The 2016 Ford Edge integrates power, performance and handling with innovative technology to inspire confidence behind the wheel. The US Environmental Protection Agency has officially released the fuel-economy figures for Ford’s V6 Ti-VCT powered 2011 Explorer. The improved figures come as a result of better aerodynamics, the use of power steering for the first time, alongside a fuel shut-off system and improved engine components to minimize internal friction. The new Explorer marks a significant departure from the outgoing version, as the seven-seater model switched from a heavy body and frame construction to the same unibody structure with independent from and rear suspension used on the Ford Taurus sedan and Flex crossover. The V6 Explorer will be followed by a 2.0-liter turbocharged model, which according to Ford, is estimated to deliver a 30 percent increase in fuel economy.
The Escape is a handsome enough crossover, but seems to show its age and need for an upgrade. Compact crossovers continue to gain in popularity due to their blend of size and maneuverability.
As mentioned, one of the most significant upgrades to this model year is the introduction of the Sync 3 system. There are three trim options for the 2016 Ford Escape – the base S, the middle tier SE and the top-of-the-line Titanium. Ford has mastered its EcoBoost technology (maximizing power and fuel economy with turbos) and the end result is fun-to-drive vehicles that still have good fuel economy numbers.
We can’t look too much ahead to the 2017 Escape, otherwise, we will overlook a viable, peppy, and quality compact crossover this model year.
All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Loaded with the features and capabilities necessary to help you multi-task your way through lifea€™s challenges, the Edge offers the right amount of attitude, and craftsmanship inside and out.

Despite having more power than the previous generation, the engine is also more frugal than ever, burning 25 percent less fuel than before.
However, the EPA-certified figures stand at 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg highway, which represent a 25 percent improvement over the old V6.
An efficient six-speed transmission mated to this efficient V6 helps Explorer deliver 25 percent better fuel efficiency. The SUV has also been lightened by 100 lb (45 kg), partly thanks to a new unibody construction.
Ford has replaced the much-maligned MyFord Touch system with a drastically different Sync 3 system.
In the Midwest, AWD is the preferred option for the Escape and the fuel economy difference is negligible.
With hard plastic materials and cramped passenger room being so pervasive in the compact crossover segment, the Escape truly is an escape from the norm. The presentation alone of this infotainment system is so starkly different that it is noteworthy.
The 2016 Ford Escape is a right-sized vehicle that blends in well within a tough segment, and is perfectly suited to both urban and suburban environments. The display is vibrant, clean, and totally different than anything Ford has offered previously. I got into the turbo a lot, and also encountered some snow-covered suburban roads, so my fuel economy average was just under 26 mpg. As these crossovers battle one another, they need to find their place in the segment that makes them distinctive.
And the lack of LED lights diminishes from the overall appearance and competitiveness of the Escape.

It seems puzzling why this would be an option most consumers would consider as it’s both less fuel efficient and less powerful than the other two. A standard size bag of golf clubs does not seem to fit across the back, and that was a little surprising. Accessing the rear gate is easy, as long as you have the key fob on your person. With some extras like a navigation system, alloy wheels, and a special grille, my tester had a final price of $32,475.
Considering how much pep this vehicle had, I was more than satisfied with that kind of fuel economy. Although, with the slope of the C-pillar, headroom for really tall rear passengers may be a little cramped. Swing your foot under the rear bumper and the rear gate opens wide, making for convenient, hands-free access. The biggest knock on the MyFord Touch system was the lag time and lack of voice command clarity. Some of the more bare-boned Escapes can be had for significantly less, with prices in the lower $20s. It was ahead of the trend back in the day, but now finds itself with a lot of competition, and thus Ford is always striving to find ways to improve and update this crossover.
However, all styling seems to diminish on the back end, where a sloping C-pillar and bland back end detract from an otherwise nice-looking vehicle. All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options are available, and a six-speed automatic transmission is standard across all powertrains.

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