Today on this 2011 Ford Escape, we're going to test fit of Part Number RX5079277 from Rain-X, this is the latitude windshield wiper blades. Im sorry I don't have pictures but they are for my girlfriend`s mustang and I don't want to open it but as far as the service it was a great experience and they were very quick to get me what I needed. Employee Review: These are the second pair of blades that I have purchased and I love them. I was told that these windshield wipers were incredible - the description claimed the wiper blades would not leave any water residue on the windshield after each swipe and I paid double the cost of what I would have paid for the Honda wipers. The rain X wipers arrived on time, went on easy as a snap,and work well in the Seattle weather. You can return any item for a refund, or you can exchange it for a different product 28 days after receiving your original order.
If you wish to have a refund you will be refunded at price you purchased your item at with all goods being inspected upon return. If your product is unsuitable and you wish to swap it for something else then please contact us with the details. If you have simply changed your mind or ordered incorrectly then you will be required to pay the postage to return the goods to us. If you used our database to order your goods based on your car details then we will provide you with a freepost address to return the items at no cost to yourself. Equal pressure applied along the length of the contoured blade delivers clean, streak-free results.

The contoured, beam-style frame applies even pressure along the entire length of the blade so that it tightly conforms to your windshield. There are two things to know about this part is that it's designed to be a replacement all-weather windshield wiper blade. With that, that'll finish it for our test of our Part Number RX5079277 from Rain-X, the Latitude Windshield Wiper Blade on our 2011 Ford Escape. But so far installation was a breeze and they're silent when used, which is more than I can say for the last wipers I had which were noisy from day one. I received fast communication, and the products arrived in two days via standard shipping.
Please ensure that you contact us prior to sending any goods back so that we can issue you with a returns reference number. In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition, we may have to send it back to you. If you do not know what you require instead we will try our very best to identify the correct items for you, we may ask for emailed images of your existing blade or pump to help us. If postage was paid on the original order then this will not be refunded however we do not charge extra to send out exchanged goods. This helps to ensure a clean, streak-free wipe and uniform wear along the blade.This windshield wiper blade sports a heavy-duty, graphite-coated rubber squeegee that withstands freezing conditions and ensures smooth, noiseless operation.
It has contoured bean-style frame that applies pressure evenly across the windshield and the rubber squeegee has built-in UV inhibitors to help protect it from the sunlight.

This will allow us to process your exchange or refund as quickly and efficiently as possible.
If there is any difference in price this will be refunded or charged once the items arrive back with us.
If they can survive the 100 plus temperatures and still silently clean the windshield, I'll be able to say they are a fantastic blade.
I went in etrailer and found these for a great price and easy installation and am extremely happy with my purchase. Also, the sleek, closed design and durable rubber casing of this beam-style wiper blade prevent snow and ice buildup, which is a common problem with frame-style blades.Windshield Wiper Connector TypesThis blade installs quickly and easily with the included hardware.
With the two tabs located on the arm that we have to squeeze together, they will push up and away from the arm. The hinge on the Rain-X Wiper Blade is actually the wrong style, but it does come with the correct adapter.

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