Unlike most emergency kits out there, your investment in our gear won’t just sit idle waiting to be used in an emergency. Sturdy material and rugged construction, plus features normally found on more expensive backpacks. Leather Palm-Split Gloves Gloves can be very important in an emergency situation when you may have to move & cut wood, clear brush, or when using tools repeatedly. Signal Mirror This un-breakable mirror can be used for signaling messages, rescue and hygiene. Whistle This police whistle can be helpful for communication, calling for help, or to ward off an animal threat.
Playing Cards In the aftermath of emergencies playing cards can be a form of stress release and soothing to the nerves. Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. UST Wetfire Tinder–8 pack Initially developed for military personnel, WetFire is now available so that you too can get a blaze going even in a downpour.
Ultimate survival sleeping bag – be it a bug out kit, hunting or pure survival purposes, this is a bag you don’t want to be without. Recon 3 sleeping bag is an ultra-compact generation 2 bag, that’s insanely durable, warm and rated to be used in two seasons with up to -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) weather.
The 1220 sleeping bag is a military 2 season sleeping bag, the sleeping bag can be laundered in the normal manner and will perform more efficiently than bags with natural fillings when wet. Recent CommentsDash on King of 0-60 mph, Porsche 997 Turbo S Motor Trends fastest car for 2012Lynda on RE Factor Tactical Operator Bandmark on FRS-15 grip design for AR15 bypasses California lawsrobert bijak on Choice between a Porsche 997 GT2 vs.
TajmirJuly 14, 2016 at 11:14 PMSelf defense is very essential and should be learned by everyone.
What is the best way to be prepared for any survival or even first aid situation in today’s society? How do we ensure that we are prepared and have the right products available in an emergency situation?
And this is still so true as emergencies happen unexpectedly and often without any warning.
This is why it is essential to be prepared for the unknown, with the recommendations of a Health and Safety body. 72 hour kit – When you go bush or snowboarding, it is really important that you kit up for any disaster where you could be alone for a couple of days.
Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) kits – Coined by the people, the GOOD kit is a colloquial term for a survival kit.
If you already didnt see my review table on the survival kits out there, you can view it again here. If your like me and seem to take charge and do everything yourself, then what better option do you have then to put together your own custom kit! A BOB is a collection of necessities that will enable you get out of an emergency situation and survive for a period of about three days.

In the BOB you need to collect necessary items that will enable you survive in a place away from where you will access necessities in life, for instance in the situation where you will need a BOB you will not be able to access water, food, fire to warm up and you will be exposed to different forms of dangers hence you need to protect yourself. You cannot survive without water; this makes it necessary for you to have water in your bug out bag.
The best foods that you should carry in your BOB should be light; going for freeze dried foods which you will add boiling water while in your survival situation and eat will be the best option for you. For you to survive in a place for more than three days you need shelter where you will sleep and protect yourself from extreme elements of weather. Because in a survival situation emergencies can arise, you need to equip yourself with a first aid kit. In the survival situation you may be faced with danger, in such a situation you need a weapon which will enable you protect yourself.
Check out this video to give you some extra hints in determining the best checklist items for your bug out bag! Unlike other BOBs out there, our backpack is specifically designed for long-distance backpacking, giving you maximum comfort and usability . Hydration–ready with center exit hole and tube bungees on both sides (bladder not included).
A bandana can be used in a hundred ways such as protecting your neck & head from the hot sun, a towel, a water pre-filter, or a wound dressing. These large gloves, which can accommodate a large variety of hand sizes, are sturdy & rugged and hold up under tough conditions.
Actually, as attested to by combat forces, shaving and simple hygiene has a calming and civilizing effect on people in the midst of turmoil. Crank the hand turbine for four minutes and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of use. That’s why we’ve included an easy to operate (even with cold hands) gas lighter–try lighting one of those small bic style ones with cold hands, its almost impossible!
The Sparkie can be operated with one hand and start your fire even in the most adverse weather conditions. An effective way to warm your body is to put the warmers under your armpits (to prevent possible burns, use a barrier between your skin & the warmers).
It’s already in use with a large number of military forces in Iraq including RAAF, US Air force and various NATO forces.
Insulation incorporates an ultra-thin barrier of anti-bacterial pure silver micro fibre which also increases its heat retaining capability. Internal baffle foot is re-inforced with 210D Nylon Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof finish to limit damage from boots. They can be life changing and life threatening and we believe that an incident like the recent South East Asian Tsunami proves that it can change the lives of millions of people within hours.
You can design your bug out bag to last longer but most of them are designed to last for three days. Because you will not have enough capacity for you to carry enough water, you need to carry at least one liter of water per day which you intend to be in the survival satiation.

You can easily buy one online and have in your home which you can pack while going for the survival satiations. Paper that can withstand wet weather would be ideal in this situation to leave directions and notes.
Fitted with heavy duty zippers, single batting filament of thermalite for insulation and has a lining inside that would allow you to wear boots within the bag without wrecking the interior. The Compression Sack spider both reduces the volume of the rolled bag for carriage and also provide a waterproof outer to prevent the bag from getting wet. These are the RECON brand sleeping bags made in Australia with Dupont Thermolite Micro insulation.
Most of the time rioting, theft, and violent crimes occur after order is lost because of a disaster. I prefer automatics, because I don't want to be fooling around loading revolvers when SHTF. So i have taken the liberty to build out a review on a market leading basic pack that i found from Fox Tactical.
In case you can access a collapsible water bottle, it will be very easy for you to carry it in your bag. While packing the first aid kit you should remember to pack the instruction kit for you to be able to know how to carry out different first aid procedures. It is also helpful to record important information like contact information, notes about water intake, food, etc., and kids can use it as a draw pad too! The compact body has a rubberized grip wrap giving you maximum control and comfort during use. And, with our kits the bonus is you can and should use your BOB for your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting or backpacking! Here’s why. Main compartment has double cinch cords and false floor unzips to combine with lower compartment for more vertical space.
Unique, patented one-handed operation is perfect in cases of a hand injury, or using one hand to block wind. They are lighter bags out there with same compactness but they will usually be more expensive. Features: olive drab 210 denier nylon, #8 zippers, baffles, mummy design and long enough for tall folks, included compression sack, bottom shell has polyurethane 2000mm waterproof finish (cool), internal gear pocket, woven in silver micro fiber, bonded seams, and more. Not tested in TNP, I cannot vouch for the longevity oe warmth levels but the value looks good and it would be a great bag option in your BOK.

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