Doubting Thomas is the story of a twelve year old boy known for telling tall tales who overhears a plot to kidnap the President's daughter. Check out these 10 incredibly thoughtful small teen room decor ideas for some decorating ideas. Check out the Associated Press’ feature on Michael and his own writeup on YouTube for more on his collection. I have never made it a secret that I am a huge fan of the Korean cosplaying group known as Spiral Cats.
At the recent Blizzard event, the Heroes of the Storm Spring Championship, Tasha appeared on stage in full cosplay of the character Tracer from Blizzard’s upcoming game Overwatch. Tasha’s cosplay of Tracer is the kind of work that I feel is representative of why cosplaying is truly an art form.
Created in a lab in Tijuana, Mexico, or cloned in a test tube in Torrance, CA, depending on which story you think is a better origin story, Richard is, if such a thing exist, a second generation nerd. When he goes public with his story, no one believes him, and he is forced to save her on his own. Video game historian Michael Thomasson has to play two full games each day for the next 15 years if he hopes to get through all of his.

As of November 28, when he uploaded the video below, Michael already had almost 12,000 different games. I am actually a pretty vocal fan of theirs, reposting pictures of the group’s member (Tasha, Doremi, and Hori as well as former members Ren, Tomia, and Miyuko) on my Instagram page when I get the chance. I really believe this is the greatest single cosplay creation that Tasha has ever modeled and it looks absolutely perfect.
I must admit that when I first saw the pictures of Tasha cosplaying as Tracer, my mind simply dropped.
Every cosplay creation I have seen in my life is an individual work of art, worthy of respect and admiration in their own rights – but you have to give credit to a masterpiece when you see it, and Tasha and her team have definitely created a masterpiece with this costume. The son of a man who loved sci-fi, comic books and horror, and a woman who loved making costumes, reading sci-fi novels and watching cartoons, Richard was exposed to all this and more since a very young age.
So if you are going to decorate your small room you have to plan ahead and redecorate accordingly.
That was back in September, when the Guinness World Book of Records recognized that the New Yorker had the world’s largest collection of video games at 10,607 distinct games. He also owns more than a hundred game consoles, systems and whatever you call the Virtual Boy is.

And there is a good reason behind my fanatical appreciation of the group: simply put, they are, in my opinion, the best cosplayers on the scene today.
The thing is, he would probably have more games, but he sold his previous major collection to pay for his wedding. Their amazing attention to detail, the way they go about bringing their cosplay creations to life and as close to character as they can, and the amazing photosets that they produce and release… it is easy to see why they are help in such regard within the cosplay community as they are just by looking at their body of work over the years.
I actually thought at first that I was looking at a high-res photo that Blizzard had released instead of Tasha in cosplay. There is no other word that I can use to describe how amazing the level of detail and dedication to the character Tasha went through to bring the character to life. I’ve been a fan of cosplaying for more than 20 years now, but very few times in that span have I been as impressed with a creation as I am with Tasha’s representation of Tracer.

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