August is the time of year when children and college-aged students all over the United States are heading back to school. If you don’t want to go back to school, there are many great advantages to retiring in a college town.
Good Healthcare- Many colleges have affiliated teaching hospitals that are offered to those in the community. Sports- Whether you are in Nittany Lion country or are an Orangeman, college towns offer a variety of sports for you to watch. Public transportation- Public transportation is both affordable and reliable in college towns.
Scenic Beauty- Colleges are often built in picturesque areas, and the college community works to keep the community where the school is located beautiful.

Retirement Communities on Campus-Many colleges are now offering retirement communities on campus.
So whether you’re looking to continue learning for yourself or to help others, or looking to relive your own college days, consider going back to school or by living in a college town. Apple, the apple logo, & iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
We scour the world-at-large for the finest cultural works; from the topical and the contemporary, to the retrospective and the nostalgic. These hospitals are often more affordable and more convenient than traveling to a hospital in the big city. The Forest at Duke, near Duke University, offers rides to basketball and football games for community members.

Often times, these lectures, performances, and access to the library are free or offered at a nominal cost to members of the community. Google & its logo are trademarks of Google Inc., Amazon & its logo are trademarks of Amazon Inc.

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