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Intelligent Business (Longman in partnership with The Economist)I am a fan of the Intelligent Business series.
Market Leader (Pearson, 3rd Edition)I’ve used the intermediate and upper-intermediate books from this series. The book has authentic texts on business English topics such as advertising, investments, training, etc.
International Express (Oxford, 3rd Edition)This is not as business-focused as the above two series. While this is not my recommendation for business English, if you have a group of students divided in what they want to study (i.e. The International Express may I know your insights for this book because I’m looking for a book that best describe about International Business Culture. Thank you for this article.I was interested in Intelligent business, but at my local bookshop, which is specialised in Languages, I was told that it is a bit old now and nobody buys it anymore. Do you think it still can compete with more recent editions of International Express, In Company 3.0 or Business Result?
I met Susan at the Pacific Northwest Children’s Writers Workshop in Portland a few years back and marveled at her prolific career.
We started studying the masters last year in our homeschool and have LOVE Pigcasso and Mootise! Paris in the Spring with Picasso by Joan Yolleck and Marjorie Priceman was interesting because TIME magazine did a feature about Gertude Stein this summer and she is included in this story. Thank you for posting your list of books- I am missing some of those and I try to budget to buy a few books each year.

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It was also chosen as the recommended series for teaching Business English at the conversational school I teach for here, in Prague. Similar to Intelligent Business, Market Leader was created in partnership with the Financial Times. Its units each focus on a career skill, such as negotiation, presentations, raising finance, and outsourcing. I should note that compared to the above two books, I found the grammar difficulty level slightly easier. Those two are superb with splendid results, it shape up the mind of the student particularly on how to be critical in their point of views. Kim is a Kindergarten teacher who wants to use books to introduce famous artists to her class. The story is told through the perspective of Klimt’s cat and is paired with the most beautifully illustrated pages.
I’ve enjoyed looking through my library of art books and feel inspired to start a new blog feature for book reviews.
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They are very business focused and every unit contains an up-to-date article from The Economist, which gives it the feel of a business magazine or newspaper.

I wish I had a list to give Kim and all the other art teachers who have asked me over the years, but I don’t. This art inspired me to create this collage lesson for my 6th graders and to this day, it remains a favorite of mine today. The text can be a bit dense for really young grades (although really quite whimsical) but the illustrations are perfect for every grade level. It’s funny, provides hints of the personality quirks of the main stars and offers up fantastic, reproducible artwork. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. As with any textbook, you, the teacher, need to preread and determine how to use each chapter effectively. HerĀ board book, Matisse: Dance for Joy is perfect for the younger set and probably the best Matisse book for Kinders. The text can be long, but if you hit the right grade level (3rd or 4th) then I think you’d have a captive audience.
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The story is also perfect–not overly text-heavy, which would take a while to read in art class, and not too juvenile either.

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