Since the publication of the enormously successful first book, the Integrity Selling® training program has been adopted by hundreds of companies globally, such as Johnson & Johnson, Principal Financial Group, American Red Cross and the New York Times. The updated book will explain how the Integrity Solutions selling system relates to today’s business climate — when the need for integrity is greater than ever before. Enter to win a place in the updated Integrity Selling for the 21st Century book and a free trip to Nashville or Scottsdale. Our selling system would be nothing but a dusty book if it weren’t for the incredible changes individuals and companies have seen in their lives and businesses.  We are looking for your story to help us tell our story. We have heard a wide spectrum of stories – outstanding sales results, greater customer loyalty and even improved marriages.  The process has helped individuals become stellar salespeople in their field and establish more trusting, productive relationships.
The first Integrity Selling book, originally published in 1991 and updated in 2003, is considered a classic in sales training. The new book, to be published by Doubleday in 2014, will include the original principles told through the stories of today’s enthusiastic users plus new material we’ve learned over the past ten years.
This training makes you a better sales person for sure….more importantly, it really makes you a better person who just happens to work in sales!! The single most important benefit I gained from this program is learning and understanding the four different behavior styles.

Knowing about the different behavior styles has made me a better listener, which has created better service that I can provide my member. The second update was that Bolt Threads has just inked a deal with Patagonia to begin developing and designing products with these unique and ethical materials. Click through the slide show above to see images of Bolt Threads' innovative materials and intricate labs, which are located in Emeryville, California.
It made me realize that certain individuals I have communicated with in the past we not being mean or short, they were just communicating in the way they know how to. I truly thought I was listening to my members berfore the program, but now I tend to listen for a longer period of time during my interaction with my member.
The startup works to manufacture bio-fabricated silks, which are modeled after the material traditionally made by silkworms, and will begin creating an ethical yarn-like fiber in the coming months. You can also watch Dan Widmaier's and Andras Forgacs' full conversation from TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 below.
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It has also taught me that listening for what behavior style the member is, creates lasting impressions and are rarely off on the wrong foot.

Now, I listen for details about other services I could provide to them that woudl fullfill a need they didn’t even know they had.
I will constantly learn new ways to change my behavior style to match the behavior style of the member I am interacting with. Therefore, she opened a checking account, refinanced her auto loan, refinanced her boat loan, opened a Visa and a line of credit. McGee opened a savings and checking account, started direct deposit, refinanced his auto, opened a Visa and line of credit.
I opened her a checking account, she started direct deposit, financed an auto loan, a personal loan, opened a visa and a line of credit. After the close, I didn’t even have to ask her is she knew anyone that would benefit from our services. Her brother called me, I opened him a savings and checking account, financed an auto loan, a personal loan, opened a Visa and line of credit.

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