The ER Emergency Ready 25-Person OSHA First Aid Kit meets federal OSHA requirements for worksites and offices of up to 25 people. Not considered a short-barreled shotgun under the brazenly unconstitutional National Firearms Act because the barrel is rifled.
These pellets will spread about 7 inches at 12 feet and about 12 inches at 20 feet, so of course patterns like this are suitable only at close ranges. Put five shells of 3-inch 000 Buck, and that's potentially TWENTY-FIVE 9mm holes in your assailant.
This kind of weapon is ideal for someone who needs a personal defense weapon but doesn’t train to professional levels of skill in target acquisition and shot placement under extreme stress. Some critics of The Judge have expressed concern about the long freebore (unrifled part of the cylinder) the bullet has to travel before entering the rifled barrel. Though a little heavy to be my first choice for concealed carry, The Judge is my personal choice for bedside and vehicle defense. REFLEKT SKINCARE makes high-quality skincare products that create radiant, healthy, clear and glowing skin at an affordable price. Use REFLEKT 1 hydrating cleansing facial scrub to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevent breakouts, avoid ingrown hairs from shaving, ensure maximum penetration of anti-aging serum and cream, and create a smooth canvas for self-tanning. It’s an exfoliant that deep cleans, yet it does not leave skin tight and dry because it has hydrating properties.

Packed in a durable plastic case, this first aid kit includes a comprehensive set of critical supplies needed for treating minor soft tissue injuries, such as bleeding, bruising and burns. If there is an issue with your product, contact us within 30 days of product receipt and we will give you details on how to return or exchange your purchase.
This is an incredible tactical advantage when you have to draw, target, and shoot very quickly under high-stress conditions. When used with shot, the rifled barrel disperses the shot pellets more rapidly than they would do from a smooth bore.
For example, in a personal defense application you might load the first two shots with #7 or #8 shot for maximum spread. Essentially, this gun is for shooting bad guys at extreme close range like in the confines of your car, your bedroom, or the side lot of your house. As a dealer I have noticed on more than one occasion that Taurus has some quality control issues. I always tell people, be sure to consult your friendly neighborhood gun dealer before buying a gun! REFLEKT 1 hydrating cleansing facial scrub is the first product of the line – it is a luxurious natural bead exfoliant that polishes, refines and rinses clean leaving skin hydrated, supple and luminous. REFLEKT 1 delivers clear radiant skin for teenagers through maturity for both men and women.  Beads are natural, gentle and environmentally friendly.

Products are technologically advanced to deliver prestige benefits at an affordable price and are numbered in the order of use to promote clear radiant skin. The case has a handle for carrying, built-in hooks for easy wall-mounting and separate compartments for organizing medicines, dressings, bandages, antiseptics, etc.
Your first shots might only sting an assailant, but they’ll distract him and disable his attack. With an extra shot and that legendary Smith & Wesson quality, the Governor has got to be a home run. I have sent back several Judges to have the cylinder replaced because the chambers were not bored square with the flutes, making for a weak cylinder wall. ER Emergency Ready First Aid Kits are recommended by health care professionals and approved by a medical advisory board. So folks need to inspect the gun they are buying very carefully before they make the purchase.

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