In the times of castles and kingdoms, Drake learns he is a dragon master (and that dragons are real!) He must train with the other kids to master his dragon, an earth dragon. Gordon, a superhero chicken, and his little brother Benny must rescue an opera singer from the evil Dr. Kudos to Dav Pilkey and Dan Santat for creating such an action-packed, engaging new series for young readers.
You can’t help but love Boris, a wildly imaginative boy who really wants a pet Komodo dragon.
Posey gets annoyed about those crazy first grade boys and makes up a mean song about Henry. This is a funny beginning chapter book about a boy who is convinced (rightly so?!) that his rescue dog is a crime-solving, vampire, genius!
This is a delightfully funny 20-book series about a boy named Wiglaf who attends a fairly terrible school for dragon slayers, has a pet pig who speaks pig latin (HA) and is friends with Eric, who is Erica, a princess longing for adventure.
A hilarious new book in one of my favorite graphic novel book series about Mal, a young inventor, and his best sidekick, his dog, Chad. Friends and kid detectives, Jerry and Maya, go undercover in a jewelry store to figure out which of the three employees is stealing diamonds from the owner. This is the first book in the series of the innocent but funny misadventures of Roscoe Riley.
There are many books on this list I hadn’t heard of before, so I’m excited to introduce them to my kids! One of the items you might want to include in your emergency kit or bug out bag is a good book on survival medicine. This one has a nearly 5 star review on Amazon, and it is great because it looks at every situation as if no doctor or hospital is available to you. This book will help you to recognize different conditions, know how to treat them ,and what you can do to prevent complications. This is a wonderful e-book resource if you want to know the natural plant cure or treatment for dozens of medical issues. I love this book because it shows that you can build a quality medical emergency kit without having to spend a fortune. July 30, 2014 by Kelli Hays 13 Comments I wrote a post here detailing the books that I love for our kids at their age now, and today I want to share some series that I loved as an older kid. The stories of the Ingalls family have captivated readers for many decades- and this reader was no exception!
If there has been a character I wanted to be in a book, it was one of the kids in the Boxcar children. Filed Under: 31 days, all things children, book review, books, eat pray {read} love, read About Kelli HaysKelli Hays is a wife, mother, writer, and friend.
So I just finished the first boxcar book with my boys, and we’re working on our second! Anyway, my boys and I are just breaking into the world of chapter books, and I am loving it. With so much anticipation and build-up for the VERY LAST book in a series, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver. When everything comes together like you thought or even better than you thought, it’s a happy, happy day. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I know this book is a no-brainer, but it really is so EPIC.
Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore- This book hit some harder topics that the previous books, but it dealt with the fallout and consequences of its characters.
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – I loved this series overall, but man, Mockingjay is a rough, rough book. Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini – After getting psyched out by Paolini with his surprise 4th book, my interest faded. The Mortal Engines series by Phillip Reeve (known as The Hungry City chronicles in the US) was by far the best ending to a best series EVER. I have had Inheritance sitting on my bookshelf for about 6 months now and I still haven’t gotten to it! I just finished The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare and its ending was just beautiful and unlike any other ending I’ve ever read.
I read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr in one month’s time and wanted to finish the series.
Ravinder Singh, best selling author of books like I Too Had A Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice?
Love means not ever having to say you're sorry: Erich Segal This book from Segal is a must read. Erich Segal is a very good storyteller and you can see that in Oliver's Story, the sequel to the novel Love Story by Erich Segal.
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is an unforgettable account of a young, first love and the choices and steps a person will take to provide another with happiness.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a heart rendering story about the enduring power of love, a story of miracles that will stay with you forever.
The book At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks is character-driven, with characters that come to life and touch your soul. Written by Sylvia Day, Bared To You is a new book and this is an erotic romance that should not be missed. This set of twelve books includes a different letter sound concept for each twelve-page book.
A favorite book in our home, each page tells a creative story for each letter, using words that begin with that letter sound.
A set of ten books that teach the short and long vowel sounds, these books will keep your child engaged while learning with their favorite super heroes! The classic Busytown characters are traveling around town with adventures that lead from A to Z. Use the categories below to search through more than 200 standout titles selected by NPR staff and critics.
This is a fun chapter book that will interest almost any child as it has just the right amount of conflict, adventure, and excitement. Clyde turns into a mischievous monkey when he gets excited – which ends up being a big disaster when he’s in school. Captain Awesome, comic-book and superhero fan, save the town from villains without revealing his secret identity? Pants gets to borrow his mom’s videocamera and his movie making is quite the silliness.
These combine mystery, history, magic, and adventure as siblings Jack and Annie adventure through time.
The text actually works quite well for a beginning reader because who needs proper sentence structure when you’re less evolved cave kids? In fact, it’s his wild imagination that prompts him to tell his entire class that he’ll be not only getting a Komodo dragon, but that they can all see it.
The dragon poops in their shoes, eats their pet bunny, and causes all kinds of destruction which all are the subjects of Edward’s letters to his nowhere-to-be-found uncle. The hapless and greedy director sends off his students in order for them to kill the dragons and steal their gold for the director. She has three imaginary friends: one monster friend, one fairy godmother that’s actually not a lady, and one bad lady nemesis. She has some trouble with making things (herself) gigantic and other things (the birthday party kids) small. Hilarious, wacky, and totally enjoyable. These will include basic first aid tips, using natural treatments for many injuries and aliments, and extreme survival medicine tips. For centuries, people have used plants to cure all sorts of things, and if you find yourself in the wilderness, this book just might save your life, or that of a loved one. It is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can help.
It shows you how to use items from around the house for emergency survival and medical care, including how to assemble a complete emergency kit of new gear for less than $10. I was (and still am) a voracious reader- my mom would have to make me put down a book and go outside to play!
I finally finished all of them last summer- up until then I thought there were only three or four. Looking back, that is a bit insane, seeing as they have no parents and you know, live alone, but at the time it seemed so adventurous! They are about a young girl who loses her father and finds herself in the middle of many mysteries. I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to do so- so thank you!
My ten year old (who is dyslexic and really struggles with reading) loves them and will even read them multiple times. How is the author going to wrap up all the drama AND somehow top off their already high-adventure series?? You finally know who was behind all those nefarious deeds and, hopefully, you have confidence in whatever situation your fave characters are in when the book ends. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby. Even though it was heartbreaking, frustrating and cruel at times, overall it was the most perfect ending the the series. I also never finished the Fallen series by Lauren Kate–the entire series was pretty awful, and after the third book made me want to scream I never ended up reading the final book. The books tell shorter versions of the Berenstain Bears stories while focusing on phonics skills. Jugglers juggling jars of jam and Curly crashing into a cake are just some of the antics your child will enjoy.

And, he’s right in the middle of everything especially after he finds an old notebook of drawings and facts about monsters. Finally Edward hears from his uncle who suggests feeding the dragon chocolate. Will Edward’s mom lose her mind? When Posey’s teacher, Miss Lee, says to stop and that Posey was bullying Henry, Posey feels very mad.
But when his sea-faring family of pirates is captured, Shivers is their only hope for rescue.
Adventure, battles, and bugs make this a fun first read in a new early chapter book series. Survival medical books are an incredible resource to have in a disaster, so definitely consider purchasing at least one of two to include in your preps. It’s a big book, at nearly 600 pages and 2 pounds in weight, but would make a great addition to your emergency kit. This is a no holds barred field guide to having to perform surgical skills when in survival mode.
However, you may want to consider getting a print version as well to keep in your bug out bag if your phone battery dies. Unfortunately I only have a girls’ point of view, so in my opinion these are the best books for girls ages 8-11. The series starts with Anne as a 12 year old orphan who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. At roughly 300 pages a book, that’s 900 pages and hours of hours of time spent reading.
An ending where I don’t know what happens next and the characters STILL haven’t sorted out their feelings for each other? Read on It is refreshing to talk about love -- it's a mood enhancer and specially if it takes the form of the written word I came across an interesting quote that stated, "The first time you fall in love it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feelin' never goes away. Some books focus on beginning letter sounds, and others focus on short and long vowel sounds.
Anticipation grows throughout the story as each letter contributes to building a final project at the site.
Seuss fashion with whimsical illustrations, you will enjoy pages such as ten tired turtles in a tuttle-tuttle tree and a lazy lion licking a lollipop. It’s great for teaching beginning sounds as the B is in the bath, the L is in a pile of leaves, and the S is in a sandbox. Then, he sees his new neighbor’s house being burglarized and finds the robbers, saving the day.
But he didn’t do it either so he partners with the cheerful 4th Little Pig, Ferkel, (who knew!?) to find the real culprit. Luckily he meets the daring and adventurous Margo who gets them off of dry land, teaches Shivers about sword fighting, and helps him find and rescue his parents. This is a great basic first aid book and has many step-by-step instructions on how to deal with things like hypothermia or dehydration, and many other medical events. If you or someone you know loves using essential oils, this book would make a great gift!!! My daughter also can’t put this series down, though beware the latter books do get dark and scary for younger kids. Although it was an unusual move, it was really interesting to see an author go someplace different and unusual. I love this humorous fairy-tale mash-up and can’t wait for more adventures in this series. Can MO and Jo run faster than the skunk?” is the narrative text while the dialogue bubbles on the same page are “Uh-oh! Appealing colorful illustrations accompany this fabulous simple early chapter book making it another book I highly recommend. Until her neighbor boys make fun of Posey’s little brother and suddenly Posey realizes the truth. In this story, Roscoe wants to help his teacher with his unruly classmates during their school performance. Also, I would love if you would share books in the comments that your older boys have enjoyed! Character development is wonderful, and even if you’re an adult and haven’t read them, I bet you would love them! There aren’t the promiscuous elements that are in so many of the books today geared towards young girls. A strange emotional bond that haunts, startles and waylays, not just Oliver Barret IV, but every single reader who steps into his shoes.

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