Wow, well sorry to hear you're letting the Compass go, but for the deal you're getting, can't say as I blame you, the Edge is a nice ride so congrats on that and definitely don't be a stranger around here so do be sure to check in from time to time!
Ok so a small update on this after 5 months; the Edge is only FWD and I really missed the 4x4 over the winter, got good snow tires (Geolander) but not as stable or competent as the Jeep. It is really good to have a good opinion and a comparison between the jeep and other cars by real people in the real world.

Will miss the Jeeps, might check in now and then to see how it's going here, seems quiet lately!
Will be going to auction soon if not already, apparently for $18k but they gave me $19,700.
I miss the sunroof but that's all so far, no snow to test out yet but I hope it copes ok (FWD).

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