Help make FSSP of LA happen!

We need your support to establish a parish of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. This is a parish like no other in the city - dedicated to a full experience of the Extraordinary Form Liturgy, in every aspect of a full parish life!

There are a few ways to help. During phase one we are building community and we need funds to operate. We do not keep the collection from the different parishes where we say Mass, so we depend entirely on support of benefactors like to you for our operating expenses. Please donate so we can operate!

Building Fund

Currently we are saying Mass at other parishes, but we need our own location where we can have a robust Mass schedule at good times, where the parish can come to life, with all the many activities that make a parish of the FSSP unique and amazing. The day we open doors, be prepared for more than you could expect or hope for! But first we need to raise $5 million to purchase a church. A lot, yes - but every donation and pledge counts and adds up. So please, consider making a pledge over five years using the form below, or make an online donation to the Building Fund.

Tithe / Online Giving

It takes about $10,000 a month to operate the FSSP of LA apostolate. Remember, that we do not keep the collection of the locations where we say Mass. We depend on benefactors to meet our needs each month. So please consider donating to offset these expenses, which include the salaries of the clergy and choir director, liturgical items, office, printing, and mailing supplies, advertising, this website, fundraising expenses and everything we need to operate the FSSP of Los Angeles apostolate.

Purchase an FSSP Commemorative Rosary

FSSP Commemorative Rosary

The entire Rosary reflects the charism of the FSSP and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each Rosary is individually handmade using 8mm blue lapis stones and a specially designed crucifix in a fleur-de-lis theme. The brass centerpiece, in deep blue enamel, is a detailed replica of the FSSP coat of arms and includes the keys of St. Peter and three white teardrops. The Rosary is constructed with strong 20 gauge bronze wire and comes in a decorative solid wooden box.

Each purchase of the FSSP Commemorative Rosary goes towards the building fund of FSSP of Los Angeles.

Purchase an FSSP of Los Angeles Coffee cup


Purchase an FSSP of Los Angeles license plate frame


Chapel Veils / Mantillas from Spain


Proceeds from all merchandise goes into the building fund, as well as helping spread the word! Initially, these will only be available after High Mass at St. Victor's and the Monday night Mass at San Felipe chapel, but hopefully we'll be able to spread these first to the other Mass schedules and then on the web.

Heavenly Roast Coffee

Holy Angels Ministries exists to provide support for Collegium sanctorum angelorum, a four-year liberal arts college that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and that is dedicated to providing a formation in Catholic living – ore et labore, both at affordable rates (under $13,500) for tuition, room and board. Every item you buy provides $3.00 for our FSSP apostolate in Los Angeles.

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