PLEASE HELP!!Has anyone ever used for your container a garden soil mix that is supposed to be worked into regular soil? This step is relatively simple: determine how much space you are going to set aside for growing crops. You don’t need to be a certified Project Manager to plan out a garden, but a little forethought is useful. Possibly more importantly, the second link allows you to print a copy of the planting calendar that is relevant to your Hardiness Zone. Gardening is not an exact science and is very dependent on a variety of inputs including sun, rain, freeze, heat, seed quality, animals, bugs, soil…. Keeping an open mind and quality records allow you to build a better garden year after year.
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I had to address this post as good morning because it‘s morning for me and when you are talking about beautiful flowers it's fun to imagine gazing over the morning dew and smelling roses while strolling down a picturesque path on an English flower garden! The reality is if I ever have a garden look like an English flower garden it’s not happening this decade but, maybe some day!
Remember my earlier post about growing a lush green lawn and another about ornamental grasses to try in your garden? Dichonrda repens is a low growing, and evergreen herbaceous plant that servers very well as all-seasons ground cover. Flowers (white or yellow) are quite inconspicuous but the plant itself is really lovely especially when grown over a large area.
Or what would be your favorite bush to plant that you could use for indoor flower arrangements?  I love hearing any advice or ideas on landscape since that is our next project!
Today, I am introducing quite an unusual plant that you can use as alternative of common grasses for an evergreen and lush lawn – it is Dichondra repens.

Adding those ornamental plants in your landscape will surely make the exterior of your home eye catching.
Since i use mainly a mix of organic-and a tad of the *BLUE STUFF* My fertilizer is made very very mildly. Dichonrda repens grows easily from seeds and is maintained with occasionally supply of nitrogenous fertilizer. We have a smaller selection than you northerners but there are several good peonies for the south. I grow Festiva Maxima, Karl Rosenfeld, Gay Paree, Lake of Silver and my favorite is a Yellow peony Itoh hybrid called Bartzella.

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