The harmful rays of sun, enhance the amount of melanin in the skin, which causes darkening of skin tone.
Okay so being a Buddhist Priest probably helped but he really knew how to approach this stuff well. Where did I go wrong? With his help, I discovered the main problem with my approach was my level of intensity.
This homemade pack contains bleaching ingredients which help in whitening of skin naturally. The entire mixture is protein based protien from eggs , protien from mayonnaise which is made from eggs.

I was doing things in a cold, precise way rather than with any sense of kindness and care for myself.
Although I have yet to do this maybe it's because I take my hair for granted because it's long already, but with so many women who have done it, they're has grown to great lengths.
All you have to do is maybe wash you hairA  once a week with a shampoo and sometimes you can wash it twice a week but this time don't use a shampoo instead use a conditioner, also deep condition once a week, don't apply heat to your hair, let it air-dry. Keep your hair safe, tie it in a bun or a ponytail or keep it wrapped, doing this will promote hair growth and thickness also you should moisturize your hair everyday, so just try this out and see how it works out for you. All the tips given above are to maintain what you got on your head at the moment, stop breakage, create a volumnous shiny look etc.

ITS ALL A LIE!!!!!!they have packed petroleum and all other sorts of junk in thier productsand told u its for 'afro hair'complete bs s s s!if anything buy the white peoples conditionersfor moisturising use glycerinei use charles worthington on my hairi treat it with aussie, aphogee and herbal essences (and that hair cholesterol)i dont blow dry or straighten my hair without blow dry spray dont pack ur hed with oil!!! Try it with the Organics Hair Creme, thers's this one that could be used daily and also for Steaming.I have just used the relaxer once with the creme and my hair looks so healthy, need i say i havent notice it cutting when i comb.

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