Be warned this is an artistic interpretation of Area 51, it’s not the actual expanse of desert, most of which is patrolled by zealous military guards. Underneath the alien vessel are the remains of a once great human city, emerald tipped buildings and office blocks destroyed and rotting away under the forces of time. Best Minecraft Map Seed For Minecraft 1.10, Two Village Spawns, Minecraft Horse Spawn, Minecraft Temple Spawn!
The map looks particularly good in any of the Dokucraft RPG style texture packs – even at the 16x default resolution. I had a particularly good time exploring the starting village, collecting all manner of potions and upgrading my business casual suit to something a little more suited to an RPG adventure. Now that is has been rendered in minecraft you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Area 51 for yourself. Hovering above earth is an alien ship – clearly hostile given the destruction it has wreaked on the city below. Fires still burn in some parts of the abandoned city, testament to the destruction that was wreaked there.

If massive industrial prison complexes appeal to you, then you’ll be happy as a pig in mud.
At these spots you’ll be able to get some sleep, save your progress on the map and place any items you want to be able to use later in the handy Enderchest. Most of the time you’re dealing with more items than you can really carry, so you have to decide what to keep on you, what to deposit in chests and which to keep in your Enderbank. A flyby of the alien ship base (which rather puts me in mind of the alien ship in Independence Day) reveals aircraft ready to take off and radioactive lava core power sources still running as they were when abandoned by the aliens. Great government buildings still stand, and a portal to the nether remains as a reminder to the technological prowess of the now lost civilization. That was my first impression of Lonely Summit, a minecraft adventure map where digging through solid rock will not be a problem. It’s about a story involving an adventuresome fisherman (you) and a summit that is feeling a mite lonely.
I found this to be a very realistic interpretation of many RPG maps, so two thumbs up and a golden thimble to the creators of Lonely Summit.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The prison black market has clearly been thriving, but be careful – some prisons are harder to escape than others. Two minutes into the map and I already had four diamond pickaxes, and access to about four more hanging about in picture frames. What you find hidden in the sleepy seaside town is enough to send you off on a wild adventure.

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