Men of the British West Indies Regiment cleaning their rifles on the Amiens Road near Albert, September 1916. Arthur Torrington is one of three external specialist researchers on the Whose remembrance? Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) encouraged his countrymen to volunteer to fight in order to prove their loyalty to the King and to be treated as equals. West Indian troops were kept away from the victory parades that marked the end of the war, and some of them were hurried home under armed guard. About IWM ResearchIWM has an unparalleled collection of material, covering all aspects of twentieth and twenty-first century conflict. Tanks were invented because the trench warfare type of fighting was slow and unpredictable. One of the key reasons for introducing tanks was to deal with the problems posed by barbed wire. The first tanks were unreliable and difficult to maneuver, partly because of the thick mud and and uneven ground of the Western Front. Little Willie was developed in 1915 by British scientists and inventors, and it was the first of the World War 1 tanks.
Tanks were sometimes categorised as being male or female, with the female tanks having fewer guns. Tanks were at first camouflaged although they were soon painted brown, as they ended up covered in mud after a few hours of being used. In November, 1917, all 474 tanks of the British Tank Corps fought at the Battle of Cambrai. During the 1918 Battle of Amiens, about 70 percent of Allied tanks were destroyed in just a few days. By the end of the war, the British had produced over 2,600 tanks, while the Germans had made only 20. Today, one of the best places to see World War 1 tanks is at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. A maintenance food ration for an adult should be 2,400 calories a day, and our ration cards permitted us no more than half of that per day, but most of the time we could not get even that much food. Those memories were triggered by a video that someone had pointed out on Facebook, a video that shows archived colour footage of what the bombed-out city of Berlin looked like two months after the war.
The end of that war was 70 years ago, but most of the suffering that the Germans had to go through had really begun in earnest in about 1943, intensified after May 1945 and continued until July of 1948, when the Morgenthau Plan was replaced with the Marshall Plan.  Over night, money was worth something again, the stores no longer were empty but full to bursting with goods, some of which we had not even dreamed about because we did not know them. Still, I was nine when the war came to an end.  The memories of the war and especially of its aftermath are lasting and will last me until I am six-feet under, but I am proud to have helped with the re-emergence of Germany and its economy, out of ruins, rubble and ashes, and here is what the cities looked like before that re-emergence happened.
City Centre of Dresden — Official estimates of the death toll in Dresdenare in the order of about 135,000 dead, but accurate estimates could not be made, as there were about 500,000 refugees and soldiers from the eastern front moving through. Dresden, collecting the dead prior to incinerating them (there were too many to bury them). Cologne — downtown with the cathedral, showing the railroad bridge going across the Rhine River, no more.
Wesel — 97 percent of Wesel was destroyed and obliterated in wave after wave of carpet bombing, February 1945. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh?  What better way to keep an enemy-country close than to keep it occupied for seventy years and for as long as possible after.  Mind you, some of the countries that are still being occupied now are not now and were not then enemy countries.  They were allies and are occupied just as much and as hard as Germany is!  What is it with that? That was then, in World War I and World War II, but a profitable industry like that would resist dying off and instead wish to grow. As detailed further on the next page on military expenditure, world military spending has now reached one trillion dollars, close to Cold War levels. Each year, around 30-35 billion dollars are made in actual sales (agreements, or signing of contracts). In more recent years, annual sales of arms have risen to around $50-60 billion although the global financial crisis is slowly beginning to be felt in arms sales too.
The conglomerate of Nobel corporations played an important role in all of that destruction and killing, and still does today. Well, I wonder whether all of what we were told about Alfred Nobel’s motivations is true, and whether the Nobel Prizes, especially the Nobel Peace Prize, are not merely a public relations effort that was to be more effective, enduring, elaborate, lavish and expensive than the $5,000 worth of dimes and nickels with which John D. After all, the family of Nobel corporations is still heavily involved in producing explosives with which wars are being fought all over the world to continue to destroy property and human lives. For instance, Akzo Nobel held a controlling share of Imperial Chemical Industries, the makers of the explosives and incendiary devices with which the German cities were turned to rubble and ashes during World War II. Would the politics involved in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize have served to exonerate Alfred Nobel of his role in causing unimaginable extents of human suffering, and would he, if he were still alive, as easily become a recipient as did, say, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and Yasser Arafat in 1994, whose legacy we can witness in the widespread and ongoing destruction in the Middle East until today?
A video showing a summary of what happened in Germany during the end of the second word war and its aftermath. Another documentary relating to the history of what happened in parts of Germany at the end of and after the second world war. The death rate for males in the age group 15-64 is more than 100 and less than 715 per 100,000 or between 1% and 7.15% per year, an exact number depending on the proportions of the two age groups within that range. That means that the death rate, with an average residence time of perhaps two years for the over 5 million POW in the Rheinwiesen camps, would have had to be at least about 8 percent. At the very least, none of the relatives and friends of the POWs that died of whatever causes in the Rheinwiesen camps ever had any opportunity to visit the graves of those POWs.
Today I was made aware of an interview of Ursula Haverbeck (in German, with English subtitles), in which Ursula Haverbeck, a convicted Holocaust denier, attempts to set the record straight regarding the Holocaust. Yes, the website for Fathers for Life and its affiliated blogs are being slandered and censored.
Whether you are a fathers-rights activist, a pro-family activist or a skeptic of environmental alarmism, it is quite likely that your website or blog is being slandered and censored, too. Frank Stucke, a brilliant German academic and journalist, and my colleague for many years, has just died. Most notably, Frank was the person responsible for obtaining our interview with Oskar Groening, a former SS man who worked at Auschwitz (and who was recently convicted of war crimes). As well as being both a penetrating intellectual and a gifted journalist, Frank was fantastic company. So you fly into Stalingrad in early January 1943 and less than a month later you are captured by the Red Army.

I was re-reading the transcript of our interview with Colonel Below last week, whilst working on my new book and TV series, both of which deal with some of these issues, and it made me think once again about the nature of heroism. In the spring of 1986 I was driving through the Loire valley, listening to an interview on Radio 4 with Enoch Powell, one of the most famous British politicians of the time. We’ve just added onto the site for subscribers the testimony of Paul Montgomery who was a member of a B29 bomber crew during the war against Japan. I’ll never forget meeting Paul Montgomery nearly a dozen years ago on his farm in the flat lands of Oklahoma. It was my birthday this week – which is not a cause for wild jubilation once you are over forty five in my experience, and, unfortunately, I am most certainly over forty five.
When I was out walking through the snow in the Chiltern Hills outside of London the other day, with the cold air penetrating through my thick clothes, I remembered the toughest man I have ever met. He was part of a Siberian division that had been sent to defend the Soviet capital in December 1941. We’ve just added onto the site, for subscribers, the testimony of Kenichiro Oonuki who trained as a Kamikaze pilot during the Second World War. He was alive in 2000, when I met him, because in April 1945 his plane developed technical faults en route to the Allied fleet off Okinawa. Martin Bormann, Hitler’s slavish, self-serving secretary, conceived the tea-house as a 50th birthday present for his Boss. The tea-house was finished, ahead of schedule, in 1938 and then handed over to Hitler on his 50th birthday on 20 April 1939. Hitler’s affection for the Obersalzberg was actually a sign of his deeply provincial and bourgeois taste.
Then, I got to thinking when I was in the Kehlsteinhaus myself, this place is somehow too conventionally megalomanical for Hitler. Praise poured over The Conjuring when it was released in 2013, not because it was good, but because the mainstream horror scene is so dire that anything resembling competence feels like the rise of a new New Hollywood. There’s a point at which the current twentysomething has to become aware that, much like their Reagan-era parents before them, our nostalgia is being milked by late-night talk show hosts and movie sequels.
The Purge: Anarchy turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of 2014 – a shockingly good sequel to the execrable first Purge from 2013, which muddied its admittedly ridiculous concept in a lame home-invasion flick.
Yes, we’ve all seen that confusing first teaser, where the Enterprise crew runs, jumps, quips, and pulls off sick space-dirtbike stunts. Batman and Beetlejuice actor signs on to play the villain in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film.
Image shows assembled and painted model kit with photo-etched bracing wire set (sold separately) installed.
This blog is run by the Department of Research and reports on research undertaken at IWM into our holdings. Tanks were able to drag barbed wire away using grappling hooks, or flatten areas covered with wire so that soldiers could cross it. Was watching BBC series Our World War when some tanks were being used,thought I would Google it! Virtually all of the buildings in the photo that still appear to be standing are burned-out shells. Learn the terrible truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World Word II. However, that would be the death rate for optimum living conditions, which is something the POWs in the camps most certainly did not have. Ruediger Overmans’ estimate of no more than 56,000 or 1 percent of the more than 5 million POWs in the Rheinwiesen camps is at the very least based on faulty assumptions, if not outright ludicrous. He was one of the key reasons that so many of the television series that I wrote and produced featured such memorable German interviewees.
Oskar Groening’s revealing testimony about what life was like for the SS in Auschwitz is of enormous historical importance.
A life threatening illness he had contracted whilst still very young had altered his view on the world.
It is, I hope, of some comfort to think that not only have more than a hundred million people already witnessed his television work – but that many yet unborn will also benefit from his talents, when they in turn see the television series which feature the interviewees he persuaded to take part. It’s December 1942 and you are a German officer who has just recovered from sickness, when you are told to report to your commanding General. But you are ordered on this assignment because you are scheduled to serve with the Sixth Army, and not to send you would be to admit to the Germans trapped in Stalingrad that their colleagues have given up on them.
You then endure twelve years of imprisonment in the Soviet Union before finally being allowed back to Germany in 1955. And writing it reminded me of the long association that Adolf Hitler had with one city – Munich. His joy at moving to Munich just before the First World War is plain to see in the pages of Mein Kampf and Munich was to be the birthplace of the Nazi party in the years immediately after the end of WWI. As a result he made an emergency landing on a nearby Japanese island, was picked up by soldiers of the Imperial Army and then taken back to Tokyo where he was punished for not successfully killing himself by smashing his plane into an enemy warship. And, without question, considerable engineering challenges had to be overcome in its construction. Yes, Hitler liked the mountains, yes, he liked taking tea, but that didn’t mean he would like a tea-house on top of an Alp.
The Conjuring was well-acted and gorgeously directed by James Wan, but it still suffered from Blumhouse Productions’ weird emphasis on creepy kids, severe makeup, and quick cuts, none of which are scary in ways that won’t immediately evaporate. Anarchy, however, saw filmmaker James DeMonaco expand the scope of the film’s world into something resembling Escape from New York and The Warriors and was helped immensely by Frank Grillo as a proto-Punisher figure. Since that leaked, Trekkies have been doomsaying for days, as if their precious nerd franchise has been taken away from them and given to the big, mean jocks. The Mk.II variant entered service in 1943 with a more powerful engine and metal lower wings which allowed it to carry and fire a formidable payload of rockets. Arthur’s research looked at the contribution of West Indian soldiers to the First World War which he writes about here. The recruits’ initial journey to England was perilous and hundreds of soldiers suffered from severe frostbite when their troopships were diverted via Halifax in Canada.
In about 1950, a cousin of mine and I made a bicycle tour to northern Germany and visited our relatives in Hamburg.

There was not a single bridge intact of those that used to cross the Rhine River between Switzerland and the border to the Netherlands. The age range of the inmates of the POW camps was 9 to 80, but let’s use a conservative age range of 15 to 64 years for POWs in the Rheinwiesen POW camps. The death rate for the whole age range from 15 to 64 would then be about 4 percent per year.
Mind you, it could be argued that those POWs had comparatively safe living conditions, as there was no possible way for any of them to lose their lives in traffic- or work-accidents. At a minimum, the death rate could not have been less than 8 percent, with the number of deaths no less than 400,000 POWs.
Having survived that terrible experience he realised that life could be snatched away at any moment.
When I saw him for the last time in a Berlin hospital he took pleasure in telling me that I had been wrong about the dangers of smoking.
He tells you that you are to be flown into the besieged German held area around Stalingrad where your comrades in the Sixth Army are currently awaiting capture at the hands of the Red Army.
But, curiously, the older I get the more sympathy I have with Enoch Powell’s response. And when I met him in 2006, when he was well into his eighties, he seemed every bit as strong as he must have been during the war. They knew that if they didn’t come forward then their families would suffer, and they might be sent to another dangerous part of the frontline and be killed anyway. A road had to be cut alongside the steep slopes of the Kehlstein and, just below the tea-house, a tunnel was dug into the mountain and a lift constructed to take guests up the final few metres. The sequel again follows paranormal investigators (and real-life hucksters) Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) as they investigate the Enfield Poltergeist, a haunting that took place in London from 1977 to 1979. Steven Hiller in the laziest and most hilarious way possible before the film comes out, it’s irrelevant. That being said, I genuinely think people are jumping the gun: We’re away from Earth, we’ll be spending most of our time on a planet, and we may finally get to see the dark consequences of Federation imperialism.
Flying from the decks of MAC ships and escort carriers, the Swordfish Mk.II sank 20 U-boats by war's end and helped protect the vital Atlantic supply convoys. Many of the soldiers went on to become political activists, but the islands’ governments put pressure on thousands to emigrate to Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela or North America. They took us to a mass grave in which 51,000 dead of the Hamburg air raid and firestorm had been buried. Well, there was one that the American Forces used to cross the Rhine at Remagen, but that one collapsed a day or so after the Americans had established a bridgehead on the east side of the Rhine. The air raids, generally by up to and close to one thousand, four-engined bombers at a time, were designed to burn down as many buildings as possible.
That was a princely sum at the time (roughly the equivalent of about $10 million in today’s money) and surely proved to be of help in making William Lyon Mackenzie King the prime minister of Canada in 1921. Any deaths over and above that number would be caused by the atrocious living conditions the POWs experienced. That gave him, I always thought, a sense of detachment from the headstrong nature of the production process, something which in turn made his efforts special. His potential interviewees sensed this, and that is why he succeeded in getting many truly remarkable people to talk in front of camera. Whilst he was very sick indeed, it was not the cigarettes that were killing him, but something else entirely. Yet he had helped take part in the killing of more people than probably anyone else I ever encountered.
His hand shake almost crushed my fingers and his big, slab-like face exuded health and energy. When the others arrived in England, they found that the fighting was to be done by white soldiers, and that West Indians  were to be assigned the dirty and dangerous work of loading ammunition and digging trenches.  Most of them went to war without guns.
By that time they had a pontoon bridge going at that location and soon another one at Cologne. Unfortunately, we will never know what the actual number of deaths in those camps was, regardless of whether that is due to deliberate obfuscation or any other circumstances. He laughed when he told me that he had longed for weeks to be well enough to be wheeled out by a nurse into the hospital garden to have a cigarette – something he had accomplished a few days before. Indeed, one of the reasons why he rushed into war was a fear that he might not be fit enough in years to come to lead Germany.
Here’s to hoping his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book does justice to the material (that Dahl is the Spielberg of children’s literature is a fair comparison).
At any rate, that is the reason why a portion of the Wuppertal monorail transit line is visible in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. He was also a terrible hypochondriac, constantly thinking that an upset stomach was the first sign of cancer. Resurgence has the only thing any American film will need to succeed in the modern marketplace: the Goldblum element. The system was in operation again very shortly after the war, but it did take some time to repair and restore the running stock. The stakes are higher than ever, and everyone’s new movie crush, Oscar Isaac, is playing the all-powerful titular villain, so what else does one need?
Since 1996, our military has apparently been contracting Jeff Goldblum to build our defenses.
From the rhythmically inclined mind that brought us Whiplash, Damien Chazelle’s La La Land stars Gosling as a jazz pianist who falls for an aspiring actress played by Emma Stone. When Charles Xavier says, “I’ve never felt power like this before,” you know shit is about to go down.
Chazelle has proven himself to be a compelling voice as a writer and will without a doubt resurrect the original musical. The two leads have already demonstrated their undeniable on-screen chemistry in the past, and La La Land is sure to put musical dramedys back on the map.

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