Presentation on theme: "Applying Comfort Theory to Your Patient(s) or Research Population Dr.
Many people have asked me how to apply Comfort Theory (CT) to their specific patient(s) or research population. Definition of Holistic Comfort: The immediate state of being strengthened by having needs for relief, ease, and transcendence addressed physically, psychospiritually, socioculturally, & environmentally.

13 Total Comfort ReliefEase (maintenance) Transcendence Physical Hyperglycemia Hunger, weight loss Diminished vision Normal BS Optimal weight Skin healed Pain managed without narcotics?) Wants to be best possible diabetic patient with excellent BS control Psycho- spiritual Anxiety, Anger, Why us? Perspective that highlights all of the skills nurses bring to a situation, not just on hazards to prevent.
When you address specific needs for comfort, including pain & anxiety, you increase positive subsequent outcomes such as wellness and self-confidence, patient satisfaction, cost.

State specific (comfort right now!) The outcome of comfort is patient and family centered, because comfort is a basic human desire & need.

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