We read and review a lot of books and these books were the best children’s books we read for the first time in 2013. Z Is for Moose by Kelly Bingham is a hilarious alphabet book that will have you and your child giggling throughout. Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn was our first introduction to Lola and I have since memorized this text I have read it so often. Ganeshaa€™s Sweet Tooth by Sanjay Patel and Emily Haynes is a cute adaptation of the Indian legend of how Ganesha came to write the epic Mahabharata.
Aggie the Brave by Lori Ries is a really wonderful book that combines lessons about worry and bravery.
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: As Retold by Mo Willems is a funny prehistoric spin on the classic Goldilocks and The Three Bears.
Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. The family reading the book become the main characters as they explore numerous different adventures together and the children think maybe one day they can have a career in the adventure. The book lends itself to increased verbal interaction, vocabulary building, family bonding and more. In the times of castles and kingdoms, Drake learns he is a dragon master (and that dragons are real!) He must train with the other kids to master his dragon, an earth dragon. Gordon, a superhero chicken, and his little brother Benny must rescue an opera singer from the evil Dr.
Kudos to Dav Pilkey and Dan Santat for creating such an action-packed, engaging new series for young readers. You can’t help but love Boris, a wildly imaginative boy who really wants a pet Komodo dragon.
Posey gets annoyed about those crazy first grade boys and makes up a mean song about Henry. This is a funny beginning chapter book about a boy who is convinced (rightly so?!) that his rescue dog is a crime-solving, vampire, genius! This is a delightfully funny 20-book series about a boy named Wiglaf who attends a fairly terrible school for dragon slayers, has a pet pig who speaks pig latin (HA) and is friends with Eric, who is Erica, a princess longing for adventure. A hilarious new book in one of my favorite graphic novel book series about Mal, a young inventor, and his best sidekick, his dog, Chad. Friends and kid detectives, Jerry and Maya, go undercover in a jewelry store to figure out which of the three employees is stealing diamonds from the owner.
This is the first book in the series of the innocent but funny misadventures of Roscoe Riley.
There are many books on this list I hadn’t heard of before, so I’m excited to introduce them to my kids!
Here is a long list of the best chapter books for fourth grade 9-year old boys and girls that I have reviewed and recommend. Fairy tales come alive when Alex and Conner (brother and sister) find themselves in the fairy tale book given to them by their grandmother. The princes in the fairy tales aren’t as famous as their princesses but in this story it’s all about them! Teddy is a boy who loves world records, has six siblings, and is so fed up with his destructive little brother that he moves to his tent in the backyard. He gets the chance to help his grumpy neighbor feed and care for his pigeons which turns into an interesting subplot.
Forced to flee a dangerous situation in Mexico, Esperanza and her mother arrive in California and start working as migrant farm workers. Stuck in a museum with her sister and father who is working on a sword exhibit, Orphelia’s curiosity leads her to a locked room where a boy has been trapped for thousands of years. I enjoyed this fast-paced adventure series about a mad scientists who creates a hybrid crocodile-dinosaur-bird killer creature to stop visitors from entering the Everglades. Crenshaw is the new book from the author of The One and Only Ivan, Katherine Applegate, and it’s another amazing story dealing with poverty.
My 10-year-old loves these stories about an angel named Aria who is earning her wings by helping girls who are struggling in some way. A ninja in feudal Japan who is a soldier for hire, you can choose to lay siege to a castle, defend your home province from an army or act as a bodyguard to a powerful lord.
Johnny is the anonymous reporter for the tell-the-truth secret school newspaper, The Woodford Word.
Starting with #1 Rain Forest Relay and now with the latest, #4 Savanna Showdown, this adventure series is quick to read and constant action. You’ll fall in love with this magical story about a lonely boy whose beloved grandfather faces a life-ending illness.
You think a pet is in danger at your new volunteer job, Pet-Palooza, a pet daycare center near campus.
I think the Big Nate comics are even better than the novels — they are just so stinking funny! Your kids will love this new action-packed fantasy adventure series from the talented Bruce Hale.
Filled with cartoon illustrations, this early chapter book series highlights the bravery of a group of friends (and siblings) who will save the world from zombies. An amusing adventure of the twins who must save their father’s job and invention with the help of an incompetent babysitter and a very sarcastic narrator. Their father sang Grace and Connor a sea shanty about vampirates but to find out that they were real? This summer the Penderwick sisters have a wonderful surprise: a holiday on the grounds of a beautiful estate called Arundel.
Lots of 9 year old kids love these books so I included it even though I haven’t read the series yet. Join thousands of others by subscribing to get hands-on activities delivered to your inbox.
January 13, 2014 by Katie SG 9 Comments This post may contain affiliate links at no cost to you. This is a text-heavy, information rich book that would be best enjoyed by elementary students rather than preschoolers. This beautiful and detailed book is full of wonderful facts about the animals and habitats of the polar regions.
This is book tells the story of the Arctic seasons and the great migration that takes place each spring as animals from all over the world journey north to spend a summer in the Arctic.
This is another book full of wonderful details about life in the Arctic, although the use of real images rather than illustrations sets this book apart. In contrast the book about Arctic foxes by Emily Rose Townsend reviewed above, this book provides more in depth information about this fascinating Arctic creature. This fun rhyming and counting book will introduce young children to the animals of the Arctic in a delightful fashion that they can even sing along to, thanks to the sheet music included in the back of the book.
Waiting for Ice is based on a true story about an orphaned polar bear cub that must compete with bigger, stronger polar bears to hunt for food. This book is not really about Arctic animals, but about modern life in the Arctic for the Inuit people who live there, formerly known as Eskimos. This book, based on traditional stories from the Inuit people of the Arctic, tells of the special relationship between an elderly Inuit woman and a polar bear. This book, although a work of fiction, manages to tell a poignant tale of the bond between mother and child while also conveying factual information about polar bears at a level that is perfect for preschoolers. The slightly textured pages of this book will appeal to young children who like to touch and feel things.
You’ll find more resources for learning about Arctic animals on my Polar Animals and Lands Unit Study page and my Polar Animals and Lands Pinterest board. These are all great titles to inspire a love of reading and encourage natural curiosity about animals.
Edit and print your own calendars for 2016 using our collection of 2016 Calendar Templates for Excel. OpenOffice Users: The calendar templates below are Excel files that can also be opened using OpenOffice. 2016 Yearly Calendar Template - Create a calendar for 2016 or any year, using our Excel templates. Most of these books were published before 2013 so they aren’t new , just new to us.A  What was the best book you read in 2013? The book is all about a zebra who is making an alphabet book and his over zealous friend Moose who is very very excited to be involved. The book follows a sister who is looking for her brother in their San Francisco neighborhood.
My daughter fell in love with this book before she was even two and wea€™ve read it at the very least weekly (usually daily ) for well over a year.
Kids will love this book without ever knowing the historical significance of the original story.
Aggie is getting spayed and both she and her owner go through various emotions from the time they drop her off at the vet until her stitches are removed weeks later. There are so many funny details in this book that ita€™s as much for the adults reading it to their children as it is for the kids. In this book the three little pigs escape the wolf by escaping the story itself and being blown right off the page. We also liked Journey by Aaron Becker which is a kind of Harold and the Purple Crayon- like fantasy picture book but with a girl heroine.
I loved this post and it inspired me to share the best multicultural books we read in 2013, so thank you! This is a fun chapter book that will interest almost any child as it has just the right amount of conflict, adventure, and excitement. Clyde turns into a mischievous monkey when he gets excited – which ends up being a big disaster when he’s in school.
Captain Awesome, comic-book and superhero fan, save the town from villains without revealing his secret identity?
Pants gets to borrow his mom’s videocamera and his movie making is quite the silliness. These combine mystery, history, magic, and adventure as siblings Jack and Annie adventure through time.
The text actually works quite well for a beginning reader because who needs proper sentence structure when you’re less evolved cave kids?
In fact, it’s his wild imagination that prompts him to tell his entire class that he’ll be not only getting a Komodo dragon, but that they can all see it. The dragon poops in their shoes, eats their pet bunny, and causes all kinds of destruction which all are the subjects of Edward’s letters to his nowhere-to-be-found uncle.
The hapless and greedy director sends off his students in order for them to kill the dragons and steal their gold for the director. She has three imaginary friends: one monster friend, one fairy godmother that’s actually not a lady, and one bad lady nemesis. She has some trouble with making things (herself) gigantic and other things (the birthday party kids) small. Hilarious, wacky, and totally enjoyable.

Kicked out of their castles, these princes turn from bumbling idiots into heroes and save their kingdoms with hilarity and adventure! Young and brave Creel wants nothing more than to own her own seamstress shop but in her pursuit of this dream, she encounters and befriends a few dragons which will change the course of her life. We recently listened to the series on audio book which was even more fun to hear it read in a British accent. Now that her mother has died, Trinket decides to take the map her father left behind and try to find him. Siblings Nick and Tesla are shipped off to live with their mad-scientist Uncle Newt for the summer while their parents are . Eventually, she accepts her destiny when she raises a goose she names Destiny and then must rescue Destiny from an malicious kidnapper.
His latest investigation is the unusual principal, an alien who is somehow brainwashing the whole school and the parents and turning them into chubby zombies. Plus, each book is filled with interesting facts about the ecosystem the the creatures who live there. Micah’s grandfather and Micah hope the Lightbender in the Circus Mirandus who owes the grandfather a miracle, will be able to help.
Ben and Pearl meet two dragons in this adventure, break a kazillion rules, and save a life. We follow along as she adjusts to living in the White House, having a bodyguard, and experiences being the First Daughter. In this first book, that comes out in July 2016, Carlos and Benny notice strange behaviors from their favorite teacher.
It’s a fun historical fiction adventure (and mystery) set in ancient Rome about a young boy named Lucius whose father is accused of a crime. When shipwrecked, the siblings were each rescued — one by pirates and one by vampirates.
Soon they are busy discovering the summertime magic of Arundel’s sprawling gardens, treasure-filled attic, tame rabbits, and the cook who makes the best gingerbread in Massachusetts.
Wear poodle skirts and head to a school dance (they were called sock hops back then!), enter a contest, or take a trip in a streamlined silver camper that looks like a rocket ship. The polar regions include both the Arctic and Antarctica. If you are looking for books about Arctic animals to read with your kids, I invite you to check out my reviews below. Each spread includes lots of factual details about a particular aspect of the Arctic with specific focus on Arctic ecology. The book begins by defining what the two polar regions are, and then describes their climates. She has compiled a great deal of interesting facts about the Arctic’s most well known animal into a wonderful book that will delight elementary age children. But it is nice to learn about other Arctic inhabitants as well, many of whom have very interesting characteristics. Thus, this book is more likely to appeal to elementary age students rather than preschoolers.
This book covers information about where walruses live, what they look like, what they eat, their migration patterns, their preference for living in groups, and their endangered status. Further, through this story, young readers will learn a great deal about polar bear eating habits as well as threats to the polar bear from other Arctic animals. The cub is trapped with other polar bears on an island of land, and food options are scarce. The book follows a fish, beluga whale, narwhal, seal, walrus, and polar bear as they swim and frolic in the cold Arctic waters. The old woman had no family to care for her, and often found it difficult to gather enough food to feed herself.
She ventures out to see what there is to see, and soon she sees a snowy something tumbling down a little snow hill. I went to pick up my daughter from school and noticed that the teacher was frantically chasing down kids to give them really cute cards of congratulations.
I’m awful at keeping up with the reading log from school, we read every single day but I usually forget to write it down. I’ve felt that horrible sense of mom-failure you mentioned here too, and, oh it hurts!
However, if you want a calendar designed specifically for OpenOffice.org, use the link to the right. You can also use these calendar images as clipart in brochures, documents, and printed calendars. So excited in fact that he cana€™t wait for M to be called and ends up crashing a bunch of other letters. My daughter loved it and while the lesson about creating inclusive environments went over her head the lesson about being true to yourself and doing something that has never been done before didna€™t.
I would read it to kids 5 and older although younger children will like just following the narrative. It never gets boring to read because ita€™s such a calm gentle story about a little girl eager for her special trip with her mom to the library. My daughter absolutely adored this book because it has two of her favorite things an Elephant ( at least she thought Ganesha was one ) and candy! Ita€™s a great book to read when you need to calm fears before a hospital stay.A  Ia€™m not the only fan of this book in our house in fact ita€™s one of my three year old daughtera€™s favorite books right now. We were picking favorite robots in the first few pages and loving the book more and more as we read it.
Not only is this just a really great book to teach kids about what happens to their pets when they go into to be payed or neutered ita€™s also a wonderful book about worry and what it means to be brave. The humor is mostly dry but plentiful and the story itself is engaging as all Willems stories are. They test out other pages and pick up a dragon and cat ( complete with fiddle) but ultimately want to return home.
And, he’s right in the middle of everything especially after he finds an old notebook of drawings and facts about monsters. Finally Edward hears from his uncle who suggests feeding the dragon chocolate. Will Edward’s mom lose her mind? When Posey’s teacher, Miss Lee, says to stop and that Posey was bullying Henry, Posey feels very mad. But when his sea-faring family of pirates is captured, Shivers is their only hope for rescue. Adventure, battles, and bugs make this a fun first read in a new early chapter book series. In this beautifully written, soulful novel, Esperanza learns to thrive no matter what her circumstances. You’ll love finding all the different endings to the story — which will you pick? After having lost their home and living in their van for 3 months, the family is now about to lose their apartment. Wyatt’s crush, Suzanna, helps the friends make a plan, and as you can imagine, disaster and hilarity strike.
Gabby’s brother is hospitalized indefinitely and her mom is totally focused on her brother. But when Marilla hears about a slave master buried standing up to better control his slaves, she’s infuriated. You’ll need to know that Dwight can make origami Star Wars characters who have powers to give advice.
Savanna Showdown ends the reality adventure race with Team Red winning on the last leg in Africa. With a missive to the Lightbender, Micah soon discovers the magical circus his grandfather once loved so much. When the family loses everything, the oldest brother decides to be a gladiator — which is equivalent to slave status and quite frankly, a good way to die young. Each becomes attached to their new ship and crew which will eventually pit the twins against each other in a bloody war of the high seas.
But the best discovery of all is Jeffrey Tifton, son of Arundel’s owner, who quickly proves to be the perfect companion for their adventures. Basically the world is in danger of running out of fossil fuels, and to save it, a group of the smartest and most skilled 12-year old kids must travel through space in order to get the materials that will save Earth. Basically there are really still Greek gods and sometimes they have kids with humans and those kids are half-bloods with unique powers.
Note that some of the books reviewed below provide information about polar animals from both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, while others focus just on Arctic animals. Readers will learn about life at the floe edge where landfast ice meets the ocean, survival on the sheer cliffs of the Arctic island coasts, and seasonal changes to the arctic landscape, among many other interesting facts. It starts by describing the two polar lands and then goes on to describe many of the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It describes how polar animals have special adaptations to survive in the cold and harsh environments. After turning the page, children learn that she is a harp seal pup and they see the difference between her white fur and her mommy’s brown fur. I particularly liked the page on polar bear characteristics, where we learned that polar bears don’t have eye lashes because they would just collect ice. This book discusses Arctic foxes from the perspective of Maarten Loonen, a biologist who travels frequently to the Arctic region.
This book contains lots of factual information and is more likely to be enjoyed by elementary age children than preschool age children.
The polar bears’ only hope of escape lies in a patchwork quilt of ice they hope will return as the weather turns colder. Elementary age Inuit children attend classes in the Inuktitut language, but high school classes are usually taught in English. The little cub insists that there are many things he can’t do well, and its mother offers reassurance that she will stay with her cub and teach her cub everything it will need to know. He decides to make a snow mother to keep him company while he waits for his real mother to return. We also have some yearly 2016 calendar images that you can use in documents or on your website (with attribution).
These images are copyrighted, but you may use them if you include a reference link back to this page, like the example below. Everybody is having some sort of rice dish even though they are all from different countries. The story is about a dinosaur who wants to be a ballerina and while a studio initially allows her to dance ita€™s clear that she is just too big. There is a ton of info in this book and it would be a wonderful tool to talk about how history books dona€™t always tell the whole story. Ganesha breaks his trunk on a jawbreaker in this story and while having a bit of a tantrum is asked to use his broken tusk to scribe an amazing epic a€¦ he agrees as long as he can eat candy while he does it.

The story is a familiar one but with the substitution of robots instead of humans basic snow day things get more interesting. The love between the little boy and his dog jumps off the pages and I got chocked up when the little boy cried on the drive home after dropping the dog off for surgery.
If you arena€™t familiar with this author you need to grab this and a handful of his other titles from the library asap. Together they face and beat the wolf and settle into the brick home of the third pig together with the dragon and cat.
Then, he sees his new neighbor’s house being burglarized and finds the robbers, saving the day. But he didn’t do it either so he partners with the cheerful 4th Little Pig, Ferkel, (who knew!?) to find the real culprit. Luckily he meets the daring and adventurous Margo who gets them off of dry land, teaches Shivers about sword fighting, and helps him find and rescue his parents. The books always are about a young boy trying to survive the historically important, life-changing event.
Each place on the map gives Trinket a new story to tell and she imagines she could learn to be a storyteller like her father.
I totally loved this book and know your kids (especially those who like humor) will as well.
This sounds weird but it’s actually a great story of perseverance, friendship, and old-fashioned investigative journalism. The story follows the kids competing for a place on the team, and their travel to the first planet for the first thing they need — a tooth from an enormous dinosaur. Unfortunately for these kids, monsters are out to kill them and they are the only ones who can save the world from war between the gods and in a later book, between the Titans and the gods. At the same time, grey whales in Mexico begin an eight week swim north to the Arctic waters. The book then explains how global climate change is causing the ice in the polar regions to melt, which is endangering the polar animals. The book features a wide range of polar animals, including a harp seal, wolf, albatross, caribou, penguin, walrus, and polar bear. Arctic foxes are white in the winter and brown in the summer in order to look more like their environment in each season. Using real photos of the Arctic fox, this book discusses how their fur changes throughout the seasons, how they eat, their family life, and threats to the Arctic fox.
Inuit children take classes in the same basic subjects as other kids such as math, science, and geography. Believing him to be orphaned, the old woman brought the cub home, fed him from the little food she had, and named him Kunikdjuaq. The simple, blue and white illustrations that accompany the text underscore the beautifully simple nature of the story and the uncomplicated love a mother has for her child. Before we knew it, the cards were all handed out and Noelle hadn’t received anything. Moosea€™s reaction will turn your kids giggles into chuckles and all the while they will be working on letter recognition.
My 6 year old really enjoyed this book and understood the message well , my 3 year old sat through it no problem too. The story doesna€™t end there and with some help from friends who support her dream they find a way to include everyone. The story is cute but the illustrations by Sanjay Patel completely suck kids in, ita€™s no shock that his day job is as an animator for Pixar. I love this humorous fairy-tale mash-up and can’t wait for more adventures in this series. Can MO and Jo run faster than the skunk?” is the narrative text while the dialogue bubbles on the same page are “Uh-oh! Appealing colorful illustrations accompany this fabulous simple early chapter book making it another book I highly recommend.
Until her neighbor boys make fun of Posey’s little brother and suddenly Posey realizes the truth.
In this story, Roscoe wants to help his teacher with his unruly classmates during their school performance. Amazing adventures ensue but when Trinket learns the fate of her father in the seventh story, she must make a very hard decision.
Throughout the book, certain words likely to be new vocabulary terms are italicized and definitions for them are included in a glossary at the back. For example the wolf is one of the few mammals that live in the Arctic year-round, and the only mammals that live in Antarctica are whales and seals. This book covers a wide range of polar bear facts, from where they live, what they eat, how they catch their prey, and how mother polar bears care for their young. I like that this book uses real photos of Arctic foxes on each page to give kids a realistic picture of this Arctic animal. For parents and teachers, there are additional facts about each animal included at the back of the book along with additional information about the Arctic Tundra region.
All the while, an Arctic fox follows the polar bear in order to feast on any leftovers from a successful hunt. But they also learn traditional Arctic skills such as how to build an igloo and other survival skills. As the polar bear grew, he became a very able hunter, and was able to catch enough fish to feed himself and the old woman. As he works, various Arctic animals come to help him, including a musk ox, a snow goose, a moose, a fox, a wolf, and a hare. There are so many future lessons about geography, nutrition, and travel packed in this one little book! The perspective and imagination in this book is stunning and well worth many many readings.
Fate is about to change all these bears lives forever, setting their paws on a path toward a future they cannot yet imagine .
Readers will also learn about steps being taken to protect the animals of the polar regions. Don’t be surprised if they want to read it again and again until they can guess all the animals correctly! Polar bear fans will be delighted with all they can learn about polar bears in this comprehensive book.
When summer arrives, polar bear enjoys going into the sea but it becomes a dangerous place for him.
The book also covers lots more information on Inuit life, including food eaten, transportation methods, and Inuit beliefs. The dense information presented makes this book most appropriate for mid-elementary age students. When I inquired about the cards it turned out that they were given to the kids who had read 100 books at home.
Walruses in Alaska make their way up the coast to feast on the shellfish lining the Arctic Ocean’s floor. The polar bear is at risk from orcas and bull walruses, both of which will eat polar bears. Without a mother to teach her, the orphaned cub miraculously manages to learn how to hunt using the ice floes as resting places.
But over time, her neighbors became jealous of the polar bear’s hunting skills, and they decided they would kill him.
When the other animals go back to their mothers, the little polar bear cub snuggles up next to his snow bear for the night. The large amount of factual information contained in this book makes it most likely to be enjoyed by elementary age kids rather than preschoolers. And just as the snow bear has finished melting the next morning, his real mother reappears. But once the days begin to shorten and the temperatures begin to drop in the fall, many will begin a return journey south for the winter.
So she went to Kunikdjuaq and told him to run far away where the villagers could not harm him. Readers will briefly meet other Arctic animals, but the focus of the story is on the budding friendship between the two bear cubs. Noelle managed to hold back the tears but I knew she was quite upset, especially seeing all the other kids excitedly comparing their cards.
But every once in a while, the old woman would wake up early and walk far out onto the ice.
There, where no one else could see, she would call his name, and her polar bear son would come running to greet her in a warm embrace. I made this certificate generic in the hopes that others may find it useful if they ever have a slip up and need to pander to their child. Now you can simply print out this certificate and show your child how proud you are of them. Here you will find simple DIY ideas, clever recipes, travel tips and our adventure renovating an 1880 farmhouse. In the future I plan to read the book Wearing Ideology, which looks at the subject very in-depthly.
My good friend Maki told me a story about her time wearing a sailor uniform in a private all girls high school. She said that in the summer her and her classmates would get hot in their uniform and would just take them off and run around school in their underwear. Now, you may think I am making this up from watching to much anime, but I swear it is the truth! I even heard that some school in Japan and Korean deliberately hire a famous fashion designer to design their uniform.In my country, school uniform is just plain boring.
School with cute and trendy uniforms attract more students than schools with more traditional styles. The styles do look nice for both guys and gals.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
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Japanese Honorifics Dating and Marriage in Japan Anime's Visual Language Gender Roles of Women in Modern Japan Am I a Weeaboo?

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