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The Monumental Crib of Peace is the largest animated crib in Italy (over 300 square meters) and is made ??of terracotta. Tagged Caltagirone, Ceramics, Monumental Crib of Peace, Sicilian crafts, Sicilian majolica, St.
Palermo Sicily is certainly the gem among Italian cities to boast a wealth of rare beauty with artistic monuments, churches and buildings that have suffered from all the settlements have taken place in past centuries, the Arabs to the Normans.
The heart of the city of Palermo is made from the four quarters or place Vigliena which is the intersection of two highways that cross the city, Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Very beautiful and picturesque is the Arab neighborhood of Palermo, the Kalsa which is close to the sea where it still in the homonymous square Kalsa breathes the ancient Arab culture where there are kiosks with strong smells of food cooked in the traditional Arabic cuisine.
Another place to visit in Palermo is much the Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful garden rinomanti in Europe where you can see plants from around the world with many rare to find. During the summer Palermo is assaulted by so many tourists and most famous beaches like Mondello, Sferracavallo the Addura Cefalu and offer a unique view of the sea with crystal white sand and a few miles from the historic center.
We remind that in Palermo were born so many characters known as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Leonardo Sciascia and magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.

It was designed as a retreat close to the Alhambra and this was where the sultan could come to perhaps escape the palace politics and to enjoy some tranquility.Situated on a hill on the northern end of the Alhambra, there is a pathway that leads to the Generalife from the Alhambra. Maria del Monte, the historic buildings, the balconies, the streets and every corner in between are decorated with ornaments and handcrafts made of majolica (ceramic tiles).
Here are the four seventeenth century Baroque palaces decorated with statues and fountains that represent the seasons. Especially good is the market in Palermo Vucciria, one of the most scenic locations where dive in a cross-section of life in Palermo to find many typical products of land and sea Sicilians. The patron saint of Palermo is Santa Rosalia and July 15 is celebrated each year with shows, music floats through the town until you reach the sea where the night is lit up by fireworks. During the time of the Moorish rulers, there were fruit orchards and vegetable patches in the Generalife, decorative gardens, the palace and other buildings. When walking through Caltagirone, be sure to take an opportunity and visit one of its workshops, where these masterpieces of ceramic and terracotta are created. A Tour of the GeneralifeThe Generalife comprises a lower garden section, the palace residence and upper gardens.
The Sicilian crib has an important historical value as it represents the traditions of Caltanisetta region and is set in an ancient farming village from its rocky landscape. Work on the Generalife gardens began in the 13th century, but what we see today is the result of modification works that have been carried out over time. For one, the vegetation would have been quite different over 700 years ago.Walking through the Lower Gardens is quite an adventure. Imagine the grandeur of 142 stairs bejeweled with polychrome majolica tiles of geometric and floral designs.
It is made with very simple materials: reeds, plaster, moss, twigs water and coloured lights. Hidden amongst the thick conifer hedges are beautiful hidden gardens of roses, water fountains and ponds and flower and herb beds.

Stop at step number 37 and enter the workshop of artistic maestro Salvatore Gurreri, who has been creating the most important pottery from Caltagirone since 1989. One crib in particular is the historic eighteenth century one made ??by the Vaccaro brothers and housed inside the Cathedral of St. Archways are cut in the thick hedges and you never know what you’re going to see when you peer through these arches. On the evening of July 23rd, the Russo Family places candles along all 130 meters of the Stairs. Water was an important feature of the Alhambra design and here the rows of water jets form graceful water arches over the long pool. The night after, on the 24th, the Stairs fall into darkness, and the people fill the Stairs with each person holding a candle, waiting for the event leader to start the show! From the palace balcony is a nice view of Albaycin.Next to the Patio de la Acequia is the the Patio de la Sultana an intimate courtyard and garden area with a U-shaped pool. During its heydays, there was a Palace Bath here.To get to the Upper Gardens (Jardin Alto) walk through the Gate of the Lions and climb up the staircase with flowing water.
From here you can make your way out of the Generalife.The origin of the name Generalife has long been disputed and there are many interpretations of its source.
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