read it you feel for the character. The kind of people who might like this book are the people who are different themselves and want to change. It doesn’t matter how you look, what matters is your personality and the type of person you are.Teen Titles - Tyne DaviesA poignant and moving story that is ultimately uplifting about friendship triumphing over adversity.

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