On the Space Station – Kids can take a tour of a space station and check out what happens there.
Secrets of the Seashore – This book is great for an ocean theme, or just for kids enamored with the beach. On the Construction Site – Little engineers and builders will have a blast with this book. Secrets of the Apple Tree – A great look into the different animals that call an apple tree their habitat. On the Train – This book is just right for young train enthusiasts or to prepare for a trip by train! The Human Body – Kids are incredibly fascinated by the human body, and this book is a great learning tool for them. Secrets of Animal Camouflage – Kids can use their flashlights to help discover so many animals camouflaged throughout this amazing book. Secrets of the Vegetable Garden – Kids explore a thriving garden and learn about how plants grow.
My name is Mary Catherine, and I love to share meaningful {and fun} learning activities for kiddos! In the meantime, let me share six books my virtual mentor Daniel Pink suggests in his last newsletter. Daniel asked 6 authors of 6 new nonfiction books to describe succinctly one key idea takeaway from the book and one useful action-oriented takeaway. IDEA: Peers are a powerful motivating force.  Trying to push yourself to achieve something?

IDEA: Great skill in any area, from playing the piano to brain surgery, depends upon highly developed mental representations and (in fields with a physical component) extensive physiological adaptations — both of which require many years of purposeful practice to acquire. IDEA: Never force someone to choose between doing what’s smart and doing what helps them save face. It talks about leadership habits that might have been strengths at one point of your career can become barriers to you moving forward.
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Subscribe to Blog via EmailEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Summer's officially begun, and that probably means you're going to need something to read on your next trip to the beach or for the long flightA to your vacation destination. You'll be kicking back, but might as well bring something educational to accompany that magazine you picked up at the airport. To help you out, we've selected our favorite business memoirs, career guides, and the most exciting research on the future of work. You're sure to find something to like that will also leave you with some ideas to take back to the office. They can delve into blueprints, construction equipment, and other fun facts about construction sites.
This book would be good to read along with an apple theme, or when exploring plants and animals in the fall.
The illustrations are beautiful, and kids get a kick out of shining a light behind each page to discover hidden gems in the books.

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You will become good at it, and the experience will teach you how to approach developing other skills in the future.
Their insights help make sense of many of the markets and market-like mechanisms that we encounter with ever-greater frequency – from the business model behind the iPhone to Amazon to kidney exchange and school choice. Are you unwittingly handing too much market power or information to the market-maker, and in the process leaving too little for everyone else?
It’s not always enough that your proposal was fair or generous.  Ask yourself: How will they say ‘Yes’ to what I’m proposing and still be able to declare victory to their constituents (or to themselves)? Lots of people talk too much in negotiations, but almost no one asks enough questions.  In your next negotiation, conflict, or disagreement, come up with 3-5 additional questions to ask that might help you better understand the other side’s interests, constraints, and perspective. Pick two meetings and a one-on-one conversation and make listening your priority performance: Don’t assume you know what’s coming. As you’re reading the book, let the kids shine a flashlight behind each colored page.
In fact, it is only by engaging it, by using this technology, do we have any hope of steering it.
They will be so excited to see additional illustrations peeking through thanks to the light!

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