Cialis is widely known for being a drug to correct erectile dysfunction, but studies show it may be a valuable treatment option for slowing the muscle weakening that occurs with Becker muscular dystrophy.
Becker muscular dystrophy, or BMD, is a disorder that slowly decreases the muscle strength of the legs and pelvis.
Measurements of the male participants’ forearm muscles were taken at rest and after activity. Half of the group was given a single treatment of Cialis, and the other half was given a placebo, or dummy pill. Researchers caution that more studies need to be done before doctors begin prescribing the drug for use in Becker muscular dystrophy patients.
The full results of the study were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. This entry was posted in AMS News, Health, Muscular Dystrophy and tagged Becker muscular dystrophy, BMD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Cialis, muscle ischemia, Muscular Dystrophy, research, Ronald G.
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Most had a defective blood flow when they exercised, which the researches believe contributes to muscle fatigue and weakness. The studies need to see if there is a long-term benefit for muscular dystrophy, and rule out any possible negative side effects before it is prescribed as a means of delaying or preventing muscle-wasting in BMD patients.
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Victor says studies had already shown Cialis to be effective when given to mice with an animal type of muscular dystrophy, and he wanted to see if the drug would be effective in humans. Eight out of nine patients who were given the Cialis pill had normal blood flow restored to the forearms.

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