FORD has opened a window into the styling and technology of its vital next-generation pick-up trucks with the Atlas concept unveiled at this week’s Detroit motor show. The concept provides clear hints as to the styling of the next F-Series full-size truck, the kind of fuel-efficiency technologies to be expected, and innovations that improve the vehicle’s ease of use in a working environment.
Ford Australia brand communications manager Neil McDonald told GoAuto the chances of the next F-Series being officially imported to this country are slim. However, the concept also has many hidden features including retractable side steps, a ladder rack integrated with the tailgate, and ramps that extend from the bodywork for loading wheeled items such as dirt bikes into the tray.
Further driver aids include a 360-degree camera system that provides a top-down view of the vehicle and its surroundings to help with off-roading and manoeuvring the hulking truck in tight spaces. In addition to the efficiency gains of a next-generation EcoBoost drivetrain with fuel-saving idle-stop system, meaningful fuel consumption improvements are made by active aerodynamics such grille shutters that automatically open and close depending on engine cooling requirements. Shutters on the alloy wheels close to improve aerodynamics at high speeds, open for style at low speeds and are powered by integrated batteries charged by energy generated by the turning wheels. Other aerodynamic aids include a front spoiler that emerges from the lower bumper to provide underbody airflow at highway speeds, but is retracted to improve ground clearance during off-roading, as do the side-steps, which fold away for aerodynamic purposes. The stylish but rugged-looking cockpit continues the LED lighting theme and features digital displays with controls designed to remain usable by gloved hands, while thinner seat designs increase rear legroom and space for more storage.
For its release date on the fey expect that to happen until the end of 2014, but we currently do not have an official information.When talking about the price, we can tell you that will range from $ 24,000 to $ 35,000. Incoming search terms:hyundai santa fe 20152015 hyundai santa fesantafe 2015santa fe 2015santa fe hyundaihyundai tucson 2015hyundai sportage 2015santa fe hyundai suv with 3rd 2015hyundai santa fieldSANTE FEE 2016Be Sociable, Share! Now Ford Bronco lovers can regain the timeless appearance of the 50+ year-old classic Early Bronco design (1966 to 1977) while experiencing Ford’s 21st Century innovative engineering and modern technology, with a custom-built 4 Door Early Ford Bronco restomod designed by Thomas Kincer of Krawlers Edge! Krawlers Edge (KE) has designed a custom Bronco Tube Chassis for the early Ford Bronco to provide more room inside to inside of the frame rails to accommodate engine conversion swaps and a variety of other customizations.
Call Krawlers Edge at (865) 297-3478 and come in for a sit-down consultation to determine what YOU, the customer wants in your 4 Door Early Ford Bronco Restomod. Choose from KE’s Custom Tube Chassis that lets us build a 4-door version of the 2-door classic.

One of the unique aspects of Thomas’ tube chassis design is his ability to build a 4-door version of the 2-door-only Early Bronco design, which meets the standards of today’s 4-Door SUVs. Carefully designed and engineered to give you the ride and experience expected by today’s SUVs, every aspect of a Krawlers Edge Bronco Restomod offers performance, safety, and comfort using modern technology, complete with the nostalgia of an Early Bronco! Solidly built in-house, the custom 4-door modification is in itself a major fabrication undertaking, but one that will have Early Ford Bronco enthusiasts doing a double-take when they see it can be made to look exactly like it should have looked had Ford built a 4-door half and full cab model!
Knowing there was a need to replace outdated drivetrains with advanced automotive technology and high-performance parts used in modern vehicles, KE embraced the Restomod concept of restoring with modification — that is, completely reviving the original look while modifying it with all the latest instrumentation, power enhancements, and modern bells and whistles, to create a much better ride! Please contact us if you are interested in your own custom-built Restomod Bronco by Krawler’s Edge!
So popular are KE’s custom restomod Early Broncos, one of them, a 1976 2-door metallic two-toned bright midnight blue with a medium silver metallic hardtop was invited onto the Car Crazy stage at the annual 2013 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas.
Furthermore, Kincer has designed a fully bolt-on, Do-It-Yourself 4-link suspension that anyone can install, that makes your older model Bronco ride as smoothly as any modern 4x4 or SUV . 2013 F150 Ecoboost Platinum Build (Recon Lights, Tons of Performacne Mods, Wheels)This is a discussion on 2013 F150 Ecoboost Platinum Build (Recon Lights, Tons of Performacne Mods, Wheels) within the F150 Ecoboost Builds forums, part of the F150 Ecoboost Forum category; This is a local customers 2013 F150 ecoboost platinum 4x4 truck build.
I just had the first oil change done on my 2014 2.0 titanium and was looking underneath afterwards.
Did we loose the screws during the trip, or when the tire hit the shield, or were they not replaced during the last oil change?
The Escape was still under Carmax's 30 day warranty so I called their service manager and told him what had happened and about the missing shield screws.
The shield's part # is EJ7Z-6P013-A and on the fordsparts site its MSRP is $268.73, so be careful out there and watch out for pieces of truck tires.
In this instance the shield did its job since there was no other damage to my Escape, but it's definitely not made for off roading. And if you have someone else do your oil changes I suggest that you check that no shield screws are missing and that they are tight.
Everytime and I mean Everytime I have the dealer change my oil that means every 5,000 miles within 2 days I am back to the dealer because his monkey's did not put the shield back on correctly.

I guarantee you if I hit something because the dealer did not put that shield on correctly they would say I hit something and they put the shield on correctly then now I would point them back to all the service records and number of times I had to come back in a 2nd time after an oil change to get them to do the job they were supposed to do correctly the 1st time.
All this while keeping the stock Bronco look — however, the occasional fanatic who can’t help but kneel to take a closer look will get a sleek surprise!
In the past, any modern suspension system would require welding it into the frame, but Kincer’s Bolt-on alternative will be on display this Fall at 2015 SEMA.
I am surprised to see what basically seems to be felt-like material where vehicles usually have a steel skid plate. Traffic was heavy and suddenly a large piece of truck tire appeared from under a SUV in front of us in the middle of the lane.
That is unfortunately exactly what I feared would happen if something bigger than a rock struck that piece of fabric.
But yeah you should be able to trust the dealer to do it right, or as Bill suggested, insist that you check it after they are done.
Maybe you want a knock-your-socks-off show truck; or just a fun vehicle for running errands to the grocery store and golf course.
On the 2013 Escape that we had sold back to Carmax I had found some of the shield screws missing when I changed the oil and others that were only hand tight.
But I guess if it prevented any damage to what it was covering then it did serve a disposable purpose.
I just wanted to make sure that they did not forget to reinstall some plastic or other shield that should go over what I am seeing. I had no positive proof that the missing screws were Carmax's fault and they could have told me that.

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