How do I get the B.Ed 1st Semester exam result of Dr Vidyasagar University from the official website ? To obtain the B.Ed 1st Semester exam result of Dr Vidyasagar University follow the procedure given below . The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? Uluberia College, the dream-child of an educationist and Headmaster of a local high school Sri Haripada Ghoshal, started its journey on 16th August, 1948.

Sri Ghoshal, the founder Principal of the college, wanted to start an educational institution for higher studies especially for the girls who had to discontinue their education after completion of their school studies as there was no college nearby.
He started the college with a handful of boys and girls, practically begging door to door for the girl students.
The acceptance of accreditation system by NACC in colleges and universities has undoubtedly become very much beneficial for the improvement of academic atmosphere of the educational institutions and our institution is no exception to this. Besides efficiently carrying on the regular and traditional form of imparting UG courses in the Arts, Science and Commerce Stream, the curriculum has now diversified to conduct PG course in Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science, Commerce, English, Bengali, History and Sanskrit in the Distant Mode.

The college strives to make individuals who were not only academically sound but also well balanced and morally good. All these qualitative as well as quantitative achievements on the part of our institution have been achieved by ceaseless efforts on the part of our administration, teaching, non-teaching as well as student union.

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