Benjamin, being a chill guy who likes to help his fellow vampires, accompanies them back to Forks, where he meets Renesmee and does one of his cool nature tricks for her to prove that he's a friend. Most PopularLater, he has a bonfire with some other vampires and Jacob, and by "has a bonfire" I mean he starts the bonfire with his fingers, because he can influence the elements, remember? Near the end of the movie, Benjamin also gets to participate in the climactic battle scene where the Cullens and friends face off against the Volturi. Then he uses his nature powers to make a giant crack in the ice, which sucks in a bunch of Volturi and gives Team Cullen a slight advantage over their red-eyed nemeses.

Robot premieres on USA, now seems like as good a time as any to revisit everyone's favorite teen vampire series.
As Edward explains later, Benjamin's special vampire power is influencing the elements, which seems a lot cooler than Jasper's dumb "making people calm with his mind" thing, but that's just one woman's opinion. Well, pretty much nothing except reclusiveness, unless you consider Benjamin's dependence on human blood an addiction on par with Elliot's dependence on morphine.
Specifically the parts featuring Rami Malek, who before he was tortured coding whiz Elliot Alderson was Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire who comes to the Cullens' aid in 2012's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Recall that Bella, after giving birth to a half-human half-vampire named Renesmee, must prove to the Volturi (the vampire government) that her daughter is actually chill and not a danger to others.
The Cullens decide the best way to do this is by summoning all their foreign vampire friends to Forks, where everyone may observe that Renesmee is as normal as a half-human half-vampire child can be, then serve as witnesses to Aro.

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