The Pacific Northwest receives surprisingly little rainfall in the summer, so gardens need plants that can withstand long sunny, dry spells. In the arid desert land of the Palestinian village of Bil'in near the West Bank city of Ramallah, a curious garden of used tear gas canisters stands out as a unique oasis. Besides its symbolic meaning, the garden also commemorates the loss of lives in the Palestinians' struggle for their land.
Container homes by De Maria Design are architecturally designed shipping container based contemporary homes; a by-product of the architect's total immersion into alternative construction methodologies. Although very few people are fortunate enough to design their own living environments, many of us do make choices about the spaces in which we live. As the world gets more complex and as we learn more about the environments in which we live the need to think and work smarter becomes more critical. This project is also a gift to Jorge Adler, a budding architect, who has shared a mutual respect through words and deeds for seven years. You may have a blue print or real estate listing that shows the main measurements, if not, get out a tape measure and have fun. Architect Peter Cohen - This small cottage in Corea, Maine, was designed in 1991 as a seaside getaway for a couple. Create at least five (5) thumbnail sketches ala Frank Gehry for the predominate features both inside and outside. Select something that really interests you and relates to creating a sustainable living environment. Check to ensure that you have a complete design binder with all of the appropriate documents. Paris-based D-3 Architects, created the Drop House Project, where a modern home and a comfortable living space can be achieved in the form of a prefabricated shipping container. All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.

Create a series of plan and section view drawings that show the physical structure(s) - building(s).
Complete the Project 333 Specifications Worksheet identifying your square footage and significant features. Minimum required rooms: one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, dining area which may be in the kitchen, living room, laundry area. Minimum of 33.3% of the functional living space (sleeping, living, bath, living and kitchen) and access to the outside living area(s) must be wheelchair, handicap accessible and must accommodate people with limited vision. Minimum of 33.3% of the living area sq footage must make use of shipping container(s) and recycled materials. Minimum of 33.3% of the outside area sq footage must use drought tolerant plants if you are using plants. Created a series of plan and section view drawings that show the physical structure(s) - buildings. Used appropriate media (model, computer 3-d rendering, perspective drawing, etc.) to bring out the qualities of the overall appearance and provide a clear sense of what the structure and property look like. This west-facing garden overlooking Puget Sound was designed with just these kinds of summers in mind and utilizes plant species more often thought of in an arid, Mediterranean climate.
The plot consists of rows of plants potted in old tear gas canisters collected from clashes during Israeli soldiers during protests against the West Bank separation wall. Sabiha Abu Rahmeh, who waters the plants, mourns the death of her son Bassem, a protest leader who was killed by a tear gas grenade fired by Israeli forces in 2009.
This project will feed the process of focusing on how our choices effect not only our own lives, but the lives of people all over the world.
Use these thumbnails to promote a conversation with your group member(s) to generate other ideas. Just make sure that your meeting yields a consensus or at minimum questions that need to be researched.

Someone needs to facilitate, make sure the tasks due represents the wishes of the group and that you have the required elements done on time and helps prepare the group for the next step in the process. At this point you should have asked lots of questions about whether you are meeting your goals and that of project specifications. Include major landscape features such as living area(s), storage structure(s), large trees, and other important information that will show us what the lot looks like.
According to the villagers, the one-of-a-kind garden conveys the message that life can spring from death, as new buds flourish in objects that were once used to injure and kill. As the villagers honor Bassem and other victims, they also use the eclectic potted plants to mark the land that Palestine was able to reclaim two years ago after a drawn-out court battle to re-route Israel's separation barrier.
Select partners because they have skills that complement your own and they can get the job done on time and at a level that supports success. Do not focus on the little details, rather you should play with the important rooms and areas.
Residents of Bil'in, who say that 60 percent of their farmland was cut off by the separation wall, engage in weekly protests against the construction of the barrier. The protests often end in violent crackdowns by Israeli forces, leading to the collection of more used tear gas canisters to add to the village's peaceful resistance and memorial garden. Your goal is to have many ideas from which to chose, not limit the potential of your design.
It would probably help if each member did some sketches and then someone compiled them into one document.

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