For centuries, harvesting rain water has been an essential common practice for everyday life. Born in Australia and raised in Belfast, Irish painter, illustrator and child’s book maker Oliver Jeffers currently works and resides in Brooklyn, New York. Poteva avere conseguenze ben piu gravi l’incidente avvenuto stamattina intorno alle 7.30 in via Laconi a Oristano, dove un autocarro ha sfondato il muro di recinzione di una casa, all’angolo con via Ozieri. Dai rilevanza al tuo sito, al tuo Blog, alla tua Pagina personale con, il primo aggregatore feed rss della Sardegna. Cliccando in un punto qualsiasi dello schermo, effettuando un’azione di scroll o chiudendo questo banner, presti il consenso all’uso di tutti i cookie.
Even today, cisterns and other rain harvesting systems are common in India, Australia, Europe, the Bahamas and countless third world countries.

Your rain water collection program can be as simple as one or more rain water cisterns, or rain water barrels connected to the downspouts of your home gutters. Solo tanta paura per gli inquilini dell’abitazione e per i vicini di casa, spaventati per il boato. L’uomo si e giustificato dicendo di aver avuto un malore, ma e stato denunciato dalla polizia locale. There are in fact many people around the world who still depend primarily on rain water as the water they need for daily living.
In addition to offering a practical solution when water supplies become limited or access becomes interrupted, rain water harvesting systems not only contain storm water runoff, but these systems can store water for irrigation, alternative or emergency use for flushing toilets, pressure washing, or washing clothes and cars. A complete program for rain water collection could include either above ground or below ground storage tanks.

While above ground tanks are easier to install, they can definitely be more expensive and less attractive. With a variety of filtration and processing systems to choose from, there are few limits to the plethora of ways a stored rain water reserve can be used to backup your regular normal water.
The near neutral PH of filtered and processed rain water makes it safe for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. Rainwater is free and so can reduce overhead for commercial enterprises, not to mention that using rain water recycles our natural resources.

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