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Meet the 2015 Ford Fusion, Ford’s popular mid-size sedan that has taken the car market by storm.
Since its full redesign in 2013, Ford Fusion joined the company’s global design language, which centers around a new bold, hexagonal front grille and a sleek new silhouette.
Ford Fusion Hybrid joins the lineup in 2015, offering two identical engines engines with a rechargeable battery option available only with the Fusion Energi model. Ford is adding an impressive list of features to this year’s Fusion, as competition is moving forward in all fronts, particularly on this one. If you’re impressed by the new 2015 model or think you need to see it in person, stop by Lamarque Ford today to schedule a test drive and to find the best deal on a Ford Fusion in New Orleans.
I saw a thread - somewhere - where there is a mod to add a button to control the main vent that goes to the outside air.
The vacuum plug connector (behind dash) that leads to the HVAC controls has several vacuum lines in it.

Since 2006, Ford Fusion has served as the manufacturer’s platform to showcase technological breakthroughs and innovation, and was awarded 2010 Motor Trend Car of The Year. The new grille helps improve the Fusion’s efficiency by acting as an active-shutter, which regulates the air intake and maintaining ideal operating temperature. As part of the redesign, Ford is focusing on the experience and puts the driver’s needs front and center. The entry level is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder Duratec engine coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission, offering 175 hp at 6,000 rpm. Both hybrid models top out at 141 horsepower and use Ford’s unique Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT), which provides better fuel economy, more available power, and smoother gear shifting. Located in Kenner, LA, Lamarque Ford is committed to providing you the best customer service and vehicle service for the life of your vehicle. For 2015, Ford Fusion comes equipped with exciting features and engine combinations, including two EcoBoost models and a plug-in Hybrid. The 2015 Fusion’s exterior is topped-off with the new projector laser-cut headlamps, which activate automatically when the ambient light decreases and can change modes as it becomes necessary.

The dashboard and main console now make MyFord Touch more prominent, and drivers can access their music collection and make calls with simple voice commands. Next are the two EcoBoost options, both with direct injection and a six-speed transmission. The 2015 Fusion Hybrid has an EPA estimated rating of 42 mpg and it’s almost doubled by the Fusion Energi model, which offers 88 mpg thanks to its added rechargeable capabilities. Whether you’re on the market to purchase, finance, or service a new or used Ford vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.
Other features include updated  leather upholstery with power seats and available ambient lighting. The top-of-the-line EcoBoost, a 2 liter turbo-charged aluminum block engine, produces 240 horsepower and has an optional AWD drivetrain. This latter option brings additional stability and fuel efficiency as well as a key differentiator amongst competitors, as the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry do not offer AWD configurations.

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