We are enrolled in the Missouri State Food Program.  Which requires that participants meet high standard nutritional meals and snacks. Whether in a high chair or sitting at their little tables, the children are being nurtured by their teacher as she assists and guides them through their mealtime. Toddlers look forward to the silly games their teachers play while they are being diapered. Time is enjoyed at the table.  We color, stack toys, paint, assemble puzzles and create with play dough. As singing leads to dancing and all other kinds of exercising, lets finish it off by running and jumping.
Our children are learning through out the day.  Teachers turn each situation into a positive learning experience by communicating with the children. Children play outside everyday, weather permitting.  If the weather prevents out door play, the teachers make sure the children have the opportunity to do a high activity game or they may do exercise or dance to the music. Sound machines can be extremely helpful in giving baby a comfortable sleep environment, especially when they are used safely and consistently. The First Years Nursery Sound Machine offers six different pediatrician-developed white noise options, plus six music tracks. If you want the ability to play MP3 tracks, you can purchase the First Years Nursery Sound Machine Premium Version for about $38.
The myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector is a white noise machine with three different sounds, including ocean waves, womb sounds, and falling rain. Offering 12 different preset sounds, as well as the ability to play MP3 tracks, the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine is another good option. Developed according to the guidelines in The Happiest Baby on the Block, this small unit provides the shushing noise that can calm some colicky infants. Another great option for adding a sound machine to your nursery is to use a sweet plush animal with a sound feature. The Cloud B Sleep Sheep is an adorable plush lamb that plays four different sounds to help baby fall asleep, including a heartbeat, ocean waves, and whale calls.
The unique feature of the DEX Products Womb Sounds Bear is that it uses a recording of real womb sounds to comfort baby. This soft stuffed bear, which comes in brown or pink, plays womb sounds, noises from nature, and lullabies. Similar to other plush animal noise soothers from Cloud B, the Tranquil Turtle plays comforting white noise sounds and features a timer.
In January of 2014, the journal Pediatrics published a study about the hazards of baby sound machines. Complete a DBS Check: Candidates are required to complete the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check BEFORE registering with Ofsted.
Complete the relevant training, including a 12 hour Paediatric first aid course and the Introduction to Childcare Practice Course (CYPOP5) and Food and Hygiene Course.
Health Declaration Booklet: Ensure your GP has signed your Health Declaration Booklet, confirming that you have no health conditions which may prevent them from working as a Childminder. Once you have met the criteria (above) to make an application and it is accepted by Ofsted, you then have eight weeks to provide details of the relevant training courses you have completed, provide your health declaration booklet which has been signed by your GP and have paid the required fee. As part of the process you will receive a registration Visit, during the visit your inspector will be checking to see you are ready to start work straight away and that you have Public Liability Insurance.
Access the Ofsted DBS Application portal: If you do not have a DBS Check, you will need to access the Ofsted DBS Application Portal. Receiving the DBS Disclosure notice: Once the check is complete you will receive a DBS Disclosure Notice in the post, this will have a ‘Disclosure Number’ on it that you will need for your online application to Ofsted.

When registering as a Childminder you must complete a Health Declaration Form, your GP will need to complete the second half of the form and may charge an admin fee for completing this form. You will need to request that your GP returns the completed document to you to send to Ofsted.
Entering reference details on the Ofsted application form: When completing the online application there is a section about referees, you will need to enter their contact details. When you have your DBS Disclosure Notice, your Health Declaration fully completed and you have informed your referees you can start your online application with Ofsted. Choose which register to apply for: You will need to choose to either create an application for the Early Years Register (caring for children from 0-19 years) or for the Childcare Register (caring for children from 5-8 years). Creating a Government Gateway account: To create a Government Gateway account on the Ofsted Online website, click here to access. When all of your supporting evidence is with Ofsted they will contact you to book the visit. This is a suitability visit with an inspector rather than an inspection, to ensure that you and your home will be suitable to provide childcare. At the end of the visit the inspector will tell you about the next steps, including whether you are ready to be registered. Holding Public Liability Insurance is a legal requirement, your inspector may ask to see evidence of a valid PL Insurance certificate during your visit. If you have questions relating to your application or regarding the questions in the ‘Preparing for your registration visit’ booklet please contact your local Childminding Co-ordinator for support. There are a number of different styles on the market, each of which has distinct advantages and disadvantages.
According to pediatrician and author Harvey Karp, white noise is important for infant sleep because it mimics the familiar sounds of the womb.
This voice-activated machine plays four white noises, including ocean waves, rain, and womb sounds. Although this type of sound machine looks like a toy for baby to snuggle, it's important to keep it outside of the crib. It has a timer to automatically shut it off after 15 minutes, and it can attach to the crib or rest on a surface.
However, this design also projects a soft blue light in rhythmic waves to help provide visual, as well as auditory, soothing. In the study, researchers measured the decibel level from several different machines at various distances from the infant's crib. Take the time to review the options, and then choose the machine with the features you need and a price you can afford.
Please note: All people aged 16 and over who are regularly in your home must have a DBS disclosure (this includes family members).
When registering as a Childminder it is important that you provide the required information within 8 weeks to ensure your application is not closed. Everybody over the age of 16 who lives or works on the premises will require a DBS. Each DBS will cost at least ?52 per DBS check. You have 8 weeks from submitting your online application to provide all of supporting evidence (DBS, Health Declaration and full details of relevant training courses you have completed). Ofsted will close an application if they haven’t received all of the supporting evidence or payment within the 8 week timeframe. Once we have completed the visit we will tell you as soon as possible if we have decided to register you as a Childminder. I almost went with an owl theme and then inspiration struck while reading one of our favorite board books – Baby Beluga by Raffi (*affiliate link). Learn about all the options before you buy, so you can purchase the sound machine that's most likely to give baby (and you) a great night's sleep. For older babies, it can provide a buffer against the sleep-interrupting noises that are part of your household.

You can set it to run all night long, or you can choose from four different timed intervals. It also plays lullabies and projects your choice of three soothing images on the wall of baby's nursery. It also has a battery back-up feature to make it portable for travel and ready for power outages.
You can attach the sheep to the outside of your baby's crib or place it on a surface in the nursery.
This stuffed animal can sit on any surface in the nursery, and it features a 40-minute timer and volume control.
The results indicated that many machines were capable of producing noise that was loud enough to damage an infant's hearing, especially when used for extended periods of time.
White noise machines come with different features and associated price tags, and there are lots of options to choose from. There's a soft glowing night light to comfort baby and make it a little easier for parents when baby awakes at night. It retails for about $30 at Babies R Us, where it has received four stars from past consumers. The Summer Infant Mommies Melodies Bear is rated four and a half stars by previous consumers at Target, where is retails for about $22. It retails for about $35 on the Baby Shusher website, where it has received numerous positive reviews. What really helped everything come together was finding the adorable beluga vector graphic that I was able to purchase for personal use (so sadly, no printables to share). Plus, we found adorable whale shirts (from Janie and Jack) that were perfect for our whale party fun! Plus, I made a simple photo banner to hang, which had a photo from each of Baby Brother’s first 12 months. Since we did an evening party time, dinner was a must and we had to have themed food, of course! But, we were able to call it Aurora Borealis punch with the addition of some super fun light up ice cubes! We had 4 in there that we had saved from some fun Disney events, but you can buy something similar at Amazon (*affiliate link) –>Litecubes® Flashing LED Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cubes So fun!
First up, we had a craft station where the kids could make their own ocean scene on a piece of blue foam with fun stickers. For that, I just hand sketched a beluga on an inexpensive white plastic table cloth and cut it out. All of our fun ocean animal figurines were the perfect table decorations, with our Baby Beluga book too, of course!
But, once he got a bit in there and realized how yummy that homemade cream cheese frosting was, he started shoveling it in! He’s taken his first steps since his party and is now a full-fledged toddler, walking everywhere and climbing!
After our scare in the hospital last week, I’m extra thankful to have had such a fun party for him and be looking back on that now!

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