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You can either write a list of question for each individual (though that will take time) or make a common list of 40 or more questions and let the learners choose 6 questions each. Most students are familiar with the rules of Bingo so you will not much of instructions to give.
Next, on the bingo board ask each learner to write down the experience he or she would like to talk about. Now break your students into two teams (to make them compete) and make them aware that somewhere in the classroom you have hid index cards and it is for them to search and pick one card each and no more. The key to teaching an alien language is in making it fun, and this is especially true of ESL classes, teachers have discovered. This entry was posted in Learning English and tagged classroom, esl, games by Elizabeth Nygard. Elizabeth Nygard, an educational blogger by profession, loves to share various easy Teaching Solutions TEXES practice and study methods. RS 3.7 Students recognise and discuss the purpose of organisational stages of different types of text and explain how the structure of a text is related to its purpose. As a class, brainstorm as many examples of different text types for each purpose as possible. As students contribute ideas, they must explain where they think the text they are suggesting goes and justify their reasoning.
Choose a simple text to annotate with students to illustrate that texts constructed for particular purposes will have different structures and grammatical features in order to achieve their social purpose.
Years 3 and 5 Reading magazine to work through and annotate as students identify features in the text. Discuss with students the purpose and audience of the different texts analysed and how they are similar and different. Provide students with a table where they can record information about the different structural and grammatical features of a variety of text types.
The teacher discusses students' answers, providing all students with the opportunity to add to their information.
Referring to the ideas discussed, students deconstruct the text in pairs, making sure that they provide as much information in their annotations as possible.

Students must also explain how the features they have identified assist the reader and suit the purpose of the text. Reading Luz and Raymond are going to dinner with their neighbors, Victor and Ashley.They are going to a Mexican restaurant that is about fifteen miles from their house.
Reading Larry’s parents received his report card in the mail today, and they are very upset.Larry got two F’s on his report card. The learner will choose and write down the selected questions on a piece of paper and number them from 1 thru 6. Match the experience with each other learners and form groups of 2 or 3 and ask them to talk about their common experiences.
When a student is able to find a card, he or she will have to answer the question they see on the index card.
Brainstorm all of the possible purposes that texts could have (to entertain, reflect, describe, evaluate, inform, argue, persuade and instruct). The table reinforces for students that different texts serve different purposes and that the structural and grammatical conventions of texts help them to achieve their purpose.
First, put ascoop of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and a scoop of strawberry icecream in an oval bowl.
Now, hecan take pictures, record videos, access the Internet, download maps, play music, andsend and receive text messages.
This is particularly true of young men and women in their teens taking ESL lessons, teachers have discovered. They have been tried and tested and there is no reason why it should not work in your classes as well. The next thing that you need to do is prepare 6 questions that are simple to answer, but need eloquence to answer.
Every question should relate to questions that tests the learners abilities at comprehension.
If the answer is correct, then the team to which the student belongs wins a point by retaining the card for the team. At the end of a certain time, or when all the cards have been found the game comes to an end, and the team with the most number of cards answered wins the game. The table provides enough rows to record the structural and grammatical features of a number of texts that have a variety of purposes.
You have permission toshare this eBook, post to your web site, print it, and pass it along to others,as long as you dont make any edits or changes to its contents or digitalformat.
Newsome, wrote a note and asked Larry’s parents to meet with herfor a teacher-parent conference.

Make the questions relevant to the learner – it should relate to the learners’ family, the college where the learner studied, places they have visited or would like to visit, foods they like most, dresses they would like to wear, what their parents do, about their siblings, or any question you guess will make them think.
In this game every learner will prepare a list of experiences they have had – a trek in the forest gone bad, first-time exciting scuba dive, a day in a deserted island or the first cake the learner made in her lifetime are all typical examples to write. A student who finds a card and is unable to answer the question on it also has the option to find someone within the team to find answer for it and then answer it. An x-ray technician took x-rays of her wrist.When the x-rays came back, they showed that her wrist was broken. Buck takes care of the cows on the ranch.He feeds them, rounds them up, brands them, and keeps them safe from wild animals. She got her drivers license a month ago, andthis is the first time she has driven with passengers in the backseat.
Larry used to get good grades, but lately he’s been spending more time with hisfriends and less time studying.
Keep the games as simple as possible and in no time you will get them involved and talking.
After the learners have written down their lists, learners must sit together and pick out at least 40 great experiences to talk about. Create a poster for display in the classroom to support students as they move toward independent analysis of a variety of texts. Kanoa is thirty-four inches long, and he weighs twenty-eight pounds.His height and weight are average for his age. Of course the teacher can write her own experiences to talk about, but a better way is to let the learners do it. Farsi is upset because the bus is crowded and he has to stand.He is trying to read the newspaper, but it is difficult because the bus jerks every time itstops and starts. Luz easily passed the driving test, but her husbandthinks she needs more practice driving.B.
Even before the learners have arrived for the class, each of the index cards must be kept hidden within the classroom. Students who get all the answers correct will get one-hundred points.Both Whitney and Dion want to get an A on the test. They wrote the words in Spanish on one side of the index cards and inEnglish on the other side.

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