Seven teens find themselves trapped inside a rural high school during a terrible blizzard and not all will survive in Michael Northrop’s Trapped (2011). Tessa’s list contains 10 items that she wants to do before she dies in Before I Die by Jenny Downham (2007). A teen plans to a€?disappeara€? and be found after 11 days in a scheme to make her college admission chances better in Eireann Corrigan’s Accomplice (2010). Twelve energy dragons named for animals  from the Chinese zodiac exist in Eon (2008) by Alison Goodman. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Joyce Henderson and Heather Tomasello co-wrote this 128 page science fair project resource, packed with strategies and tips for choosing a project, using the scientific method, preparing a poster and presentation, dealing with nervousness and judges, and more! Teacher Donalyn Miller earned the nickname The Book Whisperer" because of her almost mystical success getting kids to read -- a lot.
A teacher-consultant with the North Star of Texas Writing Project, Miller also recently spent three weeks as Teacher Magazine's "Ask the Mentor" columnist, answering questions about how she motivates students to read.
Education World: What strategies do you recommend to improve the reading skills of students in upper-elementary grades? Donalyn Miller: No matter what reading skills developing readers still need to learn by the upper-elementary grades, children need to spend substantial amounts of time actually reading in addition to skills-based instruction. EW: What approaches would you suggest for primary-grade teachers to use to help students enjoy reading rather than view it as a chore? Time: Children need independent reading time during the school day, as well as encouragement to read at home.

Choices: Children need the opportunity to choose their own books to read and support and guidance in book selection. Access to books: Children need access to a wide range of reading material matched to their interests and reading ability. EW: The process of learning to read has been pushed down to kindergarten in many districts.
Miller: I am not an expert in emerging literacy, but I know that learning to read is a developmental process. Miller: Children do not realize that the same story arcs they love in television programs, movies, and video games exist in books. What Really Matters for Struggling Readers: Designing Research-Based Programs by Richard Allington. Two new books showed me the necessity for reform in reading instruction and the need to consider our students lifelong reading habits as well as academic skills. I've tried to note the grade level of the resources and whether they are intended to be used by the students or as reference materials for teachers, parents, and librarians. This CD has more information that you would find in any traditional book, with sophisticated projects and a search engine to help you find them. The book features two-color drawings, step-by-step instructions, science tricks, and a dash of humor.
This book presents project ideas as well as a wealth of information about project presentation and judging.
Allowing children to choose books, and providing reading role models and time to read are among her strategies.

Without applying what they learn within the context of real reading events, it is doubtful that students who still struggle with learning to read well will develop reading proficiency. Requiring children to learn to read at younger ages does not change the natural course of child development.
Too often, the books we read and share with students in school are books that dont speak to boys.
Schools do a good job of teaching children how to read, but provide little motivation for students to read outside of school. Unlike many science fair project books, this is one for the students to read, rather than for reference material for teachers and librarians.
Although not as visually stunning as some other science project books, this one is appealing in that it offers short, easy-to-do projects that are arranged by topic. This is more of a reference book for teachers and libraries than a book students will sit down with to read for themselves. Evidence from many research studies proves that students who spend the most time reading become the strongest readers, while children who dont read much fall further behind each year. I wonder how many young children are labeled as struggling or poor readers simply because they were forced to read before they were developmentally ready. This isn't a book about science fair projects, but the heart of a good project is an interesting experiment.

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