Remove some power steering fluid from the reservoir by disconnecting the fluid return line hose at the reservoir.
On the 2.9L engine loosen the adjusting nut and the slider bolts on the pump support to slacken belt tension.
On the 4.0L engine, slacken belt tension by lifting the tensioner pulley in a clockwise direction.
Install the pulley removal tool and install the power steering pump pulley to the power steering pump.
On the 4.0L while lifting the tensioner pulley in a clockwise direction, slide the belt under the tensioner pulley and lower the pulley to the belt. Continue to crank the engine and rotate the steering wheel about 30° to either side of center. Check the fitting to determine whether the leak is between the tube and tube nut or between the tube nut and pump outlet. If the leak is between the tube nut and pump outlet check to be sure the nut is tightened to 30-40 ft. To aid in the assembly of the new plastic seal washer, a tapered shaft may be required to stretch the washer so that it may be slipped over the tube nut threads. If the rubber O-ring is damaged it cannot be serviced and the hose assembly will have to be replaced.

The quick connect fitting may disengage if not fully assembled, if the snapring is missing or if the tube nut or hose end is not machined properly. First Choice Wheels and Tires has over 30 years of experience in the wheel and tire industry.
In an apparent shot back at Ford's increasing market share of electrified vehicles and claim that it accepts more Prius trade-ins for its own hybrids than any other car, Toyota has flexed a muscle and played the numbers game to put the Blue Oval in its place.Leaning on its hybrid market dominance in California, the Japanese automaker stated that six out of 10 hybrids sold in the Golden State are Toyota models. Ford marketing head honcho Jim Farley made waves at CES this week by telling show attendees, "We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you're doing it." according to a report by Business Insider.
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Remove the drive belt from under the tensioner pulley and slowly lower the pulley to its stop. If you are arriving to this page after clicking on a link on our site, please contact our IT department. And it keeps coming: Year-to-date through May 2013, Toyota sold five times more hybrids than Ford.
Members who have recently joined our forum or those members with less than 300 posts (regardless of join date) who post high dollar items for sale may have their threads closed or removed due to the increased risk to our members. To test for positive engagement the system should be properly filled, the engine started and the steering wheel turned from stop to stop.

High dollar items are generally those over $500 but may be set lower based on our classifieds moderator teams discretion.
In addition, Toyota notes that it has sold 1.5 million Prius vehicles in the US, 90-percent of which are still on the road today.Want more? A Ford spokesperson confirmed with Business Insider that its GPS units are not sharing the whereabouts of drivers, though there are a few on-board services that might do so. All members selling high dollar items should be prepared and proactive in offering references from other CL members who know them, on other forums, etc. Niche M155 Citirine 18x8 5x114.3 +40mm Bronze Wheels Rims (Fits: Ford Edge Sport)LIMTED TIME SPECIAL! This is referred to as a 'vouch', and the voucher must post directly and publicly in your for sale thread.

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