I am super jazzed to give you all some clarity on this and make better sense out of it all.
A lot of this was spawned by a study from the last year that shows that vitamins raise the risk of heart attacks. So if you are lighter complected and European areas are in the distant past you would have less sun exposure then those in more equatorial regions of the world. The single densest one of the commonly available foods would be Adzuki and they are wonderful things. Magnesium is something that most of us are low in, unless we are very strategic about our diets or we are supplementing with it. When there is inflammation in the body calcification can grow around that and it can cause masses to form. Some studies have shown that among people who have reported to emergency rooms, half or more are deficient in magnesium using tests that only show it when its more advanced. Often times they are not given as much attention as they deserve because the amount they contain is a lot lower in milligrams then you would find in calcium from dairy for example. You do not need more then a few 100 milligrams and that is because they are more efficiently absorbed and they are more extensively used for mineralization.

They were outside and more unclothed and their skin reflected the amount of sun exposure they had. People are different in terms of how much they take to achieve that range from one to the next.
There is a compound called oxalate that allows calcium to mineralize and Vitamin K creates that effect to occur.
Its a paradox but many papers have shown that the cultures that have the highest dairy intake actually have higher rates of bone thinning. There is not a whole lot of loss in absorption and there is not a great amount of calcium lost to calcification and inflammatory reactions. So if you have dark skin and are out in the sun more constantly you will get appropriate but not excessive amounts of Vitamin D.
No the pigment that causes our skin to change in color changes how much we absorb Vitamin D by blocking it. So the fact that we bath and shower regularly that makes us less able to assimilate Vitamin D on a regular basis. There are some that need less and some that need more but it is good to watch and that will help your body to make sure calcium is behaving.

So again leafy greens got some good versions of calcium but they also have Vitamin K which helps make good use of the calcium that we do have. We have also seen that those same cultures have higher rates of arthritis and then cardiovascular events. So in some cases the bad that calcium does is related to simply that lack of magnesium to properly balance it and oppose it. So when there is irritation in the blood vessels that calcium growth creates calcification. They are more apt to move around in the system and just passively attach to inflammation rather then actively contribute to mineralization and tissue repair.
That is one big distinction of calcium doing good stuff not bad stuff and that is just what type we have.
In terms of supplements the insoluble calcium would be calcium carbonate and also bone derived calcium or coral derived calcium.

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