We are attracted to what is visibly appealing and we gravitate toward colorful or bold designs. Before designing my cover, I searched the web for ideas, but no blog discussed the thought process behind the cover design. It helps to have other books in hand (or search online) that match your book’s genre and execute a cover that can compete with their quality. Once you think you’re finished with the design, save it and let it be for a few days. I liked the abstract cover because of the book’s genre of literary fiction, which is not commercial in style and it provokes the reader to think more.
My concern with designing the book was this: Because the book is a collection of short stories, how could I possibly design a cover that represents all of the stories?
As some of you know already, in addition to being an author, I’m also a photographer. Originally I wanted to hire a model to play the role of Adren Banner, who is the figure on the front cover. Unfortunately, after a few more weeks of searching, I never found a model who fit my original vision (I wanted a tall, lean man with black hair that fell down to his neck). I chose Banksville Road in the south hills and then Oakland (Pitt Campus) and downtown Pittsburgh. We went out on Banksville Road first before sunrise, and used a wirelessly-triggered flash to create the back-lit shot that we chose for the cover. These are all fine images by themselves, but because the sun had risen, we lost the dark and mysterious mood that I really wanted. But in the end, we came up on top with an image I thought was really killer and that could sell the book from a visual standpoint. With Matt, we worked out a verbal agreement that even though he was the one taking the shots, I would retain rights to all of the images.
You will get into some legal hot water down the road, especially if your book does really well. Having different books by different authors using the same cover shot can create market confusion.
I know that Amidst Traffic is the only book that will ever have this cover image because I personally executed it and designed it from start to finish. As mentioned above, my book cover was inspired by the movie poster of the movie El Mariachi (which is the low-budget prequel to Desperado & Once Upon a Time in Mexico).
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.

Oatman's story began when she was kidnapped aged 13 by a group of Yavapais Indians, along with her sister Mary Ann, 10.
Although tattoos first made an appearance in the woad etchings of Iron Age Britons, they didn't reappear in Western culture until the 19th century and the first recorded body art craze which originated in Victorian high society.
Captain America Shield is one of the tattoo ideas listed in the Comic Book Tattoos category. The Peninsula Beverly Hills' unique rooftop al fresco dining spot is a favourite with Beverly Hills residents as well as hotel guests.
The Rooftop Bar’s menu of signature juices and smoothies uses farm fresh ingredients, including exotic flavours such as organic wildflower honey, goji berries, yuzu and cold pressed wheatgrass. Executive Chef David Codney maintains a rooftop herb garden that he calls "The Farm" where he grows a variety of basil, lavender, chocolate mint, three types of thyme, chives, shiso, epazote, tomatillos, bell peppers, shishito peppers, jalapeños, ginger, eggplant, cucumber and strawberries. We love this poster, and don’t be surprised if this one turns up in our Best Posters list at the end of the month. When I was getting ready to publish Amidst Traffic, I set out to design the best cover I could possibly execute on my own. Take a careful look at not only the font used, but the size, spacing, layout and overall balance.
Then when you return to it, look over it again with fresh eyes and make minor adjustments that will enhance the final design. The title said Amidst Traffic, but the swirls of lights beneath were nothing like traffic lights.
Not unless you have a tremendous amount of time, budget and talent in execution, then maybe you can come up with a movie poster style cover that includes all of the characters. The image would encapsulate the title of the book, represent a scene from one of the stories, and convey the sense of mystery and discovery that the collection provokes.
Adren is a member of the Duct Tape People, an underground organization that watches over visionaries who see disastrous visions of the future.
That was the perfect camera for this project because I wanted commercial-quality images that could be blown up huge later on if needed, or even cropped off without losing essential resolution that would make the image useless. The sense of being in the midst of traffic is evident in all of these shots, but the feel I wanted to convey was gone.
It was hard directing someone else with the camera since I’m so used to being the one shooting and directing the model.
There’s dozens of sites out there that will allow individuals to buy photos and use them for specific commercial projects. You want people who see this cover shot to think of YOUR book, not the other book that happens to have the same hero on the front.

Apart from her brother Lorenzo who was clubbed and left for dead, the rest of her family were murdered by their attackers in what came to be known as the 'Oatman massacre'.The girls remained with their by Yavapais captors for a year, during which time they were treated as little more than slaves and endured repeated beatings. According to Bodies of Subversion, several women claimed to have been abducted and forcibly tattooed before being made to pose for paying punters visiting the period's popular travelling freak shows.Other tattoo tales chronicled in the book include the story of Maud Wagner, the first known woman tattooist, who in 1904 traded a date with her tattooist husband-to-be for an apprenticeship and the story of the first British female tattooist - one Justine Knight who opened her London business in 1921.
A–tzi the Iceman, dated to 3300 BC, has 57 different etchings including a cross and six straight lines. The Roof Garden serves up fresh Californian cuisine throughout the day, with many of the dishes marked with the 'Naturally Peninsula' designation, low in fat and cholesterol.
Choose your flavour from strawberry banana, seasonal berries or pomegranate raspberry, enriched with a high protein powder supplement. All of these ingredients are used in dishes both at the Roof Garden and throughout the hotel. I knew that unless the cover caught a person’s attention, there would be little chance that person would consider reading it. You want your final cover to have a flow that allows the viewer’s eyes to take everything in without being overwhelmed.
I loved it especially because it was abstract and it conveyed a sense of chaos that represented the scattered lives in the book.
It doesn’t matter who owns the camera equipment being used for the photos you take, the person who snaps the picture automatically becomes the owner of those shots. I went through a similar process designing my book cover, and it is nice to see I’m not the only one who took a while. On weekends in the summer, chefs barbecue fresh fish, chicken, steaks and the special Angus beef burger served with Maui sweet onion and Hook's two year aged white cheddar. Richard's first book, Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow is due out from Sequart in September 2016. Matt and I both know that, so agreed that he would defer the rights back to One Way Street Production but I would give him credit as the photographer in the copyright page of the book.
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Among the royal ink fans were Denmark's King Frederick IX, the King of Romania, Kaiser Wilhelm II, King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

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