Project Logs For detailed builds specific to the Ford Ranger, one thread per vehicle please. But the single handed most important mod I did to this truck was ditching the automatic that I blew sky high for an M5OD manual.
I plan to run a 1354M eventually, but may have to settle for a 1354E with one of those little dinky shifster things.
I'm not too worried about collecting all the Level II stuff like the RCM plate, extension housing, and etc. I still have my automatic plate that I'm planning on cutting up, but I'm open to maybe throwing the factory RCM on for the right price. How fix 2003 ford expedition door ajar light , How do you fix a 2003 ford expedition door ajar light that will not go out even when door is closed?. Where door ajar sensors 2002 ford ranger?, Not sure, but i think i know why you're asking.
Alarm constantly going off, door ajar, engine light on, Hello all, i have a 2002 explorer xlt with 90k miles with some sort of electrical problem(s).

No door ajar, but dome light won't go off after cutting car off and shutting all doors explorer, sport trac, mountaineer & aviator. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
I'll probably make my own floor plate, and make a bracket for the shift linkage and just use a regular extension housing. I'll try my best to update whenever I can so this doesn't turn into one of those "well what the heck ever happened" threads.
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Special thanks to Shane, Stone, and Trey, for all of their direct and indirect help with the swap.
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