The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

The Fraternity (FSSP) was established in 1988 by Pope St. John Paul II, to provide Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Form throughout the world. We have over 400 members, including about 250 priests, and two seminaries - one in the USA and one in Germany. Each seminary has about 75 seminarians. We administer the sacraments in over 50 apostolates in 45 dioceses of North America. This year 12 men were ordained to the Priesthood.

We also train priests how to celebrate Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Form, and assist the local Bishop as best we can in all areas regarding the Traditional Liturgy.

The Extraordinary Form

There is so much that can be said of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, but for a brief introduction, it is the Mass that has remained with minor changes as far back as history can record. It is celebrated in Latin, however those who attend may follow along in booklets provided. The beauty, dignity and mystery that surrounds the Mass leaves it standing alone as what has been described by the Saints as “The most beautiful thing this side of Heaven”.

If you have not yet seen the Mass celebrated according to the Extraordinary Form, you have definitely deprived yourself of experiencing the greatest Jewel of our Catholic Faith.

The Apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

FSSP LA brings these two things together for the Los Angeles Area.
Archbishop Gomez has graciously welcomed the FSSP to establish an apostolate in the city of Los Angeles. This apostolate will help provide the Mass according to the Extraordinary Form, assisting the few priests who work so hard and travel long distances to provide this Mass throughout the city and neighboring areas.

It is our hope to establish a parish that will bring Tradition and the Extraordinary Form to life, with all the associations and parish activities of a regular parish, but with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the center of everything we do.


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