Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May, left, meets with First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 15, 2016. LONDON—British Prime Minister Theresa May has said she is willing to listen to proposals from Scottish leaders about Scotland’s future relationship with the European Union. The new prime minister spoke in Edinburgh after meeting with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, an outspoken advocate of Scottish independence.

May, who took power Wednesday after David Cameron stepped down, discouraged talk of a future Scottish referendum on separating itself from the United Kingdom. The prime minister said she and Sturgeon had discussed the timetable for implementing Article 50 of the EU treaty, which will start the process of taking Britain out of the 28-nation bloc.
Sturgeon is seeking various ways for Scotland to remain in the EU even if other parts of Britain withdraw.

Scotland voted to stay in, but Britain as a whole decided to leave in the June 23 referendum.

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