When my 7'1" son and I sit on a bench, the top of his head is just a little over an inch above my head.
Our Flex has the Vista roof and actually has less headroom than a Flex without the "hole in the roof" option. The 2nd row buckets are great and still leave access to the 3rd row when we need to haul Grandpa and Grandma around.

The plus's on the Edge are size, if you don't haul a bunch of people or cargo around, get the Edge. One, the Vista roof doesn't have as big an opening as the Edge, plus when open makes more noise then the Edge did when open.
The final problem with the Flex is I wish I would have waited 1 yr and got the Ecoboost engine.

The Flex has enough power to get around and I have got over 28 mpg here in the flat lands of Iowa with it.

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