Mrs Edith Digby, an Air Raid Warden on duty in Bermondsey, London during the Second World War. Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girls at the Royal Artillery Experimental Unit, at Shoeburyness in Essex, using the Window Position Finder to sight shell bursts in the air or water, 1943. Private Catherine Thomas of the Auxiliary Terrotorial Service using an oven during a domestic science course for service women at Avondale Park School, Notting Hill Gate, London, 1945.

A police constable comforts a man sitting amongst the rubble of his house destroyed by a V1 Flying Bomb in 1944. Vera Lynn with munitions workers following a lunchtime concert at a factory, somewhere in Britain during 1941.
Land Army girl Doreen Bacchus at the Women's Timber Corps training camp at Culford in Suffolk.

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