Written as a guide to help you prepare for the inevitable invasion of the rotting dead ones, it actually does a pretty good job of looking at what would probably be our fate. The book will detail for you why grabbing a gun first is always the best choice, how important car mechanics may or may not be after the big zombie invasion and many more important questions. Grab your copy of The Ultimate Survival Guide: Zombie Apocalypse today before the invasion begins! This entry was posted in Zombie Book Reviews and tagged funny zombie stories, how to fight zombies, zombie apocalypse, zombie invasion.
Tweet&media=field_image_name['und'][0]['uri']); ?>&description=" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal">Pin ItThe reality of the world is, you never know when a disaster will strike. This guide covers a bit of everything, from pretty simple disasters, to some of the larger scale ones that we hope we never have to deal with. The Disaster Survival Guide comes with some excellent illustrations that really help make everything clear.
If you're like me, then you're stuck behind a desk for the majority of your day but still want to be in shape, and with fall right around the corner, you're options are becoming limited. Ok, when it comes to party planning, most of us guys usually don't care about too much beyond having lots of people and lots of drinks, so I'm going to help you make sure you've got everything covered. There are huge debates everywhere regarding the best weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse and the truth is that there will never be a consensus. Just like the video game series, the Resident Evil movie series doesn't seem to be one that is willing to offer us an end of the zombie epidemic and the Umbrella corporation. You probably remember about The Silent City, a project I told you about a couple of months ago - a new web series that got funded via Kickstarter. In contrast, Gerry in the film is framed as a loving father and husband, a cooker of pancakes and a collaborative, tireless champion who wishes to save others and the world rather than just kill as many zombies as possible. Additionally, the film (again, in contrast to the book) features several strong female characters. Another significant woman character, Segen ( Daniella Kertesz), becomes Gerry’s right-hand-woman, even after he amputates her hand after she receives a zombie bite.
Finally, at the World Health Organization, one of the lead doctors, played by Ruth Negga, keeps her calm and remains optimistic when it looks like all hope is lost. Sad that being brave and kind are seen as such a “snooze.” Alas, such responses are of the kind that give us the overblown, hypermasculine, modern-day-Rambo types. While some reviewers argue that straying from the content of the book takes the film “in a conventional direction,” lamenting the fact that the “oral history” component of Brook’s novel is lost, the film is not conventional zombie fare in ways that make it more feminist and thus less conventional. Yet the book has characters like Mary Jo Miller–an average housewife who, in mere seconds, goes from a self-obsessed surburbanite to zombie-killer extraordinaire.
Again, the major thing the book lacks is women in important leadership roles which is something Max Brooks definitely should have included. Who gives a fLying crap,seriously get over yourselves, your all pissed off because the movie doesn’t portay women as gun toting jarheads with machine guns defending themselves from the tyrrany of men and zombies or in positions of power making the decisions that will save the world!!
I just walked out of the room we were watching the film of this on Netflix, specifically because Gerry’s wife is portrayed as a typical useless woman. Obviously that is the question that Laurence Sutton and Karim Theos tossed around one day when they came up with this hilarious answer to that timely question.
But the tongue in cheek humor, great stick-figure cartoons (that are much harder to draw then you think- I know, I tried) and detailed instructions are done with great earnestness. So if you happen to notice a zombie flying through the window while you are sitting at home watching Jeopardy, you just might want to have this book handy.
Naturally this is one of those items we only offer as a Kindle download, so be sure and turn your Wi-Fi on first when you order. From identifying types of broken bones and creating a sling or a splint, securing your house after an earth quake, and more extreme ones like surviving after a plane crash and jumping from a moving train. Even if you don't want to stock up for the zombie apocalypse, this book will at the least give you some ideas of what you might need to do in various scenarios. Whether you're looking to plan for the worst, fancy yourself a know it all, or just want to add something interesting to your book collection.

There are a lot of varieties out there for sale, but today I'm going to show you how to make a simple shot rack that still looks great. With a little work and time you can 1up all your friends with a great new look for your bar lighting. Whether we get a sense of ourselves, ideas for a future career or if we just enjoy kicking back and relaxing to our favorite movies, as guys, there are some that should top all of our lists. Starting your own home gym may sound expensive, but let me show you how you can get a solid start without breaking the bank.
The walking dead starts its third season on Sunday, October 14, so it's time to get on top of things now!
Check out these five easy recipes that will show off your cooking ability while keeping things simple. His previous work, The Zombie Survival Guide, a mock-guide based on World War II survival manuals, proffers a similar message–that once zombies are in the picture, the only recourse is to amass weapons and be prepared to kill or die.
He does not play a hyper-masculine, domineering or savior role, in contrast to so many other recent zombie texts and their male leads, such as Shane and Rick in The Walking Dead, the military father in Warm Bodies, or the gun-loving “nut up or shut up” Tallahassee in Zombieland (Woody Harrelson). Mireille Enos, as Karin Lane, is as central as her husband Gerry in helping their two daughters escape to safety near the start of the film. As if her fearlessness, skill, and stoic determination to survive and aid Gerry in his mission were not enough to make any feminist zombie-film lover ecstatic, she does all of this WITH ONE HAND! She is the emotional anchor during the gripping close of the film, the person who refuses to give up.
Yup, this is one for those who love Alice in Resident Evil, who enjoy the political-critique side of Romero, who dig the critique of rape culture and militarism on crack that 28 Days affords.
And out of maybe 30 stories, you’ve named all 5 of the ones that feature women in prominent roles. So I should be upset that classically Africa was demonized yet again in a white dominanted world? The first 30 minutes of the film being made up of screaming girls and his wife being semi-competent at best (the car breaks down briefly when she gets him to pull over and tries to take over the driving because of course it does). They also are done with some brutal honesty about your chances of survival, at least without this handy dandy little guide. Probably read already too, since it is hard to read while running with zombies nipping at your heels. Being prepared is always a smart plan, but sometimes, we miss things, and sometimes there are just too many unforeseeable things. It's really entertaining to look at some of the worst case scenarios and get a good idea of how to handle them, and makes for an interesting read.
The Disaster Survival Guide touches on a lot of realistic scenarios (and a few that we hope to never come across), and gives you some pretty useful information on preparing for them and handling them afterwards. In the WWZ book, this character narrates the vignettes that make up the novel, but we do not know any details about his personality or life. And though it’s true that, as claimed in this review, “This Hollywood movie is content to cast her as a standard-issue Dutiful Wife,” at least it does so in a way that does not render her a teary-eyed weakling. This one is not just for zombie fans or horror fans, but for those who appreciate more than gore, more than schlock, more than chest-pumping nut-up-or-shut-up bravado. As a fan of George Romero films, I love seeing how people would behave in a zombie-infested world.
In the book women frequently take over as main characters, traveling on their own, entirely self sufficient. Reviewing WWZ from a feminist perspective is like reviewing a Transformers film for its relevance to the Russian peasants’ struggle to survive under the Romanov dynasty. When it got to the scene where the plane is about to leave and she can’t help but to call him, I had enough and walked out while she was still fondling the phone.
This is why today we're happy to be taking a look at the Disaster Survival Guide from Weldon Owen, and give you an idea of the things you need to be prepared for anything. If the descriptions are ever unclear or leave any question, the visualizations should clear it up for you instantly.

He functions in a quasi-investigative-reporter role, detailing his findings about the world post-zombie-apocalypse in detached, omniscient fashion. Near the end of the film, when the plan is to try and find a “cure” for the zombie apocalypse by entering a zombie-infested area of the World Health Organization, she is one of three sent on the mission, even though there are men with two hands who could have accompanied Gerry.
She is no scientist on the side, as with the character of Carol in Star Trek: Into Darkness, nor are there any gratuitous booty shots.
They share the same indefatigable spirit, the same fearlessness, the same lack of arrogance. It does not focus only on male heroes whose main heroism comes from killing but gives us men and women who are heroic because they are willing to face death to save humanity.
And most importantly characters like Christina Eliopolis who, following having her plane crash in the zombie-infested Rocky Mountains manages to fight her way alone over many miles surrounded by the enemy to reach a risky extraction point barely on time–all the while working with a shattered ankle. All you did was talk about the empowered women in the film while conveniently ignoring the important women included in the novel. It was a dumb action flick with token females in the usual irrelevant roles allocated to them in low-risk, broad-demographic blockbusters.
However, for anyone who is a fan of the old zombie apocalypse books, this one will hit you right in the funny bone. So even if you don’t think you have the stuff of leadership now, they assure you that you will by the time you have completed the guide. Navy vessel so that his family can continue to be housed there, Karin remains strong and capable, not reverting to a comatose dummy (as the character Barbara infamously does in the iconic Night of the Living Dead) nor into a crying, hysterical damsel in distress (as do so many women in films when faced with horrific circumstances). The wife was present solely to motivate Brad whoever-his-character-was to act, because apparently saving humanity from zombie annihilation isn’t enough to get him out of the house. It’s also suspense-neutral, surprise-neutral and pretty-much-everything-else-neutral.
Further, the fact Gerry has to go and “fight” (chase after a cure for the pandemic) or his family will be kicked off the military ship can be read as a sly critique of militarism’s failure to result in safety.
As the the person above me mentioned, there is no shortage of strong female characters in the book. The Israeli soldier was there solely as a plucky sidekick, and to give the movie a water-cooler moment (“and then HE CUT HER HAND OFF! Iif families can’t be saved by the military and are viewed as a “burden,” as suggested in the film, who exactly is rampant militarism “protecting”? But neither are there any women in such high-profile societal roles in the film adaptation.
The book also is not just about killing zombies, seeing as straight up war failed to work at the Battle of Yonkers. Much of the book was devoted to the time countries spent reorganizing to combat the threat, it wasn’t just mindless killing.
Women are in the military and especially in Israel where every citizen above 17 is strongly encouraged into the army this seemed more natural than a play at women’s equality. The movie had great special effects, but that’s the only good thing I can say about it.
I believe you are reading too far into the movie, which doesn’t have as many strong female characters as the book does. That scientist you mentioned was not a strong character, she actually was a scientist-on-the-side. Her ability to stare at a computer screen and hope for the best does not make her a strong character. I do agree that Gerry’s wife was a strong woman, but her only purpose was to provide motivation for Gerry. This movie was not made for people with brains, as such people would notice all the inconsistencies throughout the movie, such as the time it takes a person to turn (First it’s twelve seconds, then the CIA operative says the longest he saw was ten minutes, yet this is never revisited).

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