HR and Recruiters: Be a part of history & take our behavioral survey to help us understand "Who is HR?" clicking here. James Canton, PhD, a renowned global futurist and top advisor to the Global Fortune 1000, and CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures, a think tank he founded in 1990, said that the future is going to be a convergence of technologies and methodologies. This talent is going to have to be comfortable with strategic technologies such as “nano, bio, IT, Neuro and Quantum technologies.”  The problem is that the future workforce is not being trained in this. Canton said in the interview that initially businesses will have to rely on consultants for the skills and processes needed to be prepared. Perhaps SHRM needs to step up to the plate and lead the initiative to get HR moving in the direction of the future. Regardless of where the effort starts, whether as a profession, or as an individual effort it needs to get underway. For more career information please visit UNI's Career Services website and This is Anthropology.
One of the most important things you’ll do when starting your business is to pick where to setup shop. While New York is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in industries like fashion, real estate, media and finance. The area’s many colleges and universities make Boston an international center of higher education and medicine, and the city is considered highly innovative for a variety of reasons. Encompassing $304 billion, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the eighth-largest economy in the country and 17th-largest in the world. Raleigh’s low unemployment rate and high number of businesses per person make it a great city for entrepreneurs. As of 2011, Time ranked Raleigh, NC as the third most educated city in the US based on the percentage of residents who held college degrees. In 2012 the Kauffman Foundation ranked Missouri sixth in the nation for the rate at which residents launch businesses. The city has seen numerous incubators and events catered to assisting entrepreneurs come to town which has boosted the resources the city has available.
In response to a severe economic downturn in 2001- 2003, a development initiative, Vision 2025, promised to incite economic growth and recreate lost jobs. Omaha is right in the middle of Silicon Prairie and is home to Big Omaha which is a leading conference on entrepreneurship. 30 regional colleges and universities, including two tier-1 research schools (Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh), are huge drivers in producing local talent. That is deep and comprehensive statement comprising your disdain for Louisville in prose for to complex for the majority of other to comprehend.
I am from Kansas City lived in Atlanta, GA and currently residing in Columbia, MO – where I go to the school where that picture was taken ?? and I love all three cities! I’ve lived in Columbia for most of my life, and the only reason I want to leave is to expand my horizons. I’ve lived in Minneapolis for now 4 months and even if the winter was horrible I found a nice comunity for entrepreneurs. I feel this list is limited to the thinking that America is the only place where you can be successful.
Right now we talk about artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robots, and predictive analytics like they are all separate, and in many ways they are for the moment.

You’re going to need the right kind of talent – the right kind of people who can manage complexity and that means not just technology but the transformation of your business processes to identify ways of creating products and services and value that will separate your organization from every other one in terms of purpose and value. Then companies will have to “to re-train, re-engage and re-cast talent” in order to be able to deal with the future of work.
They could partner with institutions of higher education and encourage them the start developing HR technology programs.
It is obvious the nature of business and work is going to change and if HR does not respond we will be confined to continue the secondary status we have today.
Haberman, SPHR is a consultant, speaker, writer of HR Observations, and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc.
You want to find a place that offers business resources but also the lifestyle and culture that you want. The city has been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship for years, all centered around the annual SXSW festival.
The city also has an extremely high cost of living which makes it a tough choice for many young bootstrapping entrepreneurs. The move is driven by a relaxed culture, numerous outdoor activies all year and an overall high quality of living.
With great tech companies from years past like Orbitz and new powerhouses like Groupon calling Chicago home, the necessary infrastructure for an entrepreneur to succeed has sprung up, from venture capital firms to legal resources to startup accelerators. It’s also well known that New Orleans has an amazing, vibrant and inspiring culture that attracts the creative entrepreneur types.
Both of these universities are making the biggest strides in providing programs and resources to the local entrepreneurship scene. This type of technology has made Chattanooga a player in attracting tech talent to the city.
While the city has gone through changes as industrial jobs have left the area the University has been a major growth point for new opportunities and young talent. A low cost of living and a media age of median age was 30 years old makes Baton Rouge a great location for young entrepreneurs. Birmingham is also the home of Alabama LunachPad which is a innovative public-private partnership brings together Alabama’s university, business and economic development communities to encourage and support high-growth entrepreneurship in Alabama.
Not all of it is bad, but I seriously don’t think it should be anywhere on this list.
Don’t want to continue raising my kids here, and Its definitely not for a person like me.
They rank #2 and #3 respectively on Forbes’s list of fastest growing cities behind Austin.
Metro Atlanta is over 5 million in population and even the City of Atlanta is over 800,000 based on 2010 Census. But in my opinion HR departments in particular are not ready for the future and we are doing little about it. Organizations need to be hiring folks that are more like entrepreneurs that can work not just inside your organization, but outside for your organization. I asked my friend Matthew Stollack, PhD, who is a professor and teaches HR classes, if current educational programs are teaching up and coming HR professionals the skills of analytics, or talking about technologies.

He suggested “talented individuals who can understand and manage the complexity of cognitive machines, morphable intelligence, of delighting customers, of predicting what customers will want even before the customers know it”.
The problem with this is that few college programs teach this, and according to Cathy Missildine , HR departments are just beginning to think about using predictive analytics. The below list breaks down 30 cities across the United States into three different categories based on the population of the cities.
The city is also home to the University of Texas which provides the city with a steady flow of talented graduates and an overall vibrant scene.
However, you can also find opportunities all around you with easy to access meetups, incubators, coworking spaces, investors and high profile startups. Of course the fact that Portland is home to more breweries than any other city in the world and was named the best city for happy hour in the U.S. There are more than 30 colleges and universities located in the city, Atlanta is considered a center for higher education. The city is the headquarters of many major companies like Sprint, H&R Block, AMC Theaters, Applebee’s and more. But the main driver for young entrepreneurs may really be that for all of this the cost of living in the city is extremely low especially when compared to places like New York, Boston or Chicago.
With mentors, funding, business plan competitions and technical talent they have begun to turn Pittsburgh around.
Internet connection speeds are usually described in bits, not bytes, for a number of reasons. Strong labor markets, unemployment rates under 6%, no state income tax, business friendly environment, strong population inflows. He replied they are not and that technology skills are considered to be a deficiency in HR. Others have noted that the majority of HR practitioners work for small companies and they are not interested in this subject. Then Under30CEO readers were asked to vote on the locations they thought were the best places for a new company to open shop based on local resources, culture, atmosphere and overall appeal to a young twenty-something.
Compared to cities like San Francisco and New York, Austin has a much lower cost of living. According to the Kauffman Foundation in 2011 Louisville outperformed the nation in being home to fast growth companies and was among the top states in the nation in terms of new start-up companies formed. This makes it an attractive spot for young business owners along with it’s growing population. Seattle’s young educated scene is also driven by  University of Washington which Businessweek ranked in the Top 5 Business Schools on the west coast in 2013.
Kansas City is also home to the largest foundation for entrepreneurs in the world, The Kauffman Foundation.

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