At the age of 70, Ringo is preparing to go on the road again, touring Britain and EuropeHea€™s still dressing like a rock star a€“ dark suit, dark glasses, three big silver rings in his ear lobe, making it droop a€“ with brushed-forward hair and a closely cut beard, both of which look suspiciously black. Ringo has a habit of saying audacious things with a poker face, so you cana€™t tell if hea€™s being funny or mad. The pair of them work with the widows of John and George, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, on managing the Beatles legacy. Only that the rancour which followed the Beatles split, and which lasted for years, seems to have gone now. Bach was a Bond girl, hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world, when he first set eyes on her in 1980. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year.
The Halo series of games has won more than 750 media and industry awards in the last 14 years and has generated over US$4.6 billion in worldwide sales to date. Through the financial assistance it provides, the Foundation contributes to research, helps to preserve archaeological remains and supports collections development. Ringo is small, skinny and familiar a€“ that habit of sitting back in the chair, head up like a meerkat, echoes the images of him drumming in the Cavern, at Shea Stadium, on the roof of the Apple building. Ita€™s safer to laugh, and in this case right to do so a€“ because he and Macca made glorious fun of that idea of themselves for this yeara€™s Comic Relief.If you havena€™t seen the sketch, look it up online.
I was in the biggest rock a€™na€™ roll band in the history of musica€¦ I am the last remaining Beatle.a€™They all fall silent in awed agreement a€“ until a familiar, flat voice pipes up from the corner: a€?What about me?a€™ Ita€™s funny and self-aware, but how on Earth did Comic Relief persuade Ringo to do it? But how close is that relationship?a€?I was with Yoko and Olivia in Iceland in October for the celebration to mark what would have been Johna€™s 70th birthday. Yoko performed at Ringoa€™s 70th birthday bash at Radio City Music Hall in New York last summer, and Sir Paul sang the Beatles song Birthday.
With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed.

It also helps to produce exhibitions and supports the development of cultural and of educational activities for young people. He was always the natural clown in the band, the friendly face the kids and grannies loved, the yin to the yang of John Lennona€™s caustic wit.
And we are surrounded by such ghosts, here in the offices of Apple, the company the Beatles set up to run their business affairs. James Corden and a room full of superstars are arguing about who should be picked to film a special appeal in Africa, until Sir Paul butts in, as pompous as a knight of the realm can be.
Doesna€™t it make him wonder if a reunion might have become possible by now, had they all survived?a€?We dona€™t know,a€™ says Ringo with a sigh, which may be because the question irritates him, or because it makes him sad. British crowds will see it a lot this summer, as he plays stately homes and theatres with the All Starr Band, which has toured every few years since 1989. We didna€™t think it would last.a€™ The black-and-white image shows the Beatles in suits in the early Sixties, waiting to appear on a television show. The Beatles brand is bigger than ever: they passed a billion record sales a long time ago, and theya€™ve conquered the world again lately, thanks to new technology.
I just sat in a hotel with a camera.a€™The best jokes are based on truth, so does he feel like the forgotten man sometimes? We dona€™t live in each othera€™s pockets, but if wea€™re in the same country, we get together. Paul is whistling, George is distracted, John is wide-eyed and Ringo is staring at the camera, his feet up on a seat. But the masterstroke was to wait a long time before releasing their 13 albums on iTunes a€“ making sure they were remastered and repackaged, and the clamour was intense.Yet Ringo has a€?onlya€™ made an estimated A?200 million from the Beatles a€“ far less than Sir Paul McCartney, one of the two main songwriters. It would have been a great moment for me if the four of us were just sitting around talking about it.
I go down the front and sing Photograph or whatever, then I get to go back to the drums and play with all these other musicians.
Ita€™s never going to happen with us.a€™Hea€™s getting restless, wanting questions about the present day, so I ask him if hea€™s annoyed that he hasna€™t been given a knighthood like Sir Paul.

My mothera€™s dead, so I dona€™t go back that often.a€™He hasna€™t been to Liverpool since a€“ and hasna€™t spoken about the controversy until now.
The career of Richard Starkey, born in 1940, would have been very different if the boy had listened to his family.
The band gets to play 12 numbers between them and I do 12 numbers.a€™Ringo does Beatles songs, as well as his solo hits from some of the 16 albums he has released since the Beatles broke up. Having made his first drum kit out of biscuit tins and bits of firewood at the age of 13, he faced a huge decision in the summer of 1960. But I was also playing with Rory and The Hurricanes, and we got the offer of a three-month gig in Butlina€™s at Skegness and Pwllheli, so we had to give up our jobs. Some decisions are good.a€™Butlina€™s led to a season in Hamburg at the same time as the Beatles were there, which led to an invitation to join them. That was our claim to fame.a€™So rather than Ringo being lucky to join the Beatles a€“ as lots of jealous people have said over the years a€“ the opposite was true?
He was joking earlier, but maybe Ringo is the one who has stayed closest to the original spirit of the Beatles, as lads from Liverpool who played the clubs, worked at their music and made people feel good. Hea€™s the only one of the Fab Four who doesna€™t get treated as a legend, which is exactly what he wants.
The moptops, the style you see around you on the wall, was all transient, but the records are still holding up. The drums are up, brother.a€™Now that you can hear what hea€™s playing clearly, on all those remastered songs, Ringo is finally getting the credit he deserves.
Johna€™s quip about him not even being the best drummer in the Beatles was put to rest when Rolling Stone magazine recently chose Ringo as the fifth greatest rock drummer of all time.

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