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Alors que le prix de l'essence se maintient au dessus d'un dollar le litre, la popularite des camionnettes grand format s'est estompee au profit des camionnettes compactes en 2006. Yeah man like the velociraptors then Hennessy makes he wants to do the same thing, they are crazy! I am looking for a tow capacity chart for my 02 GMC Sierra 5.3 liter where can I find one or does someone already have a PDF file of this can't really get a straight answer when I search the internet. I know I am over on payload capacity, but I also have LT tires on the truck, this is only my second season camping and we have only stayed on Michigan I just don't want to be running unsafe.
Might also have that info on a plate or sticker in the glove box or maybe even stamped on the rear end housing.
If you're going through the mountains on interstate highways, you'll slow down but you'll be fine. For having a #6400 GVWR on the truck and coming in at #6420 with a #6360 TT (on the axles, mind you..) is pretty darn good IMO!
Sure, you'll slow on the grades and don't be afraid to let it rev, as that's where your power is going to come from.. There are ways to spec 1-ton duallies to have 6400# of payload rating, but I concede not with a 5.3L engine. After reading so much here about the TC generating so much heat locking and unlocking I was concerned with my 5.4L engine hauling 8K. You're well over the heads of most of the guys here, throwing around our technical terms to look knowledgeable. Also, as of '65, first year for the TH400, and with it the first modern torque converter, any new 'vette could be ordered with disc brakes, on all 4 wheels, no less. Getting into what the Z28 and Mustang guys are doing with their high-stall converters is irrelevant since noone here tries those.
Modern aftermarket diesel converters can be built to hold torque I had to drive to believe. Tuners can force lockup on some apps, but this internal capability is there for diagnostics, not trying to force your pickup to tow the way you think it should. This one has strayed off topic far enough and is starting to get personal so it is time to close it.

Not sure what year truck you have, but my 1997 E4OD most definitely locks and unlocks in 2nd and 3rd gears.
To the poster that said the tow vehicles prior to locking TC pulled all the time and didn't have any problems..
Thanks for all the good info found out last night found out that the truck has a 4.10 rear end, basically I was trying to find out if I had enough truck to tow over the mountains for I have never done any mountain driving before and making sure I wasn't going to kill the truck towing over the mountains in the process, thought I read in a post here somewhere the higher the RPM'S that it helps cool the transmission is that true.
The higher rpms will make it less likely that your torque converter is in an 'unlocked' situation, which will keep your trans temp lower..
Driver awareness is key to most, if not all, how a vehicle is going to live or survive at any given moment.. Knowing the tow ratings of your rig and thinking it's going to 'survive' going over mountains and such without also being aware of it's operating conditions is no guarantee of anything..
I've witnessed a DROP in trans temp while still climbing the hill between an unlocked and locked TC situation because I have a trans temp gauge with the sensor on the trans OUTPUT line.. I do not have a Sierra owners manual but I do have a 2002 Silverado manual which should be close. I use to have a really nice decoder site, you would put in the year and model and it would only spit out the codes for that year and model. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I'm gonna star the 08+ dash swap next week or the week after depending on how cold it is now that i have my Expy to drive around. And how could I find out what rear end my truck has I look on the drivers door and all it gives me is the gross payload capacity which is 6400. Sometimes a certain model of certain years with a certain engine had no optional axle ratios, but that seldom applies to GM pickups. I have a hand held scanner, does everything on the engine but does not find the codes for the Torque shift tranny.
I need to get an electronic scanner to read the TRANS Temp code (I can't remember the exact 4 letter code) and ideally the TC lockup like you have. The Ford C6 and the Chrysler 727 too, while we're at it: Run a 4L80E as hard, it won't last any better. C'est connu, Ford possede une forte emprise sur le marche nord-americain des camionnettes compactes.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The reason I am asking is DW and I are thinking of going from Michigan to South Dakota and traveling on down to Arkansas next summer, and was wanting to see if this was enough truck to get over the mountains and back safely.

On my 2003 K2500 Burb I put a gage in the TC output line before the radiator and the stock one was in the pan. They had CAFE to deal with, they had new OD automatics coming along, and they had smaller V8s that weren't meeting needs with 1200-stall.
It has enough holding ability for mild non-tow, non-haul acceleration in OD at freeway speeds on level ground. Yet all through the '70s, guys were towing with 454s and 460s, without destroying torque converters or transmissions.
Compare that to the typical 200 RPM of cruise slip they had, which typically reached 400 RPM by WOT.
Pour une vingtieme annee consecutive, la Ranger devrait encore terminer au premier rang du palmares des vente de la categorie en 2007. Pour connaitre un tel succes, la Ranger ne se fie pas a un design avant-gardiste ou a une kyrielle de systemes d'aide a la conduite. Non, la petite camionnette Ford mise sur la fiabilite et la robustesse de son chassis et sa mecanique, un vaste choix de cabines et de groupes motopropulseurs, et une echelle de prix realiste.Si la rigidite du chassis et des suspensions affectent la douceur de roulement, les moteurs et les transmissions sont concus pour le travail intense. He had to sell it for so cheap because he moved to Hawaii two days after he sold the truck to me.(I got the title for the truck so I'm good haha)Let me know what you guys think! Le moteur a quatre cylindres de 2,5 litres (de 1998 a 2000) a laisse sa place en 2001 a un moteur de 2,3 litres plus puissant et moins rugueux. Par ailleurs, l'entree en service d'un V6 de 4 litres en 2001 a confine le V6 de 3 litres aux modeles a deux roues motrices. Compte tenu de la vocation utilitaire de la Ranger, tous les moteurs sont livrables avec une boite automatique ou manuelle.Le tableau de bord n'est pas le plus elegant mais il est facile a consulter.
Par ailleurs, il est dommage que Ford n'accommode pas les familles avec un modele a cabine double (SuperCrew) et dote de quatre «vraies» portieres. En effet, les deux strapontins de la cabine allongee (SuperCab) sont reserves uniquement a de jeunes enfants. Meme si la conception de la Ranger semble depassee, elle demeure la camionnette compacte la plus populaire au pays.
Plus robustes et jouissant d'une meilleure fiabilite que les anciennes S-10 et Sonoma de GM, les Ranger d'occasion ont un prix plus eleve que leurs rivales americaines mais plus abordables que les modeles japonais.

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