Friendly to new readers and essential for any Tarot lover, this new collection features some of Tarot’s best one-shots, from the festive to the frightening. This limited signed edition of Tarot #95, 'The Krampus that Sold Hexmas,' features the elegant inks of Jim Balent's black & white ink version of Tarot and Raven with that crafty creature, The Krampus. Nintendo’s Pokemon Go has become a genuine mobile craze in the last week, despite only being available in a few countries.
The big difference with Pokemon Go, though, is that the world is the real world – the streets, fields and public landmarks of your village, town or city.

To play, you simply fire up the game and walk around until a buzz alerts you to a nearby Pokemon, at which point the screen switches to the camera view of wherever you are, with the Pokemon capering about on top of it (this is what ‘augmented reality’ technology is). There are a lot of adults already out catching virtual Pokemon, but the game is bound to appeal to kids too.
This edition will be bagged & boarded with an art print of Tarot and Krampus, for grown-ups only!
It’s a free app, although there are in-app purchases for its various virtual currencies.

The game has the same premise as all the past Pokemon games on Nintendo’s various DS devices: explore the world and collect hundreds of cartoon beasties (“Gotta catch ’em all,” as the slogan puts it) while training them up and battling other Pokemon. Read our feature for some of the issues you need to be aware of as parents if your children will be joining the PokeHordes.

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