Carried over for the most part unchanged from the 2012 model year, the 2013 Ford Edge brings with it some minor equipment changes. There's also a Sport model, with the largest engine in the lineup, and its own set of features. Options on the Edge include a fantastic glass Vista Roof, adaptive cruise control, leather upholstery (where it's not standard), blind-spot monitors, and on the SEL, a power tailgate.
MyFord Touch has its detractors, even among our car experts, but it's a dramatic break with the buttons and knobs of the past, and a superior setup to the knob-driven controllers like iDrive, COMAND and MMI.
It's also possible to control those functions on the LCD touchscreen, which can be the least satisfying way because of the screen's slow responses and its crowded layouts.

MyFord Touch also includes basic turn-by-turn navigation delivered via the satellite-radio services, as well as the ability to port in Google Maps or Mapquest instructions via a paired smartphone. Download Instructions:Please right-click on the Ford Ranger wallpaper below, and choose "Set as Background" from the menu that opens. All-wheel drive can now be had in the SE model.MyFord Touch is available--not mandatory--and the 2013 Edge has luxury options like a huge panoramic sunroof on call. A black-finished grille, smoked headlamps and taillamps, new cladding and fascias, and aluminum cockpit trim mark the high-line model, as do special sport leather seats.
With MyFord Touch, the SYNC system is connected with steering-wheel controls and a large touchscreen on the dash to govern the climate controls, audio, phone, and navigation.

It lets drivers run all these systems with voice commands, or to cycle through and run many of the functions with those steering-wheel controls. However, the LCD panel lets Ford drop dozens of buttons from the dash, leaving a clean center stack with just an optical slider or two for swipe controls.
With more than 10,000 recognized voice commands, we've found it the best way to change functions without losing concentration on the road ahead.

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